Last month, I had the absolute pleasure of traveling to Macao, an autonomous region of China. Having only traveled to Thailand and Japan, I was excited to explore another pocket of Asia. My main priorities when traveling are to eat all of the food and explore on foot, as much as possible. In my opinion, it’s the best way to get to know a place....


guide to disney world tips and tricks

Guide to Walt Disney World – Tips and Tricks for your family vacation!

It’s no secret that I love Disney. My family and I usually go to Disney World twice a year, and some of my favorite memories are from our trips to The Happiest Place On Earth. We have several nieces and nephews, and a very large family in general, so it’s a great way to ensure we are all spending quality time together in the same place. Since we have several little ones (and let’s be honest, it’s my favorite park), we spend most of our time at Magic Kingdom. To clarify, Walt Disney World is a collection of theme and water parks, resorts, entertainment and shopping/restaurants — it really does feel like its own world. For the purpose of this guide, I’ll be focusing mostly on Magic Kingdom, my favorite resort, and general tips to make the most of your trip to Disney World. Click through to start planning your next trip to Disney!


zero george street hotel charleston south carolina guide

My friend Lauren and I recently took a trip to Charleston, South Carolina for a long weekend. Neither of us had ever been there and didn’t totally know what to expect, except for good food and pretty surroundings. Well, that’s exactly what we got! It’s such a charming place, with homes so beautiful you find yourself checking Zillow to see what it would cost to have a pastel home with a wrap around porch and flowers in your windowsill. Or maybe that’s just me? Granted, I don’t see myself moving to Charleston anytime soon, but I tend to play make believe in every town I visit. And I imagine having a beautiful, historic, pastel home in a charming town might not be so bad. But in the meantime, it is a lovely place to visit. Click through to see where we stayed and ate, plus an exclusive discount code for this dress (which is already on sale)!