Outfit Details:
beret – from my mom’s shop
red blazer – thrifted
Sequin Minnie sweater from the Minnie Muse collection – courtesy of Forever 21
Twenty8twelve skirt – Gilt (click if you need an invitation)
tights – Target
socks and glasses – Forever 21
Dany platforms – courtesy of Jessica Simpson Collectionbag – gift from my mom

You guys have no idea how much will power it took to keep from pairing this Minnie Mouse sweater with yellow heels and a bow on my head. I really do think like a five year old sometimes. Instead, I just went with her signature red because I had to make Minnie proud. After all, I did live in her hometown (well, one of them) for several years and frequented her home in Magic Kingdom. Speaking of: I’m dying to go to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party (it’s kind of a tradition) but I won’t be home in time! What the heck, Mickey? Why does your Christmas party end a week before Christmas?! Instead, I’m thinking of taking Tessa to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter – has anyone been?

I don’t really know why I’m complaining about missing out on something holiday themed in Florida; NYC is one of the most amazing places to be at this time of year. I think the holiday spirit fully hit me today, as Wendy and I were perusing the pretty holiday window displays (including Coach’s flagship – I’m in the window!!). I got a little distracted by all of the pretty and wasn’t paying attention to my walking (I’m pigeon toed. It’s necessary); I almost took out an entire crowd in an epic stumble. Wendy totally saved my butt from hitting the ground. Thanks, Wendy! It’s not the shoes – they’re actually really stable and easy to walk in, because of that huge platform. I’m just a total klutz. I tripped down the subway stairs in flats this afternoon.

It just never gets easier, this walking thing. For Christmas, I want a jetpack!

p.s. FYI, Danys are on sale and they have an extra 25% off with free shipping on the site.  I just texted her to let her know and she responded “Holy sh**” – I think that means she’s buying herself a Christmas present.

  1. In Kinsey's Closet says: December 4, 201012:07 am

    Your straight hair looks great! This is just the right amount of fun! You look beautiful, really you do :0)

  2. Steffy's Pro's and Con's says: December 4, 201012:11 am

    ahh you seriously dress better than anyone ever. i love this outfit you look adorable!

  3. Lorna says: December 4, 201012:14 am

    This outfit is too cute for words!
    And visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter was blogged today as my top moment of this year its so gosh darn brilliant!

  4. Keiko Lynn says: December 4, 201012:15 am

    In Kinsey's Closet: Yay, someone noticed! I rarely wear my hair straight anymore because I need a cut (wavy hides that fact a little more). Thank you!

    Steffy: Thank you so much!

  5. Keiko Lynn says: December 4, 201012:15 am

    Lorna: Ahhh that's making me really excited. I have to go!

  6. Shannon Lambert says: December 4, 201012:16 am

    "I need to buy more lipstick shades" is what I think every time I check out your posts haha I have like…two. Love the red blazer!

    If it's any consolation, I've got the exact opposite type of feet. They face outward due to repeated sprained ankles and one awful broken leg healing crooked. At least some girls *try* to look pigeon toed haha…no one tries to look penguin toed.

  7. Isabella says: December 4, 201012:16 am

    Amazing shoes! I want a pair so bad. Also, love the tall socks they always look so amazing on you.


  8. LuLu says: December 4, 201012:23 am
  9. Rose says: December 4, 201012:33 am

    This is darling! I love how fearlessly you pay homage to your childhood icons. Minnie WOULD be proud!

    Of course I just bought myself a pair of Danys in grey snakeskin, right before they went on sale! Excited to trot them out for a show tonight. Good to hear they're stable! Luckily my center of gravity is much to low for epic falls.

  10. Lauren says: December 4, 201012:34 am

    Love your looks as inspiration for styling knee highs! So cute!

  11. genevieve, sandbox romance says: December 4, 201012:43 am

    That blazer and those glasses are the absolute perfect touches!

  12. Alexandra Michelle says: December 4, 201012:44 am

    I loooove this outfit!!! You look super adorable!!!

    And I'm sure NY has an abundance of Holiday cheer πŸ˜‰ being an Orlando native its a shame I haven't been able to make it out to MK this year for Mickey's Christmas Party…HOWEVER thats ok because MK becomes all Christmas-partified even after the party ends!!! So you get to see the snow, the parades, everything you see at Mickey's Party on any regular day before New Year's! Yaaayy!!! So you'll have time πŸ˜€

    I was fortunate to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter… in one word: Epic. It's soooo much fun!!! Words really cannot describe the amazingness you must must go! Even my fiance who's totally not a HP fan had a blast! And the Butterbeer… oh I could go on for days! But go see for yourself πŸ˜€

  13. Rebecca, The Clothes Horse says: December 4, 20101:03 am

    Keiko, you look as gorgeous as always! I love that sweater and just the way you layered in this look. πŸ™‚

  14. Ally says: December 4, 20101:09 am

    Straight hair! That's what it is. I couldn't put my finger on what was different… although your curls constantly keep convincing me that I need to grow my hair longer.
    Also pleated skirts are always, always adorable. Yay!

  15. Lauren says: December 4, 20101:13 am

    My friend Kori and her husband Nick are going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter for their honeymoon! Sounds like fun.

    I love your straight hair. I can't wait for my hair to grow back out!

  16. Debby says: December 4, 20101:13 am

    I love this post! Such a cute outfit. Shoes are to die for!!!
    xoxo Debby

  17. nistha says: December 4, 20101:25 am

    This outfit is ADORABLE.

    I'm curious…is the sweater that you are wearing from F21 specific for you? I tried to find in on the website (I definitely want one!), and it wasn't there.

  18. Santina says: December 4, 20101:26 am

    Too cute for words! You hair looks gorgeous!

  19. Kirstin says: December 4, 20101:32 am

    I love your hair straight!! To be honest, it was the first thing I noticed when your post loaded. I have been dying to go to Harry potter….I was thinking of goof over my winter break from work, we shall see!!

  20. lydia says: December 4, 20101:45 am

    oh my gosh, the wizarding world of harry potter is so fantastic! and i'm not even a hp fan..

    the main attraction ride is awesome, and is like 4 different types of ride in one, and even the line in is full of fun things (especially if you -are- a harry potter fan)

    and the whole place is pretty amazing…
    i want to go back when it's colder since there's fake snow on all the buildings and convince myself it's real hahaha

  21. Sirens Sexy says: December 4, 20102:19 am

    pretty pretty!

  22. J'Anns Boutique says: December 4, 20102:20 am

    Love the purse! red looks great on you…I NEVER wear red it makes me look aweful, so aweful I get weird looks lol (I know all in my head hehe).


  23. Caitlin says: December 4, 20103:01 am

    I love that sweater! I'm constantly embarrassing myself tripping while I shuffle along to catch my train..at least once a day.

  24. THE-LOUDMOUTH says: December 4, 20103:19 am

    love the hair, the lips, the bag — everything!

    you should have taken a photo of yourself in the window… well, that's what i would do, because i'm awkward.

  25. Estefany @ The Helmet Head says: December 4, 20103:31 am

    Love your hair like this!
    I like everything here. Your beret is the cutest!


  26. Jules says: December 4, 20103:47 am

    Okay so it's clearly apparent that I need to buy that sweater! I'm a huge Disney fan and it's been a rough year. Love love your outfit and your blog!!

  27. The Fancy Teacup says: December 4, 20104:47 am

    You look so pretty with your hair straight! And I thought the latest F21 Minnie Mouse Muse collection was cute too. Love the JS shoes on you.

    I lived in one of Minnie Mouse's hometowns too and I miss going there for Christmas.


  28. Heather Lynn says: December 4, 20104:50 am

    Such an adorable outfit! I think like a six year old when I dress too but I also still buy clothes from the kids section since I'm so short so tat doesn't help any.

  29. libys11 says: December 4, 20104:53 am

    saahhhh so adorable!!!! i've been dying to get my hands on one of those minnie mouse sweaters from f21!!! eeppp too cute!! πŸ˜€

    Animated Confessions

  30. Lovers, Saints & Sailors says: December 4, 20105:07 am

    Too cute!!

  31. nela antonia says: December 4, 20107:19 am

    you look so stunning with your straight hair. you're beautiful.

  32. Steph says: December 4, 20107:30 am

    Keiko, could you tell me what lipstick you are using in your previous post? i love it!!! also i love those shoes, i wont be able to walk in them but UGHHHHHH need them i think πŸ˜›

  33. Vicky says: December 4, 20109:10 am

    Love your shoes and over-the-knee socks x

  34. Jenny says: December 4, 201011:37 am

    I live in Orlando and have a season pass to Universal so I go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter quite often. It's pretty awesome πŸ™‚ My one word of advice is try the frozen butterbeer instead of the regular butterbeer. It's sooooo much better!

  35. ❀Cate❀ says: December 4, 201012:16 pm

    Such a cute outfit, love the shoes xoxo

  36. eagle-eye-cherry says: December 4, 20101:49 pm

    I must to recognize that I like your style. congrat for your blog

  37. Dodo says: December 4, 20102:55 pm

    I really love this outfit! Just every detail is perfect!

  38. thedemuremuse.com says: December 4, 20103:04 pm

    how cute is this outfit?! i love the bright red blazer over the grey sweater. it definitely brings the whole Minnie look together.

    it's been a while since you've straighted your hair or haven't worn it in a bun. I didn't realize how long it's gotten; Looks great, Keiko! πŸ™‚

  39. Ashley J says: December 4, 20103:37 pm

    I LOVE your hair like that, you must do it more often!!!! That bag from you mom is fabulous as the entire outfit!


  40. sparkle is a color (Katrina) says: December 4, 20103:45 pm

    This is so cute! I have sequin Minnie Mouse ears and I would have had to resist putting them on with that sweater.

    Harry Potter World is AMAZING and I think you and Tessa will definitely enjoy it!

    xx, Katrina

  41. Tiffany says: December 4, 20103:49 pm

    I adore this look! I grew up in FL and we had season passes as far back as I can remember, so when the Minnie Muse line came out my sister and I freaked!!
    I love the geek chic look here with the knee socks, glasses and blazer. Your styling is always SPOT-ON.

  42. Nancie says: December 4, 20104:08 pm

    very chic very cute… that shoe is hot!!

  43. C.Jane says: December 4, 20104:08 pm

    As cores estΓ£o em perfeita harmonia isso deixou tudo tΓ£o misterioso e garantido a estar estiloso.VocΓͺ Γ© tΓ£o linda

  44. C.Jane says: December 4, 20104:09 pm

    Espero lhe desejar algum dia πŸ˜€

  45. graphology says: December 4, 20105:29 pm

    The look is so pretty πŸ™‚

  46. Polina says: December 4, 20105:42 pm

    I totally went to the wizarding world of harry potter when I was in florida last month. it is THE BEST. SHE WILL LOVE IT. sooo busy though, but not as bad as it would've been in summer I imagine! BUT TAKE HER IT'S AMAZING! and make sure to go on the stimulator ride in hogwarts – BEST RIDE I'VE EVER BEEN ON!!!!!!! (yes just a little stoked at reading you mention hp world) πŸ™‚

  47. Cassandra Marie says: December 4, 20106:03 pm

    I have a weakness for red blazers and that one looks perfect! Also, your hair is so pretty! Its rare that we get to see it all down and straightened πŸ™‚ Anyways, have a great weekend!


    {Stop by and say hello!}

  48. Keiko Lynn says: December 4, 20106:18 pm

    Steph: It's MAC pro longwear lip creme in Unlimited:)

  49. Keiko Lynn says: December 4, 20106:20 pm

    Thank you for all the suggestions with HP world:) Sounds amazing!

  50. missingpieces says: December 4, 20107:42 pm

    Perfect as usual.

  51. Belle de Couture says: December 4, 20108:23 pm

    I've been looking for some cute, black OTK socks and I think I've found them! Can't believe they are Target.. so cute! LOVE this outfit… everything about it is great… and you can totally rock those glasses… not sure I could πŸ˜‰



  52. Ana says: December 4, 201010:45 pm

    I definitely see the Minnie inspiration in this outfit, but it also looks very French chic to me! Both inspirations that I love! And I have to say, the red blazer is simply stunning.

  53. Edith says: December 5, 201012:06 am

    The Wizarding World is awesome and I only wish I could go more often but sadly I have no one to go with. Be sure to bring money to try the Butterbeer (better frozen) and pumpkin juices and cauldron cakes. All worth. Not to mention the rides!

  54. emily//the lesser panda says: December 5, 20101:45 am

    This is such a cute outfit! You always look so put together Keiko!


  55. Jenni says: December 5, 20104:34 am

    This is really super adorable. I haven't seen that sweater on F21… It's really cute! I love it with the jacket!

  56. Beth says: December 5, 20107:09 am

    I love your Blog. Also I gave you a blog award. http://hipsterdiary.blogspot.com/

  57. jada and jon says: December 5, 20107:30 am

    such a great outfit! love your style!

    if you like vintage clothing please come and visit our blog and site!



  58. Pamella says: December 5, 201011:39 am

    hi! it's my first time to see you with a long, straight hair. you look amazing! and i totally love your outfit! and the red blazer is β™₯.

  59. Anonymous says: December 5, 20102:40 pm

    Wow, you look amazing!

    i love love love your blog!

  60. Steph says: December 5, 20103:29 pm

    Oh thank you for letting me know about the lipstick! I have that colour too but it just looks differently on me πŸ˜‰

  61. Alejandra says: December 5, 20103:58 pm

    awwwww, love Minnie! I totally think Daisy is under rated though. If youre gonna go to Islands of Adventure around Christmas time, be prepared to wait!!! The line for the Harry Potter ride has been up to 2 hours..and that was back in October! The weather is great in South Florida now, so take advantage πŸ™‚

  62. Glamour Bbey. says: December 5, 20106:16 pm

    I love your blazer and I love the way you combined it!

    Nice look as usual!

  63. The Fashion Fallacy says: December 5, 20106:50 pm

    I love your red jacket!

  64. Copious Couture says: December 5, 20107:26 pm

    Gorgeous pics!!!! You did minnie proud!


  65. annierama says: December 5, 20108:30 pm

    these shoes are breathtaking!!!

  66. Vicki says: December 5, 20109:41 pm

    i WANT your shoes!!!! why dont the deliver to the uk so gutted! πŸ™ you look fabulous by the way! xo

  67. ainikki says: December 5, 201010:13 pm
  68. Samantha says: December 6, 201012:59 am

    I almost purchased that Minnie Mouse jumper – its so sweet πŸ™‚ you look great – you've definately done Minnie Mouse proud haha

  69. Hurricanekerrie says: December 6, 20101:59 am

    Your outfit is beaut! The red blazer and red lipstick are smashing!

    I've been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and although the line was excruciatingly long, the ride more than makes up for it. Hogwarts itself was excellent and at the end, it's the best ride ever. My vote is for Harry. πŸ˜€

  70. I Don't Wear Jeans says: December 6, 20103:59 am

    You are just a doll. Love your blog, it seems so honest.


  71. Kara says: December 6, 20105:14 am

    Urrgghhhh, I'm DYING over those shoes. Dying I tell you. I need them.

  72. Anna Pope says: December 6, 20107:41 am

    This is the kind of outfit I'll be saving photos of in my inspiration folder and looking at it time and time again. You look completely adorable!

    I had been staring at that Minnie tee a few days ago and I'm even more in love with it now that I was before.

  73. Katie says: December 6, 20103:55 pm

    I think this is my most favorite outfit ever… First, the Dany shoe can never do any wrong… and then you pair it with red and this amazing purse? Yes, yes, yes! πŸ™‚

  74. jo says: December 6, 20104:18 pm

    all that willpower and courage you mustered to take the sweater to the streets is so worth it! and can i just say that the red jacket is blindingly awesome?

  75. Mae Lu says: December 6, 20104:45 pm

    I literally want to recreate this outfit from head to toe. This is the most perfect thing I've seen in the last 8 days.

    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

  76. Jenae says: December 6, 20105:05 pm

    I have a red button up blouse with white polka dots & yellow heels…I don't mind looking like minnie from time to time. You look adorable!

  77. Tassos Pasalis says: December 6, 20105:33 pm

    Such a playful, fresh and pretty look! I adore just everything, the socks and the bag, the socking red jacket and the school skirt, the blouse and the beret!
    I too love the Dany platforms!!!!!!!!

  78. Tanya P. says: December 6, 20107:15 pm

    I love the red coat! Perfect pop of color!
    BTW, I love how you pair thigh high socks with tights! I think I might try that once the weather drops…

  79. Angie Aquarius says: December 6, 20108:37 pm

    Such an absolutely cute and amazing outfit! Love that flashes of red!

    From Munich With Love
    Angie -> http://munichstylelover.blogspot.com

  80. Rose Umbrella says: December 6, 201010:53 pm

    I love the Forever 21 + Minni combo. I also wrote about them on my blog.


  81. Rebecca says: December 7, 20109:20 pm

    This is such a perfectly adorable and pretty outfit. Love it!

  82. Iris says: December 8, 20103:28 am

    That would have been funny if you did but, I like this outfit πŸ™‚

  83. Kat says: December 14, 20106:59 am

    one of my fave outfits on you.. ever. congrats on the feature!