1. Sip Sip Accept This Rose Travel Tumbler
2. XOXO Gold Letter Balloons
3. Pizza My Heart Patch
4. Debbie Downer Hearts
5. Pink Skies Ahead Bomber Jacket
6. The World Book of Love
7. Scratch-off Valentines
8. Be Mine Card Case
9. Love Potion Mug

I may not be one for fancy Valentine’s Day dinner dates with prix fixe menus (our newish tradition is to have Shake Shack), but I love Valentine’s Day. Pink, red, hearts, done. I’m into it. Above are some of my favorite gift picks for your Valentine or Galentine, because even Debbie Downer (aka me) can use a lil love.

  1. Samantha Lee says: January 27, 20177:36 pm

    Have seen that ban.do bomber and love it! Just wish it was a liiiittle cheaper, haha. These items are all cute though!

  2. Jenna says: January 28, 20178:46 pm

    How sweet is that world book of love?! <3 <3 <3


  3. Sahra says: January 31, 20173:26 pm

    such cute gifts!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

  4. Liva says: February 8, 201710:38 am

    Love the bomber jacket, so chic!

    Also a great I will definitely get my loved one is a piece from Be-with clothing, their idea is amazing!

    look into it – if you’re interested!