It may be years until the day my dreams will match up with my pay…

Living in the city has its peaks and pitfalls. One thing I feel guilty about is having an itty bitty apartment with no yard for Miku to play in. I can’t wait until the day I can afford a bigger place with even a tiny yard. In the meantime, one of my very favorite things to do is take Miku to the dog park. There’s a huge, beautiful park close to the Brooklyn Bridge with gorgeous scenery; it’s Miku’s favorite spot to play. She usually runs around and plays with the other pups but always checks in with us to make sure we’re still nearby. Bobby’s work schedule has been extraordinarily hectic, so we took full advantage of his one day off (in two weeks!) and spent it with our winningest lovey dovey puppy.

Is there a happier place than a park full of joyful pups? I can’t think of many off the top of my head.

I bought this sweater at a thrift shop and altered it. It had a turtleneck and awkward sleeves. I gave it a scoop neck and used the leftover rib knit to trim some shoulder cutouts.

I also found this necklace buried deep inside of an old purse’s pocket. I thought it was lost forever! I love this necklace. Bobby thinks it’s a chicken but it’s two girls kissing. I got it a long time ago but my hard drive crashed and I lost the pictures. Then I lost the necklace. Go figure. At least I found it again. Equal rights for all!

The city is looking oh so pretty. I’m dreading the colder months ahead but I’m thrilled about the holidays! I’ve already promised myself that 2011 is going to be my year. I am determined to move to a bigger place with more space for the little critters to play. It wouldn’t hurt to have more room to work in, either.

Outfit Details:
reconstructed sweater – thrifted and alteredblush colored coat – courtesy of LuLushat – Forever 21shorts – Urban Outfitters (they’re a few years old)necklace – courtesy of Caden Grace a long time agoboots – courtesy of Wantedsocks – Nordstromtights – TargetGinger Leather Satchel – courtesy of Coach

  1. veronika, tick tock vintage. says: November 17, 201012:51 am

    we're lucky to have a dog park nearby, too. when you have three pups and live in the city, it's such a lifesaver!

    ps – feist has the prettiest songs 🙂

  2. kileen says: November 17, 201012:52 am

    i love the dogpark and it's so much fun to see the doggies having a good time.

    love the sewing job you did on this sweater! those shoulder cutouts make the sweater one-of-a-kind and i love it!

  3. Eli says: November 17, 201012:53 am

    you look so happy!

    I also want to add that you officially have the cutest and most happy dog ever. I dont usually go for dogs, but I want yours! He always looks like he's smiling!

  4. megannielsen says: November 17, 201012:59 am

    awww I love this post! I love taking my puppy to the dog park too – it's so cute to see them playing like that!
    Also I LOVE this outfit, it looks perfectly practical but still uber chic.

  5. kelli says: November 17, 20101:00 am


    i looove this outfit.

  6. Q's Daydream says: November 17, 20101:03 am

    You three are so adorable!

  7. HM says: November 17, 20101:03 am

    Keiko! I actually entered and won the giveaway that you had where you gave away this necklace (along with eyeshadow and an sbux card).

    It's just the cutest necklace. I actually gave it to my sister and she loves it. Equal rights for all indeed! 🙂

  8. SMASH says: November 17, 20101:04 am

    that looks like a super nice dog park, over where I live there is a dog beach and its so fun to see all the pups scampering in the surf 🙂


  9. Keiko Lynn says: November 17, 20101:08 am

    Veronika: Dog parks are a life saver. I wish they were all as nice as this one, though! Some around the city are downright depressing.

  10. Keiko Lynn says: November 17, 20101:09 am

    Kileen: Thank you! I'm thinking of doing it to some more sweaters I find and selling them on the site. My poor site has been neglected!

  11. Keiko Lynn says: November 17, 20101:10 am

    Eli: She is seriously the best. Not a mean bone in her body. She's always so happy and loves me as much as I love her.

  12. Keiko Lynn says: November 17, 20101:10 am

    Megan: Thank you! It was definitely a comfy outfit:)

  13. paperwhales says: November 17, 20101:10 am

    what a nice setting. I love the color of the trees. I never get to see that in San Diego! maybe 1 or 2 trees, but never like that. it's beautiful.

  14. Mary @ stylefyles says: November 17, 20101:11 am

    what a great outfit – those boots are fantastic! And I think my boyf. has the same pants as your man (I like them!)

  15. Keiko Lynn says: November 17, 20101:12 am

    Kelli and Q's Daydream: thank you!

    HM: I'm glad your sister liked it! The message behind it is near and dear to me.

    SMASH: Dog beach?! That sounds like a dream. In Florida we also have a horse beach. That is amaaaaazing.

  16. Keiko Lynn says: November 17, 20101:13 am

    paperwhales: It's extra pretty in Brooklyn Heights. In my dreams, I would live on that pretty tree lined street:) Park Slope is also cute, though.

    Mary: Did he get them at Target? I think that's where Bobby got them. I like them too!

  17. Natalie Brooke says: November 17, 20101:13 am

    Wow, I love the sweater!! it looks so professional, you did a great job altering it! ps; Looks like Miku found a couple friends. haha

  18. Pixie in Pumps says: November 17, 20101:17 am

    that sweater is so amazing. I love what you did with it.

    Bobby definitely looks dashing!

  19. devorelebeaumonstre. says: November 17, 20101:18 am

    you & your man look so absolutely perfect for each other. I really love how you altered that sweater too!

    ohh & totally one of my favee feist songs. 🙂

  20. megannielsen says: November 17, 20101:20 am

    Honey I forgot to ask – which boots are those from wanted? I love them!

  21. Kate says: November 17, 20101:23 am

    Aw, I love that you used Feist lyrics here! Love her! And I looove this outfit! You look absolutely adorable – the sweater is awesome, love how you altered it! And such a sweet coat!

  22. Keiko Lynn says: November 17, 20101:34 am

    They're the Akiras:

    I got them in an 8.5 – I'm usually a 9 but they run a teeny bit big.

  23. chibi says: November 17, 20101:42 am

    I love the reconstructed sweater.

  24. ilene @ muchloveilly says: November 17, 20101:47 am

    love the top and the socks and boots!!! adorable as always.

    i'm from chicago – and i so loved the city but hate that there were no yards for animals or kids. city and country – they have their pros/cons!

  25. Jay says: November 17, 20102:49 am

    This is so cute! love the shoulders on that sweater!! 🙂

  26. kelly ann says: November 17, 20103:07 am

    bbaahh, YOUR OUTFIT. i absolutely love it. those boots are exactly what i've been looking for, i might need to get myself a pair!

  27. libys11 says: November 17, 20103:08 am

    omg i love this post!!!! so generous in photos!! i love all the outfits and super cutie dog!! 😀

    Animated Confessions

  28. jess says: November 17, 20103:13 am

    we're planning a move to brooklyn in jan. and my biggest concern is will our lab/pit mix have enough room to play?? she does well in fla and i'm nervous to bring her to the city… thoughts?

  29. it's a twister! says: November 17, 20103:18 am

    If this were amazon and I were adding to my cart, I would click on Bobby's pants, your shoulder-less sweater and those boots. All of your outfits are stellar. I feel like I could get all of my Holiday shopping done and never have to leave your blog!!

  30. alannah. says: November 17, 20103:20 am

    you both have such great style & your dog is toooo cute.x

  31. Rebecca says: November 17, 20103:28 am

    I have a yard, but I still go to the dog park to my dog can socialize. Also, my city yard is pretty small.

    Our dog park doesn't have beautiful scenery, unfortunately. We only have one in our city, and it isn't in the best area.

  32. Kennyy says: November 17, 20104:00 am

    I love how you and bobby have amazing style! I just love your outfit. Especially the sweater and boots 🙂

  33. Melanie says: November 17, 20104:32 am

    I adore your necklace!

  34. genevieve, sandbox romance says: November 17, 20105:02 am

    Love love love love the necklace. And those last two pictures.

  35. Kathryn says: November 17, 20105:05 am

    oh my goodness how do you come up with such stylish outfits?! this is so so cute. haha i love your blog! it inspires me to dress well

  36. Natalya's Closet says: November 17, 20105:08 am

    gorgeous outfit, I love EVERYTHING about it! XOXO,

  37. Dylana Suarez says: November 17, 20105:21 am

    Your boots are so wonderful!


  38. The Little Dust Princess says: November 17, 20105:47 am

    I love both of your outfits here! Great colour palettes 😀

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  39. Katya Moorman says: November 17, 20105:52 am

    You all look adorable. And great photography too. perfect.

    Style Defined NYC
    Pixie Warhol

  40. Finder says: November 17, 20105:53 am

    hey lovely hats:)
    we have a lot of fashion stuff who are waiting you,for find those brand…please help us…

  41. Ana Rolka says: November 17, 20105:55 am

    I think Miku is such as beautiful dog, and always smiling! You are lucky to have her!

  42. christina says: November 17, 20106:48 am

    I… don't… see the chicken… But I see 2 girls! I can't believe that you altered the top! It looks really good. Well done you. AMAZING xxx

  43. Jodi says: November 17, 20107:17 am

    I love the shoulder cut outs!!! What a great idea

  44. Ida says: November 17, 20107:42 am

    Beautiful setting. And beautiful pictures. You guys look great!

  45. Justinne says: November 17, 20108:31 am

    everything about this post is gorgeous!

  46. Kayleigh says: November 17, 20108:34 am

    I love the pattern on that jumper, and your alterations are great. If only I didn't destroy things when I attempted similar DIY jobs!

  47. Penny Dreadful says: November 17, 201010:09 am

    Miku looks sooo happy. And I love the altered jumper, you did an amazing job.

  48. River says: November 17, 201010:16 am

    You look so irresistibly cute in that outfit!!

    I'd love to be living where you are.. the place looks great and I love a nice cold winter.
    Here in Greece the weather is still kinda hot most of the time :((

    I'll be sending you a mail some time soon if you don't mind!
    I'm amazed by the things we have in common!!

  49. Samantha says: November 17, 201010:18 am

    Love the outfit and especially what you did to the sweater!


  50. Sherry, Rachel, Shirley says: November 17, 201011:33 am

    Your pups are too cute! I'm loving the fall colors in these photos, especially the last photo with the contrasting leaf colors.

  51. vintage clothes london says: November 17, 201012:11 pm

    Awww! Yeah, it's difficult having a dog in an apartment without a big yard to run around in. Fortunately, you live in the city with plenty of parks and open space.

  52. sparkle is a color (Katrina) says: November 17, 20102:08 pm

    I love this outfit! I can't believe you did all that to the sweater yourself, it looks so good!

    I wish there was a dog park near me for my little pup to play in! It looks so fun for them. I love how you got so many visitors in your pictures, haha.

    xx, Katrina

  53. Baby Blackbird says: November 17, 20102:53 pm

    I love your blog!
    Your style is fantastic!!
    I found you on ifb. Really glad I did!

  54. Anita says: November 17, 20102:54 pm

    This is one of my favorite outfits ever! I specially love the boots with the socks.

    And your pup is the cutest! 🙂

  55. Charlie, Feminine Bravery says: November 17, 20102:58 pm

    what a lovely post, and Miku looks so happy! ^^ very cute altering with the sweater, great job!

    xxx Charlie
    Feminine Bravery

  56. Victoria / Justice Pirate says: November 17, 20103:35 pm

    Bobby's outfit = amazing as can be.

  57. Heather Anne says: November 17, 20104:31 pm

    I absolutely love this post, I adore your outfit so much! That sweater is positively adorable. And I am glad the double harness on Miku is working out! :]

  58. Kansas Couture says: November 17, 20104:35 pm

    These pictures are breathtaking! You always look stunning when you dress up, but I really love your more casual ensembles! And your pup is adorable of course.

  59. jkizmann says: November 17, 20104:46 pm

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit. And doggies!

  60. The Fancy Teacup says: November 17, 20106:34 pm

    i love the blush colored coat…and that redesigned sweater too. miku is so adorable! i hope you will find a cozy but larger place soon too!

  61. Weronika says: November 17, 20106:51 pm

    Your dog is so cute! I'm loving everything about your outfit this day

  62. Sarah K. says: November 17, 20107:19 pm

    adorable pictures! I love what you did with that sweater, it looks fantastic.

    I can't wait to have a pup of my own someday.. for now my mischievous kitty is company enough!

  63. Deb says: November 17, 20107:39 pm

    I love your blog. Your style is amazing!

    I am in love with your necklace. Can you tell me where I can get one? My partner would just love it. I second, Equal rights for all!


  64. Yesi Jukebox says: November 17, 20107:51 pm

    I <3 love <3 your boots!

  65. Carina says: November 17, 20108:22 pm

    i love what you did with your altered sweater!

  66. Keiko Lynn says: November 17, 20109:40 pm

    Deb: You can get them at


  67. KT says: November 17, 20109:46 pm

    This outfit is great and I am seriously loving these lace-up front boots! They look comfortable too. Are they? – Katy

  68. Lilou says: November 17, 201011:37 pm

    And again: I really love your shoes.
    Bobby's outfit is pretty cool, too. And Miku is cute as always.

  69. andrea k (blonde bedhead) says: November 18, 20101:27 am

    These are some of my favorite photographs! You look oh so gorgeous and your man looks so great too! I need your sweater and the creativity and skills it takes to alter it how you did.

  70. Yvonne says: November 18, 20101:27 am

    LOL I can't see the chicken at all!

  71. Desiree Cherisse says: November 18, 20101:34 am

    Love your deconstructed sweater and those grey boots are so cute!

  72. Rebecca from See You in Sweden says: November 18, 20103:21 am

    LOVE that altered sweater!! Your puppy looks like happiness.

  73. Natalie says: November 18, 20104:16 am

    I can think of no place happier than a dog park! …. well, except maybe your closet and even then, I'd still take the dogs!

    I love when you post the alterations you've done. You do such beautiful work!

  74. Emma says: November 18, 20104:45 am

    Love your ouftit xx

  75. uggkicks says: November 18, 201010:04 am

    nice look .all of people in pictures ,including the dog.

  76. Amalia Hani says: November 18, 20101:43 pm

    that's a cute doggy….
    and you know what i'm little bit jealous with you and you guy…
    such a great couple..

  77. sunflower says: November 18, 20102:40 pm

    love your outfits in this post.
    great styling and your dogs are very sweet!

  78. Mae Lu says: November 18, 20105:49 pm

    The outfit in this post is really ingenious, and my colour combo of choice right now if only I could rock blush pink.

    Nude pink and grey are the ultimate wintry combo.

    The sweater. Good god, Keiko! Brilliant! I love the cut out detailing. If you're ever interested in selling this, please contact me FIRST.

    You and Bobby are the quintessential arty, nerdy sexy couple. I'm jealous.

    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

  79. Helga! says: November 18, 20107:54 pm

    that necklace is a Kissing Cousins necklace;I had one in the 70's.

  80. mulberrytea says: November 19, 201012:25 am

    I absolutely love your sweater! I was really sad to hear that it wasn't retail, but I'm impressed that you altered it yourself since it's not easy to sew knits.

    Also, I think your hats look great!

  81. Kristina :: says: November 19, 20107:08 am

    My favorite song! What a wonderful, happy day. Can't help but smile and love autumn when looking at your photos.

  82. Anonymous says: November 20, 201012:23 pm

    You're such a talented seamstress – love what you did with the sweater!

    Xo, Sarz

  83. Anonymous says: November 21, 20107:18 am

    hi keiko, are you sure the boots you're wearing are the akira? i love them and want to get the same ones, but i noticed that the photo of the akira on wanted's site has a smooth sole, and the sole on your boots aren't smooth? please let me know… i want to get whichever boots you're wearing in your pics! thanks! you look so pretty as always! ~megan

  84. Stasha says: November 21, 20108:41 pm

    Love every peace of your clothing! And the dogs!

  85. Danielle Nicole Handbags says: November 22, 20108:55 pm

    Your photos have such vivid colors, so true to what makes the season so refreshing. Plus, you are stunning, and I love every look! The sweater alterations look completely tailored, and your dog is adorable.

  86. ticktock says: November 24, 20108:25 am

    love feist! and love your sweater!

  87. Suz says: November 30, 20108:48 pm

    love your look in the first pic!

  88. Danielle says: December 1, 201012:13 am

    That is so awesome that you did that to that sweater!

  89. Andrea Laughing says: December 7, 20107:27 pm

    you are by fair the most gorgeous person on this so called planet earth 🙂