Long Island

Bobby and I took a day trip to Long Island, to retrieve a bicycle roller (I don’t know, either) and do some serious thrifting. I always enjoy going to Long Island, because it feels a little bit like South Florida. I’m not sure if it’s the chain stores and the Boca Raton-esque moms and daughters, or that my mom’s best friend lives there, and it makes me feel closer to home. Maybe a little of both.

It was really cold and I visibly shivered and did dramatic chilly dances. You know, the kind where you dance in place, rub your hands together and whine a lot. Am I the only one over five who does that?

I dressed for warmth, and this vintage cape did wonders. It’s like wearing a cozy blanket. My mom got this out of a dumpster, behind a thrift shop. Should I have left that little detail out? I don’t care, I love it – and my mom washed it before sending it, of course. It bugs me how this particular thrift shop throws out bags and bags of clothes. Why not take them to another charity, or a homeless shelter? My mom sometimes fishes them out and brings them to one of our favorite charities, Operation Hope. But this particular cape made its way to from Florida to New York.

The cold weather makes my skin dry and blotchy. And my lips are chapped, despite my fervent use of burt’s bees and vaseline! Maybe I over-moisturize.

Outfit details:
vintage cape (thanks, mom!)
h&m vest
grey sweater (express, $7 on sale)
$12 jeans from f21
vintage boots (thrifted six years ago)
nine west bag (gift from mom)
vintage gloves (from mom’s shop)
vintage hat (thrifted)
vintage scarf (from mom’s shop)

makeup details:
rimmel blush (apricot)
MAC bare canvas paint
MAC woodwinked eye shadow
MAC blitz and glitz fluidline
MAC dipdown fluidline (brows)
CG mascara
burts bees and wind chapped lips:(

-Keiko Lynn

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  1. tana says:

    hey keiko! haven’t caught up on your lj in the longest and happened to log into lj earlier. saw you moved your blog so thought i’d drop you a hello. and i’m gald to hear you like li..i live here and while i love the city..it’s nice to be able to retreat back to long island.

  2. Lindsay says:

    I love your clothes. Not only do I wish I could wear them, but I wish I could photograph them.

    SO great! Glad to be following your blog.

  3. elizabeth says:

    Pssh, I wish everyone I like on LJ would move over here. It’d make leaving LJ a whole lot easier!

    Anyway, I added you to my reader, so you likely should expect a comment from time to time. This is starsincrown/Elizabeth, by the bye.

    And oddly, the word verification for this comment is “tessi”. Is it you who has a sister or relative with the name Tess? Weird!

  4. Brittany says:

    i LOVE that cape! l.o.v.e. it. and your boots.

  5. Keiko Lynn says:

    Yes, my little sister’s name is Tessa! Weird.

  6. helloniki says:

    I <3 your outfit,
    but I must say, you have awesome brows!

  7. holly wang says:

    you always find the best vintage stuff for cheap! i’m so jealous!

    but i adore that outfit.

  8. Belle says:

    I love love love that vest. I wish there were H&M stores around here.
    Oh, any chance you can add 'name' identity option to the comments? I'd rather not log in to blogger to post and the open ID doesn't work for my wordpress since it's embedded in my website's server =( (k that might be too much to ask. but if you ever have time.)
    Oh, and add my blog to your links =D


  9. Keiko Lynn says:


    I changed the comment settings, so it should allow anyone to comment. And I added your link:)

    I have no idea why h&m hasn't made it to Florida…it drives me nuts! If there is ever anything specific you want me to pick up from there for you, just let me know.

  10. Keiko Lynn says:


    Go shopping with me! I take after my mom; we are bargain hunters.

  11. Kat says:

    Where on Long Island were you?

  12. belle says:

    Oh I might take you up on that offer. Maybe I can order something from them and do a store pick up?
    Then I can get something from your website too, and you can just ship it all together..
    I ALMOST bought one of your dresses last week for my art opening, but there wasn't enough time to have it shipped. =(
    I want to buy something for January, I have two art shows coming up!


  13. Violet Folklore says:

    Now that is what you call a SCORE.
    The whole outfit is perfect, you look snug as a bug in a thrown out vintage rug 🙂

    (We’ve noticed that capes are making quite the comeback and have been lucky enough to score a number of them for our Etsy shop. They are soooo warm and comfy).

  14. Sher says:

    hi keiko! itds mercury_starla from LJ! im adding you here to my links. isnt that weird that a thrift store would throw away clothes : never heard of that before but it kinda defeats the purpose!

  15. Keiko Lynn says:

    Belle – anytime…there are so many h&ms here, it's crazy. There are two on Broadway and two on 34th street, one on 5th ave…so many.

    I don't think they have an online catalog but maybe they have a mail order one? I know sometimes they have their h&m magazines.

  16. Keiko Lynn says:

    Kat –

    I was in Huntington and Commack, mainly. Huntington was where Bobby need to pick up the bicycle trainer.

  17. Keiko Lynn says:

    Kat –

    I was in Huntington and Commack, mainly. Huntington was where Bobby need to pick up the bicycle trainer.

  18. Keiko Lynn says:

    Violet, what is your etsy shop? I’d love to take a look.

    mine is postlapsaria.etsy.com (although I haven’t updated in awhile…I should get on that).

  19. Keiko Lynn says:

    Sher –

    It’s really silly, but in this store’s case, they get in thousands of things on a daily basis and either don’t have time to look through them all or replace the old stuff with the new. Either way, it’s silly, because just a few miles down the road, there are a bunch of charity thrift shops, run by churches and such. They could always just bring them there.

    Also, I noticed that a lot of the “nicer” thrift shop (the ones that are usually well organized) tend to get rid of the old stuff (the stuff I like) and keep the stuff from the 90’s and today. That’s why I tend to like the ones I have to rummage through…the ones that look junky. haha.

  20. Erin says:

    Get Blistex Lip Revitalizer! You can only buy it online anymore, but it’s so worth it. Best lip moisturizer around.

  21. tokyobanhbao says:

    i just discover your blog and i love this outfit!! great et you make up so delightfully… see you!

  22. Pro-Portional says:

    I love this outfit! The cape is what drew me in, while I looked through where every item came from I went back to look at the whole outfit once more. It's really lovely.