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Outfit Details:

Wildfox Couture Motormouth Sunday Dress (worn over shorts, because it’s really more of an oversized sweater than a dress)

Coach Crosby Hologram Crossbody (c/o)

Minna Parikka pink oxford heels

Talbot Runhof sunglasses (c/o)


If you ever find yourself in Miami, Wynwood Walls is a must-visit. It’s a fantastic place for photos, but also just a great place to wander around — there’s so much to see. It’s not just confined to the inner gates; it spreads throughout the streets and little nooks and crannies. Some of the side streets have my favorite murals, so make sure you explore and have your camera ready! I swear to you, Bobby had no intention of matching the striped walls…but as for me, I may have coordinated with a couple of my Wynwood Walls favorites. Also, I keep singing “cake by the ocean” when I look at that cake wall, because it’s cake and it’s Miami. Literally cake by the ocean, you guys.

  1. Minau says: March 4, 201611:51 am

    Great looks! I love your dress!

  2. sasa says: March 4, 201612:07 pm

    Beautiful! Love your sweater dress<3

    Shall We Sasa

  3. Paulina says: March 4, 201612:36 pm

    Awesome photos! Miami is so hot right now. http://www.thepaarblog.com/

  4. Natali says: March 4, 20161:32 pm

    Awww! You guys are adorable and have such a great taste in fashion! I’m loving your sweater dress, it’s so chic!


  5. laura mitbrodt says: March 4, 20164:40 pm

    what a fun place to take photos, I love your pink shoes and dress

  6. Michelle says: March 4, 20164:52 pm

    Totally obsessed with your sweater. Soooo good. Adorable as always!

  7. Ebbie Style says: March 4, 20166:20 pm

    This place seems awesome! Definitely have to event in next time I’m in Miami.


  8. Ujjaini says: March 4, 20167:45 pm

    Love that dress / sweater. Very cute!


  9. Kelly says: March 4, 20168:08 pm

    What vivid and exciting pictures! I love how you both pre-planned to coordinate your outfits with certain walls. Basically, an Instagram dream essentially. Miami is somehow still on my list of places to go to…even though I’m somewhere in Florida every year? Woops!

    xoxo – Kelly

  10. Snapshot Fashion says: March 5, 201611:16 am

    Keiko, these photos are everything! I absolutely love a good mural. I’ve yet to go to Miami, but will definitely have this spot out someday when I do go!

  11. Pali says: March 5, 20164:34 pm

    Love your sweater and photos! I’ve never been to Wynwood Walls in Miami but would definitely like to visit after reading your post. The pics are awesome! 🙂

  12. Claudia says: March 7, 201612:45 pm

    Whoa, I love the dress and the location!


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  14. Laura says: March 8, 201610:03 am

    oh my, i love the colours in the first pictures! and all the murals look so cute! xx

  15. laura says: March 8, 20161:05 pm

    THESE PHOTOS ARE AMAZING! Loving those walls!


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  17. Idalis says: June 27, 201612:00 am

    Obsessed over your outfit! Where exactly is this pink wall in wynwood? Im going to visit next week for my bday and would love to take some photos!