Outfit Details:

hat – Bobby’s
Drew convertible army coat – c/o WiNK

puppy shirt (with a Miku lookalike) – Nifty Thrifty

jeans – c/o Denim and Supply

packable tour boots – c/o Hunter Boots

lipstick – MAC Absolute Power

It turns out that a getaway was exactly what I (and Bobby and Miku) needed. In true Keiko Lynn/pack rat fashion, I packed way more than I needed: sweaters galore, three different pairs of boots, enough socks for an octopus to wear for days. As it turned out, I wore this WiNK cotton canvas coat (which can be worn several ways), hat, and Hunter boots consistently. I actually didn’t have weather-proof boots (I know, weird) until my friend and neighbor, Amy, sent these my way. I’ve always wanted a pair of Hunter boots, but the best thing about these is that they’re collapsible. They fold up into a tiny bag and are perfect for traveling. The lesson I learned? Go with the utilitarian, versatile items and save yourself some space. Not that I’ll listen to my own advice, though. I guess I’ll always be that girl who is stuffing items into her carry-on, because her checked baggage is overweight.

p.s. A long-time reader, Katrina K, is also a finalist in the Northwest region for the Cotton Road to the Runway contest! If Andi wins in the South and Katrina in the Northwest, I’ll be the happiest camper. I also can’t wait to see who will represent my region (Northeast). Please vote and show your support for our fellow readers!

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