Where oh where has our Babykeiks gone?

Florida! And she is internetless. So this is Kimbly, filling in.

I hope you all had a great holiday! Keiko and I were both home with our families… and each other : )  I just got back to Los Angeles but she won’t be back in New York for another week. She’ll update her site and blog before she gets back though. I already offered my parent’s internet to her. 

We did a shoot for Postlapsaria while back home. Lots of new vintage, originals, and accessories. Keiko took this pic of me in one of the new headbands:

We put together a mini high school reunion as well, which included our favorite Dourdis brothers, along with April and Samara.

I’m going to cut this short now. I have to get back to my beloved Twilight book. I’m quite aware that I am a 16 year old trapped in a 24 year old’s body. I’m OK with that.
Question of the day: What was your favorite gift that you either gave or received this holiday? I picked out all my presents from Santa and my mom wrapped them, so I liked them all. Haha. Keiko made me 2 dresses that I LOVE  so those are definitely some of my favorites as well! 
-Kimberly Grace aka Kimbly

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  1. Haha i always feel like a 14 year old most of the time…especially when books like Twilight grab hold of my prepubescent heart. =)

    The best gift I got this holiday was a trip to visit my aunt and uncle’s family in Seattle… it was such a wonderful experience especially because of the snow! And the shopping was a dream come true too. That was pretty much the best present ever.

    Have a very happy new year, Kimbly and Keiko!

  2. I spent 2 weeks on my friends porch reading Twilight and I totally felt like I was 16. I wanted to put it down and run away but I could not… Kids have it so good these days, Sweet Valley High never featured vampires.

  3. Oh no, you too have been bitten by Twilight…soon your sense of logic will turn to mush! Haha, darn that Meyer for writing such a pile of crap that I can’t put down! 🙂

  4. I have to admit that I’ve been pulled into the Twilight series too. I just started the fourth book last night, despite the fact that I only started reading the first book 5 days ago. I feel like I’ve been so dormant for the past week because of these books! haha

    The hairband looks great on you, Kimbly!

  5. If you talk to Keiko, please tell her I emailed her about my latest order. I got my shirt in addition to someone else’s. I want to make sure it gets sent on to the right person!

    The gift I’ve gotten the most use out of is season 1 of Scrubs. The sweetest one was probably the homemade candies, hot chocolate, and ground coffee package I got from my dad’s girlfriend. I gave a lot of handmade jewelry this year, so those were my favorite things I gave to others.

  6. The best gift I got was an Etsy gift certificate from my mom. (She made the gift certificate to look like it was from Etsy and then gave me $$) Now I get to buy a handmade goody!!

  7. Twilight…I have yet to start reading those because I know once I start I won’t be able to stop. My favorite gift was the season ticket to Silver Dollar City and the Dr. Quinn box set that my parents got me (I realize that makes me a nerd). I also really like the necklaces I gave to my mom and sis that I bought off etsy from peachy pendants.

    BTW, hello Kimbly! The headband looks really cute on you. Thanks for posting an update for us 🙂

  8. I have two favorite gifts. My mom gave me an iPod touch and my boyfriend bought me a pair of corso como equestrian boots. The boots are amazing. I love my iPod touch so much I am purchasing the iPhone and giving my sister my iPod.

  9. My boyfriend and I started an “ugly shirt” contest, in which we bought each other a multitude of ugly shirts for christmas. They’re very special… But my favorite christmas present has to be the book “100 Best Poems in the English Language.”

    Twilight? Sheesh. 🙂

  10. ugh I hate twilight to the point that having it mentioned in this blog will forever keep me from buying anything from postlapsaria.

  11. Pretty pathetic deciding not to purchase something simply because of reading preference, especially since it wasn’t even the owner of the blog. Why not make decisions baised off of the actual designers clothing.

  12. I’m glad everyone’s been having a great holiday!
    My favourite gift from the holidays was an envelope full of UK money from my grandparents for a trip I’m taking this summer. Usually cash is considered a “bad gift” but there’s something fun about foreign currency, especially when you’ve never seen it before.
    I also got to make steamed Christmas Flambe puddings with my grandmother – a family tradition I finally got to be a part of. Lots of hard work but plenty of fun!

  13. Oh man, I can’t choose. I loved everything cause everything seemed really me. No generic baskets of bath products. From my sister, a pin up board with a antique looking frame and really big decorative pins for pictures, fabrics, whatever. From my boyfriend….a throw for the couch, cause I’ve been complaining that the couch looks plain haha.