It has been almost a week and I’m still a bit under the weather, though I’d like to think I’m on the upswing. I was actually able to get dressed in something other than pajamas, today, so that’s a start. Tomorrow I will be doing jumping jacks and clicking my heels. That’s what I’m telling myself! 

I did manage to partially update Postlapsaria with headbands and accessories – and I plan on putting up the rest of the clothing tonight.

Outfit Details:
vintage dress – thrifted
cropped sweater – thrifted
belt – from my mom’s shop (Hourglass Consignment)
tights – H&M
vintage heels – Beacon’s Closet

MAC Dipdown fluidline (brows)
MAC Bare Canvas paint (lids)
MAC Blitz and Glitz fluidline (eyeliner)
Rimmel blush
MAC Shimpagne skinfinish
Clinique Think Bronze lipstick (before I took a nap; most of it was gone by the time of these pictures)
Burt’s Bees

-Keiko Lynn

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  1. Hi!
    I just discovered your blog (via Flickr) and thought I would tell you that your outfits (and store) are fabulous!


  2. It seems like a cold is going around the blogosphere. Everyone is sick (including me). It sucks. =/ I’ve been sneezing and blowing my nose like crazy!

  3. I love these colors, and they suit your skin tone so well. The sweater is especially lovely. If I wear anything even remotely mustard-colored next to my skin, I look ghastly, so I’m slightly jealous that you pull it off so well!

  4. I’ve had pneumonia recently and still don’t fell 100% fresh, so I feel your pain! Anyway, love your style, it’s always so cheerful:-) The picture of you holding your dog is the sweetest!

  5. I have had pharyngitis last week but now I am better, I hope u are better too.
    I have liked your last look with the denim skirt.
    I have the same yellow tights.
    Your dog and your cat are very cute 🙂 I love animals!

  6. I have to say, I would not mind being able to raid your closet for a day! …Although I am pretty sure there’s no one else who could pull off this color/outfit as well as you (o: