The Eff Word

If I cursed (I don’t), this is where I would put the eff word in big, bold letters.

So please, someone do it for me.

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  1. I swear all the time (Yes vulgar, and my English teachers loved me but hated hearing me swear out of class…oh well), but can’t bring myself to do so on your blog. Take solace that each time I swear today, a portion of the cursing will be donated to your cause.

  2. I won’t do it…:-)

    The color of your eyemakeup looks great…which color and brand is this from? I prefer MAC for my makeup….:-) I have some pics on my blog…:-) Hope you are well…


  3. Well, fuck.

    You’ve probably said this somewhere else before, but would you mind telling me what camera you use to shoot all of the pictures you post?

  4. I have that same eyeshadow color by NYX and I haven’t had the bravery to wear it just yet. It definitely looks gorgeous on you. I read your blog all the time, I love it.

    Fantastic: what next week will be.

    I have had an awful week as well.

  5. Sorry these are late:

    Ferr: Thank you! Here’s what’s on my eyes:
    I used MAC Graphito paint as a base, MAC A Bluer Blue eyeshadow on the lid, with teal pigment blended outward. Urban Decay Oil Slick is in the crease and outer v, with Urban Decay Green Goddess in the inner corners. Then I lined the bottom with MAC peacocked sparkle pencil. The waterline and upper lash line is lined with MAC blitz and glitz.
    I don’t remember what I was wearing on my lips.

    G+G: I use a Nikon D50 with a 50mm 1.8f lens