Inauguration Day

Today was a lovely day to celebrate, and that we did. Bobby and I had every intention of making the trip to D.C., but he was unable to secure the time off. I’m sure it would have been near impossible anyway, but the idea was lovely. Instead, we spent the day in high spirits, enjoyed a wonderful lunch at ‘Snice and did some grocery shopping. I also grabbed a couple of goodies from Beacon’s, with my leftover credit. I got a lovely little vintage, velvet beret and another coat. I’m sure you’ll see them both soon.

By the way, if you enjoy vegetarian fare, go to ‘Snice and order the Thanksgiving Leftovers sandwich. Best thing, ever. Bobby swears by the Potpie wrap, but while that is also good, it pales in comparison. I think I could eat that every day.

(I later changed belts to the pink one above…sorry this one looks a little ridiculous, outside of the loops like that. I forgot to take another picture after changing.)

My outfit details:
vintage beret – from my mom’s store
scarf and coat – h&m
80s dress – thrifted and altered (shortened, taken in, took up the waistline a few inches)
fuchsia tights (they look red here, but they’re very pink in real life): Hue – I’ve had these since high school
belt – from my mom’s store
vintage purse – gift from my mom
boots – beacon’s closet
obama pin – yayyyyy

His outfit details:
coat – Robert Geller
shirt, shoes and sweater – h&m
tie – I think that was from my mom
jeans – either from Target or 4 Stroke, all of his jeans are from either of the two places. Can you tell I’m winging this one?

Hooray for the USA and our new President!

Love love,

Keiko Lynn

P.S. I was without internet (again) for a few days, and I’m having a heck of a time catching up on emails, comments, etc. I literally have over a thousand emails from when I was gone…I have barely made a dent. That being said, I know a lot of you requested a blog link swap. If you want to swap links, let me know on this post and I will do them all in one shot. Thanks!

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  1. i think your signature look is bright tights and a beret.

    I have a blog on blogspot, but it’s really not that interesting.

    OMG. Remember 4 years ago when we decided we were going to have a political website focused on our disapointment with bush being re-elected… how times have changed!! Now we have a GREAT prez.

  2. I would enjoy wearing Bobby's teal sweater. Not his specifically, I should add. But it's such a nice color. I'm still waiting Orlando to make good on their promise of building an H&M at the Florida Mall.

    Anyway, I think I recall making some comment about swapping links? I know everyone is asking you, and that's a heck of a lot of html coding and whatnot for you to do. So no obligation!

  3. Yay let’s swap links again! I still have yours on my links page. Although I just peeked and the image is no longer working. Do you have a new banner? I’ll nudge it up to the top too. 🙂 You can put my website or my blog page, whichever you prefer. jennyharada.com jennyharada.com/blog

  4. What cut of jeans does Bobby usually get when he buys from Target? I told you before I’m trying to “sway” my boyfriend into some different looks. Its not that I am trying to change his style, its just, he doesn’t like change much and I want to introduce some different things to him 😛 I do know he does like Target, but whenenver we go there for jeans they are always of the looser fit. Thanks!

  5. I’m a US citizen living in Canada. I’ve followed everything from Ontario, Canada, and I watched the inauguration yesterday. It was completely fantastic. Whenever I’m next in NY (which is pretty often, I’m from Connecticut so I always pass through NY when I visit), I’ll check out snice.

    You guys are freakin adorable. Seriously, you both have a wonderful style. I like when people aren’t afraid to experiment with colour. When I do it (all the time haha) people look at me like I’m crazy. People don’t seem to really care about fashion in my area.


  6. Keiko!

    You guys are so cute…I’m virtually pinching both your cheeks. 🙂

    My boyfriend and I watched the inauguration in Montreal yesterday. Sooo tear-jerking! It was alll over the Canadian news, and everyone was so excited. I never realized how much other countries pay attention to the US. Living in Canada has been an eye opener in that respect…

    Anyway, I love checking your blog…your outfits make me smile 🙂

  7. Oh!! i love your boyfriend’s outfit! yours is fantastic as well, and really colourfull!
    I enjoy how you mix different things and finally you dress in a fantastic and original way!

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