There are few things Kim (my friend and roommate) and I enjoy more than window shopping and procrastinating. We decided to combine the two and put them to good use with our own little shopping guides. This week, we bring you our favorite boots (at a variety of price points)- since that’s all we can think about at the moment! You’ve recently seen me in several pairs of my own boots, so now see what else is on my (and Kim’s!) radar. Let’s start with Kim’s choices from around the web – and then we’ll go over my own:

1) Mustang Gabriella boots at DSW – $29.95: “The color, details, and price are all selling factors for these cuties.”
2) Seychelles Enigma boots – $170: “These are another pair that I’ve been dying to get my hands on. The design and color are absolutely perfect!”
3) Taupe suede Lita via Solestruck – $159.95: “I have been straight up LUSTING after these boots! Part of the reason I haven’t gotten them yet is I can’t decide which of the billion colors I’d want. I’m leaning towards taupe but silver, black, khaki and purple are all good choices too!”
4) Pied Piper Anthropologie Boots – $298: “I adore the little ruffle details on this boot! It’s also such a pretty color. “
5) Irregular Choice Power Struggle boots – $175: “I love bows! The bigger, the better!”
6) Steve Madden Commbat boots – $69.95: “I like that this is a combat boot with a feminine edge to it.”

1) Coach Audrie Boot – $398: The horse lover in me can’t resist an equestrian boot. I love that the hardware detail on the side is reminiscent of a snaffle bit. At $398, these are the priciest on my list – but a classic like this will never go out of style and Coach’s products are of the utmost quality. 
2) Forever 21 Lace Up Knee High Boots – $34.80: Obviously I have a thing for lace up boots. These are knee high and they’re under $35. We haven’t been able to find them in stores (we want to try them on) – has anyone spotted these in person?
3) Seychelles Meteor Shower iii boots – $150: Rebecca recently mentioned her brand loyalty toward Seychelles and I couldn’t agree more. There are a few different shoe companies that I swear by and this is one of them. I wear their shoes to death – they make the cutest shoes and they’re comfortable to boot! Pun completely intended.

4) Nine West Sitcom boots – $129: Nine West has been my go-to since my feet became the same size as my mom’s (8th grade – awkward). I love that these boots are flat but still sleek and come in a beautiful shade of grey.
5) We Who See Tall Fringe Rodeo Boot – $98: More equestrian inspiration – I had Ariat boots like this when I was growing up. 
6) Steve Madden Monsterr booties – $169.95: Paired with one of my ultra-girly dresses, these might make me look a little bit cooler than I actually am.

Which are your favorites? Which styles should we add to our wardrobes? Please share some of your own favorite boots!

  1. Bird Trouble says: November 5, 20107:38 pm

    You've read my mind. I've been on a boot hunt recently!

    I'm also curious to how those Forever 21 lace-ups would fit.

  2. feather-armor says: November 5, 20107:54 pm

    Hi Keiko,

    I used to follow you on LJ and just recently re-found your blog and am so happy I did! I especially love your "dog and pony" posts. I have a Norwegian Elkhound, a Chow mix, a Paso Fino and an Arabian!

    Here are the boots I'm currently stalking:

  3. Style Activist says: November 5, 20108:10 pm

    This is so fun! I am a huge fan of the Lita's and SM Monster booties! Great pics 🙂

    style activist

  4. H² says: November 5, 20108:15 pm

    I love boots! It just started getting cold in Orlando today, 65 degrees!

  5. Carina says: November 5, 20108:53 pm

    I really like these boots! Especially the Taupe suede Lita via Solestruck & Steve Madden Monsterr booties.

    I love Steve Madden!

  6. amber says: November 5, 20108:54 pm

    I am dying to buys ome new boots this season! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. gabrielle says: November 5, 201010:34 pm

    i think lust is an appropriate term for the lita boots and the coach audreys!

  8. Polina says: November 5, 201011:48 pm

    I always thought kim was your step sister! Wow, way to put my FOOT in it, again. Excuse the pun 😉 But seriously, I've thought that for like a year, haha.. embarrasing!

  9. ilene @ muchloveilly says: November 6, 201012:45 am

    i loved these finds! im esp in love with keiko's pick of the steve madden monster boots. love the idea of pairing it with some girly, floral patterns.

    happy friday!

  10. Shannon Lambert says: November 6, 20101:07 am

    I won't wear booties or mid calve height boots because my calves are very wide and those heights just display that instead of downplay but I love all the boots Kim picked out and it makes me wish I did wear em (espesially #1 from her list).

    Your list is definitely more my taste as I love a good knee high or, if possible, a thigh high. Stupid wide calves get in the way most time (and also the fact that my busted ankles make flat to a small stacked heel my only options). But that Coach Audrie pair definitely fit that bill, for me.

    I wish more companies made wide calf boots that weren't ugly or bland. I want belts, buckles and distressing!

  11. Shannon Lambert says: November 6, 20101:10 am

    Oh PS – being a wide size 9 I need to mention that Steve Madden shoes and boots fit my size 9 feet PERFECTLY! I have yet to find a pair that didn't feel great and fit well. My only pair of knee high boots are from him and the only heels I am willing to walk to work in are him again.

  12. Kennyy says: November 6, 20102:31 am

    Boots have definitely been on my shopping list. I really like the color and details of kim's choice of the mustang gabriella boots. I adore the steve madden monsterr booties. It has that edgy rockstar look. Since I am short, 5'2, some kind of platform would really help elongate my legs. Right now, I am crushing on Aldo's Winebrenner boots in black 🙂

  13. Shoe Splurge says: November 6, 20105:45 am

    Loving this post about shoes!

    Btw I'm new to this blog world and thanks to your FAQ I just got a whole lot of new tips!


  14. libys11 says: November 6, 20106:04 am

    oh gosh.. i want those nine west flat knee highs!!! so simple and so versatile and perfect for the cold winters we have here!! aaahh!!!

    Animated Confessions

  15. Rchliey says: November 6, 201011:08 am

    oh ur blog really inspiring me for guides me to buy boots. I really exciting to buy boots


  16. Nancie says: November 6, 201011:36 am
  17. pristine says: November 6, 20106:17 pm

    I adore the Coach whiskey boots! But do you think the colour works with a black coat for winter?

  18. Keiko Lynn says: November 6, 20106:26 pm

    Pristine – they actually come in black too – but I think the whiskey color would look great with a black coat.

  19. Keiko Lynn says: November 6, 20106:27 pm

    libys11: Right?! I love them…a lot of flat boots like that tend to be too bulky for my liking, but these are really sleek.

  20. Keiko Lynn says: November 6, 20106:28 pm

    Bird Trouble: If we track down the F21 boots, I will let you know what the fit is like!

  21. Keiko Lynn says: November 6, 20106:30 pm

    Feather-Armor: I'm glad you found me! I have a Paso, too:) My first horse, Spanky, was an Anglo Arab (and she was the besssst). All of my friends had Arabians when I was growing up. I always wanted an Arab mare and I was going to name her Maleficent. And we would rule the world.

  22. Keiko Lynn says: November 6, 20106:31 pm

    65 in Orlando is like full blown winter time!

  23. Keiko Lynn says: November 6, 20106:32 pm

    Polina: Haha, no, my step-sister lives in Kentucky. Kim and I are just good friends.

    Shannon: It's hard to pull off certain heights. I sometimes sacrifice what is most flattering because I like the shoes too much.

  24. Storyland Vintage says: November 6, 20106:40 pm

    I ordered those forever 21 boots as soon as they hit the site, I love them! They are the only pair of shoes from F21 I have ever found to be comfortable and I am super picky!

  25. Storyland Vintage says: November 6, 20106:42 pm

    oh and I am an 8 1/2-9 and I ordered the 9 so I could wear socks with them.

  26. Keiko Lynn says: November 6, 20107:50 pm

    Storyland Vintage: Thank you so much! I usually like to try shoes on before I buy them (unless it's a brand I'm super familiar with) but we haven't been able to find them in stores. Might just have to order them:)

  27. Anonymous says: November 6, 201010:13 pm

    I recently bought the lace up knee- highs from Forever 21 (#2) and they're great. My only complaint is that the material (suedette) is kind of rough, however, it doesn't affect the way they look. Also they don't quite reach the knee if that's what you're looking for, they go 3/4 of the way up your calf. Hope that helps 🙂

  28. Anonymous says: November 6, 201010:15 pm

    Also, I wear a size 7 so that's what I ordered and they fit just a tad large, perfect for wearing with thick socks during the winter.

  29. Dhalia says: November 7, 20104:42 pm

    Hi Keiko…

    I've been wanting Kim's #3 and your #6 for a while now.


  30. Blueclaw says: November 8, 20102:01 pm

    those mustang boots are HAWTT! very affordable too. looks like the ones from All Saints. brogues are and will always be a favorite of mine.

  31. feather-armor says: November 9, 20103:19 am

    Maleficent is my favorite Disney villain – what a fantastic name for an Arab mare! (except that my girl, Notchee, is sweet as they come). My Paso Fino is named El Corazon, Spanish for "the heart."

  32. Keiko Lynn says: November 9, 20108:44 am

    feather-armor: My Paso Fino is named Diablo! Which is funny, because he's a sweetie pie. My pony Shawn's registered name is actually Shaytan, so we actually have two horses named after the Devil. We didn't name either of them (and Shawn is a precious love bug).

  33. May Kasahara says: November 10, 20102:22 am

    The F21 boots run a little large. About a half size. They are great – the lug sole makes them really comfortable. The only downside is the synthetic suede-esque uppers have a pretty strong smell (rubbery, chemicalish)

    overall – totally worth it.
    been wearing em almost every day.


  34. Matilda says: February 9, 20167:06 am

    Reading posts like this make surfing such a plaeruse