Happiness or Whatever

An hour or so ago, I was in the middle of typing up a post about how gosh-darn happy I am, as of late, and how content I am with my life and the direction in which I’m going. And then my Macbook crashed…and now it won’t start up, even in safe mode. It just gets stuck on the startup screen. So, I’m going to skip all of that stuff about how I’m over-the-moon-joyful, because the Apple Gods decided to rain on my parade and turn my stomach into tight little knots of worry. Why, oh why did I buy a first generation Macbook? If I lose all of my data, I’m going to scream…because just Thursday…THURSDAY…I tried backing up all of my photographs and it kept giving me an error message and I gave up. Right before I started updating this, I took out my external hard drive and plugged it in, with the intention to try again, after I finished the post.ย 
Seriously. How’s that for a huge barrel of irony? Now, onto the happy pictures that are now completely irrelevant, because I’m scared out of my wits that I’m going to have to purchase a new computer right around tax time:

outfit details:
vintage paul stuart double breasted blazer
cheap $5 blouse
thrifted belt
Lux skirt (altered to fit; I also let out the hem a few inches…it was so short!)
h&m tights
payless booties
makeup details:
MAC petticoat skinfinish on cheeks
MAC dipdown fluidline and embarked e/s on brows
MAC bare canvas all over lid
MAC woodwinked all over lid
MAC embarked in crease and outer lid
MAC blitz and glitz fluidline
rimmel lip liner
MAC hug me lipstick
Cynical, worried me is really wanting to smack the happy, jumping, spinning around and smiling me right in the face! Keep your fingers crossed for me, gals and guys. I can’t use Bobby’s computer for work and I’m a little freaked out:(
-Keiko Lynn

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  1. bummer about the computer ๐Ÿ™ i hope it ends up working out for you!

    and i have a weird question… you’re skin is absolutely perfect, what kind of cleanser/moisturizer/etc. do you use? is that strange?

  2. Thank you! I use cetaphil cleanser, neutrogena on the spot acne treatment (even if I don’t have any blemishes, I use it all over at least once a week) and non-comedogenic moisturizer.

  3. My computer has been doing this fun spontaneous crashing thing for a few weeks, but my computer genius brother managed to fix it. So hopefully you’ll have good luck too! (As it would turn out, I was running too many antivirus programs at a time…I guess you can be too protected!)

  4. i love your post, everyday am awaiting for a new one.

    your dresses are so cute, i love how you do your make up. You’re so refreshing to look at.

    oh am so sorry about your mac. grrrr.

  5. sorry to hear about your computer problems. i had to reformat my laptop earlier in the school year. i was lucky because i didn’t have any DIRE files/photos. it’s sad, but at least it’s running again!

    by the way, i just checked out your update at postlapsaria, and i must say that your work is continually getting better! i think this may be my most favourite update as of yet!

  6. What a terrible ironic bummer about the computer… whatever happens, I hope you’ll land feet first. ๐Ÿ™‚

    On a lighter note, I’m totally digging how business-like-practical your outfit is, while still being fun-colorful (hyphens are fun). And I actually like your makeup this way, without being too dramatic on the eyes, while still giving it flair.

    HAH hope I didn’t ramble too much. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. hi keiko! i just got my bow in the mail and i absolutely love it! and the little valentine’s card and candy were so sweet. =) i can’t wait to wear it out of the house (i’ve been wearing it all around inside!) =) i am definitely going to purchase a headband from you in the future@

  8. This is such a perfect outfit! This is the second time this week I’ve heard of people’s computer’s crashing – I think I should back up all my stuff pronto!

  9. Oh no, that stinks that your computer crashed! I am always afraid that will happen to my laptop, too…btw, I LOVE your outfit! So colorful, so pretty! And your makeup is great! Luckily, I have the eyeshadows you used, I think I will recreate that look sometime ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. aaww I feel your pain!
    I just went through quite a bit of frustration with my laptop not too long ago too…
    My Husband who is a Mac user, tells me your hard drive may have died ๐Ÿ™
    your best bet is to take it to the geniuses.
    Your outfit is lovely as always. Sweet double breasted jacket. I have a similar one, quite versatile, isn’t?

  11. I too was a smart one and purchased a first generation Macbook. I had so many problems with it that they finally had to entirely replace it a couple months ago. The fact that it turns on is a good sign, this has happened to me with a few of my macs. If you take it to the apple store, they’ll probably boot it up using an external disc and then figure out what the problem is, but your data should be safe. At least I hope so. If your hard drive were dead, you’d most likely hear a clicking noise. Good luck! I’ll cross my fingers for you.

  12. this happened to my mac too…i just put the start disk in and followed the start up directions again. i didnt lose any info, but no promises! good luck!

  13. good luck! i love your outfit, what great colors! and your makeup (and face) are gorgeous. I’m adding you to my list of favorites!

    good luck with the computer. i’m having a bad week in that department too – my cell phone and camera have both died, so i’m goign to back up my pictures because technology is hating me atm.

  14. Thank you, everyone! To answer some questions:

    – I bought the blouse a couple years ago, at TJ Maxx.
    – I think a file is corrupted, because it just seems to be having trouble starting up but I haven’t gotten the sad mac logo or had any weird noises (which usually indicate hd failure). Unfortunately, I don’t have my startup disk – I left it in Florida! I hope they’ll be able to do that for me, without losing anything.

    Note to all: Back everything up, every day!

  15. Kastina – that doesn’t creep me out, just makes me blush. Thank you!

    Rachel – I use fluidline, which is a bit different. It’s gel form, in a pot. It dries quicker than liquid liner (I always have a problem with opening my eyes too soon and getting it in the crease, with liquid) and you use your own brush. The bent eyeliner sonia kashuk brush from target is perfect for this, and makes it so you can rest your hand on your cheek (since it’s bent). Try it out!

  16. I just discovered your blog through weardrobe– and wow, it’s gorgeous! Your style is so fun yet elegant and I absolutely love the colours you mixed in this outfit. That blazer is gorgeous.

    And that sucks about your computer– I have ghetto super old iBook (from when they were called iBooks!) and it’s a slowpoke. Your post reminded me that I should back up my files, so thank you!

  17. wow! love this outfit! So beautiful! your make up is always done to perfection!

    Sucks about your mac book hopefully theres some way you can get it all back ๐Ÿ™

  18. ah! i hope your computer can be saved! it’s not a good time in the economy for anyone to need to buy new things.

    on a lighter note, i love your make-up! if i go to new york you really need to teach me your tricks. also, that outfit is to die for.

  19. Poor poor you…. Iยดm in the same situation…my computer crashed as well… I had to borrow my husbands computer… donยดt like it.
    Wonderful blog anyway!! SO inspiring!!

  20. Hey i was reading your makeup descriptions and was confused about what the e/s stood for in the line
    MAC dipdown fluidline and embarked e/s on brows
    thanks! sorry it’s probably something very simple that i missed

  21. I still have my iBook G4. It crashed recently and wouldn't start up (got stuck on the gray screen with the apple and little timer clock). It turned out to be my power supply, so I just had to buy a new power supply & only cost me $80 rather than having to buy a whole new hard drive. Maybe its that.

  22. your blog is so inspiring and refreshing!! I would be honoured if you exchange links with me ๐Ÿ™‚ would be so great… you’re already on the list !!
    much love and greetings.

  23. Katrina:

    I have an appointment with the genius bar in SoHo tomorrow. Luckily, I still have apple care for a couple more months!


    I’m hoping it’s something small like that. Luckily, I still have apple care and didn’t think about the fact that no matter what, I won’t have to buy a new computer…they’ll have to give me one if it’s not repairable, or fix it if it is. Yay, apple care! I should probably knock on wood…p.s. Bobby says hi!

    sas: Thanks! I’ll add you right now:)

    Sal: Thank you so much!

  24. I cant believe I was doing some Homework when I stumbled across your blog! Unbelievable, wouldnt you say? Not the best opening I suppose, allow me to introduce myself.

    I’m Elliott, 16 years old and I’m from England. I read through some of your blogs (my friend has one of her own) and you’re blogs are very fun to read. Your writing skills are remarkable, and pinch me for saying it but your incredibly beautiful too. Just a statement, dont worry! =]

    Your life sounds close to perfect, which is great to hear, and you have many deserved fans.

    It was a pleasure reading your blog! =]

  25. I hope you don’t need to buy a new laptop and that your one gets up and running soon!

    Love the make up details too, I can’t get enough of MAC products myself. That lipstick is cute!

  26. I understand you so well – when things go to well in my life I always expect something bad to happen and I’m never “disappointed”, the good part is that the things go also the other way around – I think is a weird equilibrium law or something – so I’m sure your computer will be fine.
    P.S – You look wonderful!!!!!!