brooke candy mac which witch lipstick swatch
MAC x Brooke Candy “Which Witch” lipstick (amplified, deep plum)

brooke candy mac mind control lipstick swatch 1
MAC x Brooke Candy “Mind Control” lipstick (amplified, bright cherry red)

brooke candy mac collectionMAC Brooke Candy “Which Witch” lipstick (amplified, deep plum), MAC Brooke Candy “Mind Control” lipstick (amplified, bright cherry red), MAC Brooke “Boot Black” Liquid Eye Liner (repromote, limited edition packaging). Products and product image c/o MAC.


At the risk of sounding very old and out of touch (I am at least one of those), I honestly had no idea who Brooke Candy is. But she has a mini-collection with MAC, so…lipstick! Since I was at the studio and shooting a tutorial, I decided to do some quick lip swatches of the MAC Brooke Candy collection “Which Witch” and “Mind Control” lipsticks that I just received (available August 27th in North America, October 15 international). I’m also wearing “Boot Black” liquid liner, but this is the same liquid liner they currently offer, only in a limited edition box. You all know that I usually go for matte lipsticks, but their “amplified” finish is my second favorite of their formulas. They’re highly pigmented and more moisturizing, and have a nice sheen without added glitter or frost.

Both of the lipsticks in this collection have the same amplified finish, with gorgeous color payoff. I was very pleased with the opacity of “Which Witch,” a deep plum with a little sheen, which makes it seem a little less stark and a little more approachable, in my opinion. Dark lipsticks can be tricky, and sometimes patchy or streaky – even some of my favorites require a little fine tuning to keep them from looking splotchy. I applied two swipes of this (blotted the first and reapplied a second) lipstick with no liner or primer, and it had great coverage on its own. I probably won’t be wearing it as often as aforementioned difficult but pretty dark lipsticks, since I’m having a pretty diehard matte moment (aka most of my adult life), but it’s a gorgeous, vampy shade that’s worth checking out if you’re into having a little sheen. “Mind Control” is a classic, bright cherry red – very pigmented and silky smooth. It’s a lovely red, so there’s probably not much to say about it other than if you’re looking for a highly pigmented, creamy red, you can’t go wrong.

I did read, when I Asked Jeeves, “Who is Brooke Candy?” (jk I totally Googled it), that she will have a bigger collection with them in the future, so I’m curious to see what else they’ll be releasing. Because lipstick, you know?

  1. Shaimaa says: August 26, 20152:29 am

    you are stunning , love the lipstick and the entire look !
    the dark shade look amazing on you …

  2. Snapshot Fashion says: August 26, 20157:09 am

    OMG I LOVE THESE LOOKS!!! When it comes to my favorite MAC red I typically stay with Russian Red…but I’m really loving this Mind Control hue! So pretty!

    • Keiko Lynn says: August 26, 201511:13 pm

      Russian Red is also my fave!

  3. sasa says: August 26, 20159:02 am

    Love these looks<3

    Shall We Sasa

  4. Solangel says: August 26, 201510:16 am

    Well, I’m young, but have no idea who this is either…but ugh these are beautiful!!

  5. Amy says: August 26, 201511:40 am

    These both look absolutely gorgeous on you! I’m not really one for darker lipsticks, but I may have to check out Mind Control. I’ve been looking for a good red! ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  6. Elisa says: August 26, 20151:42 pm

    Need “Wich Witch” in my life!!!

    With love, Elisa
    My Fantabulous World

  7. Helen says: August 26, 20151:51 pm

    I totally had to google who Brooke Candy was as well! I really love the way “Which Witch” looks on you and am glad to hear that it doesn’t require too much fine tuning. I’ve been looking for a dark lipstick and have realized that some of them can be kind of streaky, like you said.


  8. Amalia says: August 26, 20152:50 pm

    Start writing here.Do you remember what blushes you are wearing in both photos ( Mac Brooke Candy lipsticks)? Thank you for your time.

    • Keiko Lynn says: August 26, 201511:15 pm

      It’s an old limited edition mineralize skinfinish from MAC called “Scene to be Seen”

  9. Joey says: August 26, 20157:17 pm

    Not too sure how I feel about the darker color, but I love that red and the eyeliner. The red is so pretty looking, very vibrant!

  10. Shira says: August 26, 20159:33 pm

    Mind control!!! That red is INCREDIBLE! I can’t see myself ever being brave enough to pull off the first lipstick (and not sure it’s my style either) but you pull it off fabulously.

  11. Shannon says: August 27, 201510:23 am

    Oh my god, I definitely NEED a dark lipstick in my life. Do you have a favorite you’d recommend?

    • Keiko Lynn says: August 28, 201510:44 pm

      What finish are you looking for, and how dark?

  12. Jannike says: October 8, 20157:13 am

    At first, you look amazing and I kind of just found my new girl crush. Love the lipsticks on you!

  13. Shannon F says: February 4, 20166:26 am

    Im looking to get my first MAC red lippie and Im really liking Mind Control! I was going between MAC Red and Russian Red since Im looking for a more blue based rather than than Lady Danger but I love that this one is so creamy ? Thank you for the review and swatches, they both look beautiful on you! ?

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