flower beauty makeup tutorial

We recently hosted a workshop at Brooklyn Brigade, and sent our guests home with some incredible gift bags. Since we had a few extra products left over and I was already shooting some stuff in the studio, I put together a quick eyeshadow tutorial. I’ve never used Flower cosmetics, and I’ll admit that I had low expectations for the price point ($9.98), but the shadows were nicely pigmented and very smooth. The matte goldenrod color should be patted on or even applied with your finger, since it’s the most powdery of the bunch, and don’t expect the darker shade to be a true black (it’s more of a gunmetal). But overall, it’s great product for the price, and I’m now curious about the rest of their products. Have any of you tried them out? Also, Drew Barrymore. Hey girl. I’m wearing your makeup; are we best friends, yet?

Want to recreate this super easy look? Follow the steps, below:

1. Apply primer potion all over your eyelids.

2. Using a flat brush OR your finger, pat the golden-yellow shadow on your lids.

3. Sweep the sparkly taupe shadow in the crease.

4. Pack the dark grey shadow in your outer v and drag inward.

5. Blend the heck out of it.

6. Apply liner. I went a little (a lot) dramatic, but you can even skip this part entirely and just go for mascara, if you want!

  1. Rena says: August 31, 20153:02 am

    Love this make-up, it looks so fresh and beautiful! Thank you for the tutorial, hopefully I will be really able with your help to do this make-up, too 🙂
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. glamdevils says: August 31, 20153:06 am

    Looks beautiful. The eyeshadow is awesome. I had no idea Drew Barrymore had a cosmetic line 😀

    xx Mira


  3. sasa says: August 31, 20159:15 am

    stunning look<3

    Shall We Sasa

  4. Sarah Carter says: August 31, 201510:23 am

    Hi Keiko!

    Just wanted to say I really admire your blog – it has been a huge inspiration behind starting my own!

    I particularly like the way you photograph your makeup. What lighting and camera would you suggest for someone like me starting out?

    Any tips would be much appreciated!


    • Keiko Lynn says: August 31, 20155:45 pm

      Hi Sarah! Thank you so much. I’m actually posting about that next week, but here’s a condensed version: I use a canon 5d mark III with an 85 mm lens, and I either use natural light or a ring light. Lately, I’ve been using a ring light from myringlight.com. Hope that helps!

  5. em says: August 31, 20154:31 pm
  6. Margaret says: August 31, 20155:09 pm

    I love Flower Beauty! The Shine On Lip Gloss is my fave!

  7. Snapshot Fashion says: September 2, 20159:38 pm


  8. Hali says: September 6, 20157:04 pm

    I admit I was unsure about Flower Beauty too, but you made it work! I may not buy it any time soon but I can appreciate an experimental look from a product I’ve never tried before. Very lovely!

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