I’ve been working nonstop and completely forgot to update, yesterday. I have a busy day tomorrow and lots of work to do tonight, so I’ll just leave you with my pictures!

Outfit details:

vintage beret – thrifted, years ago
vintage dress – thrifted and altered beyond recognition. It was a huge, shapeless house dress. The only thing that I left was the neckline. I just loved the print!
vintage housecoat – thrifted and altered. I shortened it, took it in, took up the shoulder seams and added the ruffled cinch in the back, made from the hem that I removed. I just ruffled the hem, added it onto the regular hem and sewed it up. Rather simple transformation, but it made it more my style.
tights – target?
vintage shoes – beacon’s closet
gloves – kensie, a gift from April

I am a little nervous about tomorrow. I’ll let you all know about it at a later date. Until then, wish me luck!

-Keiko Lynn

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  1. That coat is so amazingly bright! If I knew where to obtain the material it was made out of, I’d cover my walls in it. Your alterations look great on it too…so cute.

  2. Holy moley!! this whole outfit is perfect! I’ve been reading your blog for quite awhile but this is my first time commenting! I had to that dress and coat seperately and together…perfection!

    The print of that dress! wow! I’d love to find a print simular to that! 😀

    I’m so envious of the snow there! I can’t wait for a bit cooler weather!

  3. You are too cute!

    We’ve been e-friends off and on for a few years now (mostly from LiveJournal, but I’ve quit there a few times and came back, and your popularity grew and grew!). I lost track of you for a while, but just read every entry you’ve posted on this place.

    Just wanted to say hello and that I’m too jealous of your style!

    Love, Jasmine