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Givenchy recently sent their “Noir Revelateur” Rouge Interdit Vinyl Color Enhancing Lipstick (whew! that’s a long name) to me, and I’m so glad they did, because it’s not something I would normally gravitate toward. I usually go straight to the bold, matte shades and completely skip anything sheer. I don’t have a lot of pigmentation in my lips, which is why I’m so big on lipsticks, and sheer finishes usually look a little lackluster on me. That’s why I was surprised to immediately fall in love with this unique lipstick. It adjusts to your skin tone, so it’s a truly universally flattering shade. Though it looks like a tube of pure black lipstick, it has a sheer finish that will look like anything from a lighter shade of berry to a vampy plum. On me, it looks like I just ate a bowl of black cherries, which is pretty much my dream color. I don’t have a lot of pigmentation in my lips, which is why I’m so big on lipsticks — but I love how the finish of this is more like a moisturizing, tinted balm than a lipstick. It’s nice to have that extra hydration in the winter, but I have a feeling this might become my go-to summer shade. I’m curious to see what it looks like on different skin tones, so if you’ve tried it (or will try it), please show me pictures!

  1. Lindsay @ VAUGHAN says: March 22, 201612:45 am

    It’s a great shade. I’ve tried something similar before and it truly is universal. Great post!

    Lindsay |

  2. Natali says: March 22, 20161:58 am

    You’re so “Victorian times” beautiful in all of these photos! This is such a gorgeous make up do!

  3. sasa says: March 22, 20167:56 am

    Beautiful lip color<3

    Shall We Sasa

  4. Helen says: March 22, 20164:03 pm

    That lipstick looks gorgeous on you! I would be intimidated to try it out because of the way it looks in the tube, but it looks gorgeous! I also like that it adds a bit of hydration in the winter.


  5. Rabecca says: March 23, 20166:23 pm

    Definitely getting an Audrey Hepburn vibe going on! I love everything about this look, and I’m crushing on your’e tattoo too! 😉 <3

  6. ralizabeth says: March 24, 201611:54 am

    what a gorgeous shade!! i love your dress as well! so cute! xoxo

    oh, she’s lovely

  7. Tatiana says: March 24, 20166:23 pm

    You are simply perfect.

    xo | Tati |

  8. laura mitbrodt says: March 25, 20163:58 pm

    These photos are so glam! i love your pink phone

  9. Ayala Bruna says: March 29, 20165:49 pm

    que sobrancelha mais maravilhosa gentiii, apaixonada

    Beijinhos ♥

    Blog Delírio

  10. pali says: March 29, 201611:44 pm

    Love that lipstick. Your eyebrows are perfect – what do you use for your brows?

    • Keiko Lynn says: March 30, 20168:53 pm

      Thank you! Anastasia Brow Wiz and Dip Brow Pomade.

  11. Alex says: April 6, 20169:55 pm

    But what’s that lovely nail color??

    • Keiko Lynn says: April 8, 20162:14 am

      I’m actually not sure what it was…I got it at a nail salon and I can’t remember which one I picked!