rimmel get the look app: rimmel lasting finish by Kate shade 47 tawny rose lipstick rimmel get the look app: rimmel lasting finish by Kate shade 47 tawny rose lipstick

I have a long-standing love affair with rosy lipsticks, whether it’s a dusty, cool toned rose or a rich, warm rose brown. I wear a lot of bright lipsticks, but the rosy hues are what monopolize my bags. They’re my go-to. But recently I realized that I was lacking a creamy formula; all of them are matte lipsticks or liquid lipsticks (even more matte). That’s my usual finish of choice, but I wanted something a little more hydrating, something that can be applied and reapplied without having to carry around an oil to remove it between applications. Rimmel asked me to try out their Get The Look appwhere you can upload or photograph looks you want to recreate, have them matched with their product recommendations, and try them on yourself. It’s like a filter of instant makeup – it’s fun to try out all of the looks! The most helpful aspect is that it gives you a good idea of how their products will look when applied, which is helpful since you usually can’t test them in stores. 

I had this old Winona Ryder photo saved to my phone, of her iconic Oscars look in ’96 (those finger waves made a lasting impression on my 12-year-old self – Winona forever!), so I used that as my inspiration. Once I uploaded the photo, I was able to “steal the look” with their recommended products, try it on, and even purchase the products on Amazon, all within the app. It recommended Lasting Finish by Kate in shade 45 as the lip color closest to Winona’s shade, but when I tried it on in the app, it washed me out. What works for Winona doesn’t translate quite as well on me. I decided to go with 47, which is a little darker and warmer but still reminiscent of that 90s Winona lip. It’s a little more on the tawny side – tawny rose lipstick is much closer to what I had in mind. Remember how all of the best 90s lipsticks had the word “tawny” in their names (side note: remember Tawny Kitaen?!)? I think I forgot how much I love that color – it brings an instant warmth to my very pale complexion, which can be everything with an otherwise pared down look. Now, if only I could master those finger waves…

rimmel get the look app: rimmel lasting finish by Kate shade 47 tawny rose lipstick

Thank you to Rimmel for partnering with me on this post, and helping me find my perfect shade of tawny rose lipstick. Download the app here and try it for yourself!

rimmel get the look app: rimmel lasting finish by Kate shade 47 tawny rose lipstick

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Right now, Rimmel is giving away a $500 Visa gift card and $100 worth of product when you download the app, steal someone’s look and snap a picture of yourself. Enter to win here: http://bit.ly/2gxEGye.

  1. La Bijoux Bella | by mia says: December 20, 201610:24 am

    I love anything that has a Rose name to it … It’s just sounds so delightful! :). Love the natural and beautiful makeup look. Merry Christmas.

    ❤LA BIJOUX BELLA❤ | BY MIA | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

  2. Kiran says: December 20, 201611:16 am

    This is such a gorgeous shade, tawny rose is such a flattering colour on everyone I think. Thanks for sharing, that lipstick is stunning on you, hope you’ll stop by my blog if you get the chance x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  3. Joey says: December 20, 20161:09 pm

    This is such a light, clean look. Everything about this just reminds me of how I feel when I wore Benefit’s Georgia blush when it first came out. Not sure why, but I love it!

  4. Gemma says: December 20, 20162:02 pm

    My all time favourite shade of lipstick, and this Rimmel colour is divine!!


  5. Megan at Lush to Blush says: December 20, 20166:06 pm

    This lip color is beautiful! I love it!


    Megan at Lush to Blush

  6. la consulente d'Immagine says: December 21, 20163:54 am

    Clean, fresh and light look! I love that color.
    Very romantic and chic!
    consulente d’immagine Elisa Negro

  7. MizzJ says: December 27, 20165:57 pm

    Oh yes, you definitely nailed the lip shade! As much as everyone loves a good red or vampy plum, it’s these kinds of shades that are the true workhorses!

  8. Chelsea says: February 14, 20175:12 am

    Louis William Tomlinson this looks like