Outfit Details:
red blazer – thrifted
polka dotted peplum bustier top – thrifted
tulle skirt – Target kid’s section (borrowed from Kim)
scarf – borrowed from Bobby
floral tights – courtesy of Accessorize
vintage over the knee boots – gift from my momlipstick – MAC Russian Red

Well of course Miku and I color coordinate – what did you expect? Actually, that was just a happy accident. Miku’s harness and leash are red, which is actually my favorite color to wear. I know I have been wearing a lot of neutrals and subdued hues lately but red is one of those instant pick-me-ups whether in a garment or lipstick. My great-grandpa’s favorite color was red – his bedroom was decorated in deep red velvet, which always seemed very regal to me. He was/is my hero, so perhaps that is the reason it makes me so happy.

You know what else makes me happy? Miku. Duh, can’t you tell? Even though Bobby and I have been exceptionally busy lately, we have made sure to reserve morning dates at the dog park to keep our pup happy and spend a little time together. Bobby and I are very excited for  snow days – the dog park we frequent has a large hill that is reserved for sledding. Miku is more excited about winter parkas and snow boots.

p.s.You can see more at Bobby’s blog.

  1. On a Rapp says: November 29, 20108:42 pm

    Ah I love this outfit! The red accents are lovely! The picture with your dog is so cute!!

  2. Michelle says: November 29, 20108:44 pm

    Keiko! This look is amazing! You look so glamorous. I especially love the tights.

  3. Vicky says: November 29, 20108:48 pm

    Love your top. Sheer and polka dots are actually perfect together x

  4. kileen says: November 29, 20108:50 pm

    wow, red is really your color!! and miku is terribly cute!


  5. Mae Lu says: November 29, 20108:54 pm

    Everything about this outfit makes me want to shop, Keiko.

    Reading your blog is inspiring, infectious, and also very, very difficult for those of us who are on shopping bans!

    You look ravishing in this golden light. The sheer and polka dots together with the red. Brillz.

    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

  6. Becca Jane says: November 29, 20108:55 pm

    This outfit is lovely! That red coat is fabulous!

  7. Rachael says: November 29, 20108:56 pm

    I love this outfit!! The red adds such a sexy and feminine touch to the outfit and I love that shade of red lipstick, very pretty!


  8. In Kinsey's Closet says: November 29, 20108:59 pm

    You look so pretty in all of these pictures! And Miku looks very cute as well! I love the red and the lace, you wear both very well!

  9. Ginta says: November 29, 20109:01 pm

    Your outfit made me happy 🙂 It's like happy epidemic 🙂 Seeing somebody else happy makes you happy!
    You look good! 🙂 Red suits you very much! 🙂

  10. alannah. says: November 29, 20109:01 pm

    love the colour coordination you fell upon!
    such a cute outfit on both you guys & well done for keeping your morning dates.
    love the red lippy.x

  11. Virginia says: November 29, 20109:06 pm


    btw, it was lovely meeting you at the FIT palladium event!

  12. Eli says: November 29, 20109:06 pm

    wow you look stunning in red, white, and black. Very chic

  13. Katelyn says: November 29, 20109:08 pm

    1) Your outfit is a gorgeous Christmas present full of lace and bows in all the right places and wrapped up in a bright red for a festively final touch.

    2) Vogue called. They want their picture of the city chick with the dog back for their "December in the City" spread.


  14. Anonymous says: November 29, 20109:10 pm

    Random question –

    How does Bobby feel about your lipstick? Just wondering because personally, I love to wear it but
    my boyfriend doesn't (he says it's because he can't kiss me without getting it on him) UGH! What's a girl to do!

    Is there really such a thing as "kiss-proof" lipstick?

  15. Melanie's Randomness says: November 29, 20109:16 pm

    I LOVE your outfit!! I love the lace top & the tulle skirt & the tights!! Oh and your red coat is so cute!! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  16. Kate says: November 29, 20109:19 pm

    You look absolutely gorgeous in red!! And I love so many things about this outfit – the sheer polkadot top of the dress is amazing, and those tights are fantastic!

  17. Miranda says: November 29, 20109:25 pm

    Loving this look, the tu-tu is amazing!!


  18. Jay says: November 29, 20109:36 pm

    I love this! So cute 🙂


  19. Penny Dreadful says: November 29, 20109:38 pm

    The photo where you and Miku are both trotting along smiling is so cute 🙂 Fabulous outfit too, from top to toe x

  20. Manuella says: November 29, 20109:45 pm

    you have a special beauty :* ♥

  21. Lori says: November 29, 20109:49 pm

    Andrew Bird!

  22. The Fancy Teacup says: November 29, 201010:04 pm

    Wow, you look so perfect in red. I am in love with your thrifted finds, the dotted bustier and the red jacket.

    Miku is so adorable!

    Your lipstick is hot shade by the way, I want to go scope out that MAC color myself 🙂


  23. Liana says: November 29, 201010:05 pm

    wow everything about this outfit is perfect: the red, the patterned tights, the tulle skirt…gorgeous! and your dog is soo cute! and so is your boyfriend 😛 you guys look great together!

    Fashion Bag 411

  24. Rhitbee says: November 29, 201010:12 pm

    Ooh I love this outfit! Those tights are amazing. You look beautiful as always and Miku is cute as ever! Swoon!

    xo Robyn

  25. Reticella says: November 29, 201010:32 pm

    my grandmother loved red accessories (or anything for that matter) so naturally – i love them too!

    i have that same lipstick and it makes me feel like a million bucks. 🙂

  26. Dylana Suarez says: November 29, 201010:33 pm

    Your blazer is so wonderful!



  27. I Don't Wear Jeans says: November 29, 201010:40 pm

    RED is your color. Nice! http://idontwearjeans.blogspot.com/

  28. WILDasaMINK says: November 29, 201011:06 pm

    Ok wow! You're killin' it in this RED! I follow your style and really admire almost every outfit you put together, but hands down I think this one is soooooooooo perfect. It's beautiful and your makeup is flawless (as is the usual)…but yeah, just really like this look today!

  29. andrea k (blonde bedhead) says: November 29, 201011:07 pm

    The photos of you and Miku are some of fave! You look GORGEOUS!!!

  30. Alana says: November 29, 201011:10 pm

    Definitely going to look into getting some tights like that, they look great combined with the polka dots.

  31. eelectroCutee says: November 29, 201011:17 pm

    you look stunning!!! I love red too.. I just can't resist something red.. 🙂

  32. Emma at Daily Clothes Fix says: November 29, 201011:49 pm

    Love your tights and the red looks great on you.

  33. Pamella says: November 30, 201012:37 am

    you are stunning! i love your outfit! i like the black and red color combination.=)

  34. Kara says: November 30, 201012:56 am

    You are SO gosh dang beautiful! I love love this outfit. So perfectly put together.

  35. Lidi says: November 30, 201012:59 am

    Love this outfit! And Miku is just so adorable!! These pictures are more than darling 😀

  36. rinacatastrophe says: November 30, 20101:09 am

    She's got blood in her eyes for you! Russian Red looks like clown make-up on me – you pull it off without a hitch!


  37. Alecto says: November 30, 20101:59 am

    red suits you perfectly!

  38. grrfeisty says: November 30, 20102:37 am

    i love your outfit! it makes you look so tall! 🙂

  39. J.S. says: November 30, 20103:03 am

    I love this outfit with the red….


  40. Ashley says: November 30, 20103:23 am

    I love all the sheer details of your outfit combined with your red lipstick. It's a feminine but with a fun edge 🙂


  41. libys11 says: November 30, 20104:17 am

    aahh this is such a festive outfit!!!! love the red! 😀

  42. RX-SZ says: November 30, 20105:03 am

    I love your outfit!
    It almost makes me want a red blazer! (almost because I have a bias against red, at least as far as me wearing it.)


  43. Lourdes says: November 30, 20105:26 am

    You both look amazing!! So does the dog:)

  44. modniza says: November 30, 20107:24 am

    sooo beautyful!!!!

  45. Finder says: November 30, 20107:51 am

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  46. Ally says: November 30, 20108:39 am

    RED! You look amazing. (So do Bobby and Miku, as always. Why do animals and boys have it so easy?)

    For some reason I'd unconsciously removed red from my wardrobe, but when I found a gorgeous vintage dress in red with little white polka-dots, I needed to have it. The overwhelming response was that I look great in red – so now I'm working to fill my wardrobe up with it!

  47. jj says: November 30, 20108:42 am

    I love those polka dotted peplum bustier top 🙂 !!


  48. Marloes says: November 30, 20109:02 am

    Love yout outfit. And the weather lokks realy nice too!

  49. Leah says: November 30, 201010:35 am

    Hi, I've just post on my blog an article with my favorite outfits for Novembre, you're in, if you don't want I can deleted the picture and off course I've linked to your blog. I hope I've not a really bad english 🙂 Thanks Leah.

  50. Antonia says: November 30, 20102:20 pm

    You're such a beauty, Keiko!
    I love this outfit and your lips!

  51. Taylor says: November 30, 20103:17 pm

    You always look beautiful but this outfit is seriously perfect for you..the color, proportions, mood..everything! 🙂

  52. H² says: November 30, 20104:15 pm

    Omg! I absolutely love this outfit! The lace and the red, so adorable!


  53. Future Lint says: November 30, 20104:15 pm

    I love all the layers of sheer black in this outfit! The polka dot top is so chic! Guh, you are so insanely pretty all the time!

  54. graphology says: November 30, 20105:57 pm

    I love it, this is one of my favourite Outfits 🙂

  55. Kirstin says: November 30, 20107:33 pm

    I love this outfit, Keiko. You look stunning in red. Miku is cute, as always 🙂


  56. Estefania Lovelifefashion says: November 30, 20109:48 pm

    You are a little beautiful doll Keiko 😉 I love the way red enphasize your pretty face.
    🙂 Miku is lovely.

  57. Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) says: November 30, 20109:59 pm

    What a chic outfit! I love the pattern of your tights and the pop of red from the blazer. You look gorgeous!


  58. onedayinapril says: November 30, 201010:04 pm

    your tights are gorgeous!!!! 🙂
    xx Melody


  59. Lovers, Saints & Sailors says: November 30, 201010:16 pm

    I love the polka dots poking out from under your sleeves.

  60. A Better Roni says: November 30, 201010:32 pm

    I think this might just be my favorite Keiko outfit to date! Simply lovely. 🙂

  61. Tieka, Selective Potential says: December 1, 20102:22 am

    I absolutely love this entire outfit, Keiko! You look amazing in red!

  62. Iris says: December 1, 20104:10 pm

    It's so nice that you set time out to spend together! Love those over the knee boots, I am on a hunt for the perfect ones…

  63. Anadiomene says: December 1, 20109:03 pm

    Gorgeous skirt!

  64. Desiree Cherisse says: December 1, 20109:55 pm

    Great outfit! Especially loving those tights!!!

  65. ruby says: December 1, 201010:38 pm

    I love your outfit as well as how happy Miku looks in the second last photo.

  66. Jasmin says: December 2, 20104:37 pm

    you look amazing in this outfit :-*
    and I love love love your tights


  67. Kym says: December 2, 20106:44 pm

    Hi Keiko!

    I love your hair! I was wondering, how do you style your hair into this bun?

    Thank you for your help!


  68. Toya says: December 3, 20107:14 pm

    That skirt is too cute!! I used to shop in the kids dept all the time. *sigh*. Hopefully that will be true again!!

  69. Princess V says: December 7, 20101:43 pm

    Just came across your blog:)Love your style!Your stockings are gorgeous:)

    I am now a follower:)


  70. Becky says: December 7, 20108:37 pm

    Love. Love. Love. n_n



  71. Kaera says: December 8, 20102:39 pm

    Great floral tights!!
    Xo, Kate

  72. Danielle says: December 10, 201010:52 pm

    That's a lovely coat!

  73. Suz says: December 14, 20107:54 pm

    love the tights!