5 pink lipsticks to try for spring

There’s no wrong time to wear pink lipstick, but Spring might be the best time! We’re still in seasonal limbo, split between short-sleeve and heavy jacket weather, but I’ve started packing away my winter gear and breaking out some of my springtime favorites – including my favorite pink lipsticks. I swatched five pink lipsticks that I think you should try, this Spring. Check them out and see which one is your favorite!

buxom full on lipstick las vegas swatch pink lipstick

BUXOM Full-On Lip Stick in “Las Vegas”: Applying this light, muted pink lipstick is a breeze, because it’s closer to the shape of a large lip liner. The site describes this as a vibrant pink, but it’s really a lot softer than that. My favorite thing about these lip sticks is the minty, tingly sensation that comes with it.


kat von d studded kiss lipstick sexer swatch pink lipstick

Kat Von D “Sexer” Studded Kiss Lipstick: Subtly iridescent, vibrant pink with opaque coverage. I’m a huge fan of the everlasting liquid lipsticks, and find the studded kiss lipsticks to be hit or miss (some of the darker shades are a little tricky)…but “Sexer” is definitely a hit.


mac cosmetics chatterbox lipstick swatch pink lipstick

MAC “Chatterbox” lipstick: You know that I usually go for matte finishes, but this amplified creme, perfect pink lipstick has been in my makeup bag for years. Not literally this one, of course…I’ve bought quite a few, over the years;)



melt cosmetics stupid love lipstick swatch pink lipstick

Melt Cosmetics “Stupid Love” lipstick: Speaking of matte lipsticks…if you’re looking for vivid or unusual matte colors, Melt is where to turn. “Stupid Love” is a neon pink lipstick that makes most bright pinks look downright pastel.


nars audacious lipstick michiyo swatch pink lipstick

NARS Audacious Lipstick in “Michiyo”: Though this is described as a “shocking” pink lipstick, I would call it a medium fuchsia. It’s a gorgeous color with a buttery finish, and just one coat gives full coverage with no streaking. I love the Audacious Lipsticks – I’ve gone through three tubes of Brigitte, alone!

  1. LeahSephira says: April 4, 20163:34 am

    Chatterbox and Sexer are probably my favorite out of the five of them. I also really like backstage bambi from Kat Von D, when it comes to pink lipsticks or Candy YumYum from Mac. Lovely post 🙂 x

    – LS

  2. sasa says: April 4, 201610:08 am

    Love all 5 colors especially no.4. So pretty! 😛

    Shall We Sasa

  3. Andrea says: April 4, 201610:45 am

    Love all these colours!

  4. Helen says: April 4, 201612:33 pm

    All these shades of lipstick are perfect for Spring. I love MAC’s Chatterbox lipstick because it is a shade that catches your eye, but is still very versatile!


  5. Michelle says: April 4, 20163:00 pm

    Love a good pink lippie! I’ve been living in my Miley Cyrus MAC lipstick for almost a year now LOL.
    Great roundup 🙂

  6. Julia says: April 4, 20163:36 pm

    I really need to get a light just as yours for makeup blog posts, all the colours just look stunning – and your face does too of course! My favourite of these five lipsticks in the Nars, it’s indeed a medium colour compared to the Melt Cosmetics lipstick for example (which I would wear more in the summer, but that’s just me!). All of these look gorgeous on you, especially the Melt Cosmetics one 🙂

    Julia x
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  7. Shira says: April 4, 20166:37 pm

    2 and 5 are my favorites but they’re all beautiful! I love my maybelline in wild rose for a fun pink as well as my ciate liquid lipstick, don’t remember name but it’s such a fun pink. I also love my urban decay firebird lipstick for a darker magenta pink!


  8. mei says: April 4, 20169:40 pm

    Love all colors!!

    Big Dreamer

  9. Cortney | A Whimsy Wonderland says: April 4, 201611:19 pm

    Love! I’ve used the Mac “chatterbox” and loved it! But all these colors are perfect for spring!

  10. Jen says: April 5, 201611:53 am

    I’m a sucker for a cheery pink lip, so I’m loving these picks! I really need Melt Stupid Love in my life 🙂


  11. Snapshot Fashion says: April 6, 20169:24 pm

    These are all fantastic picks! Can you believe I own only ONE pink lipstick (but I must have like 6 red lipsticks…my fave!). The one that I have, which I really like, is Greta by NARS.

  12. Regina says: April 22, 201612:37 pm

    They’re all sooo pretty! I love them all.

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