Ever since I started wearing glasses, I’ve developed a bit of an obsession. It all started with the Ray-Bans, and now I’m up to eight pairs (my vintage frames aren’t pictured – oops)! With sites like Warby Parker and BonLook, who have prescription glasses for under $100, it’s a lot easier to purchase multiple pairs to put into rotation – though I admit that eight is probably more than necessary. I tend to go overboard, but I also have been lucky to receive a few pairs as gifts. Since I wear glasses on a daily basis, it’s nice to have a lot to choose from!
My frames, in order of photographs: Ray-Ban RB5226, Honeybadger c/o BonLook, Winston from Warby Parker, Crosby from Warby Parker, Versace red glasses c/o LensCrafters,  Jungle Chic c/o BonLook, Tenley from Warby Parker.

p.s. Makeup For Girls Who Wear Glasses.

  1. The right eye glasses – Ilana Morgan says: January 31, 201612:00 am

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  2. Jim says: September 26, 20165:57 pm

    Even though you have an obsession for wearing glasses I don’t think you have been wearing glasses for very long? Your lenses appear to be on the weak side and usually if some one has been wearing glasses for very long yearly increases soon makes the lenses appear less weak. I completely agree with you that having several pairs to choose form makes wearing glasses even more enjoyable. Always fun to change your look by simply wearing different glasses. Nice that you must wear your glasses full time since you look so amazing wearing glasses. As you probably already know wearing your glasses all the time isn’t doing any harm to your eyes at all. (retired optician)