Snow Days

The last couple of days have been ridiculous. I’m not fond of the chilly, snowy days we’ve been having; I’m aching for Spring. I need someone to take the blame, so I’m pointing the finger at Maria, for saying it looked like our weather was getting warmer. You jinxed us, Maria!

Today, Bobby and Catherine helped me with the photographs for the update, and packaging the remaining orders. To be honest, I’m not the greatest with making packages look pretty, so I’m grateful for all of their help. Bobby spent a good deal of his day tending to my packages; I don’t know how I ever did it all without him. As for the update – I have a ton of pictures to edit and it might take me awhile. I’m hoping to have it up by tomorrow night.

I was trying to see my breath. Leave me alone; I’m from Florida!

So random. This is what you find outside of your apartment, when you’re surrounded by warehouses.

My favorite little fishies necklace.

Outfit Details:
reconstructed double breasted jacket – thrifted and altered
striped t-shirt – h&m (stolen from Bobby, after it shrank in the wash)
vintage fishies necklace – from my mom’s shop (Hourglass Consignment in Margate, Fl)
houndstooth skirt – thrifted and altered (I just brought up the hemline)
purple belt – from my mom (it came in the mail today – what timing!)
purple tights – tj maxx? somewhere in Florida.
vintage boots – from my mom; purchased for my high school prom:)

Despite the chilly weather, I’m in pretty good spirits. What’s the weather like, where you live?

-Keiko Lynn

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  1. Beautiful jacket you got there, whatever work you did on it must be the reason why it fits so well. And your mom’s shop carries a lot of good stuff!

    I’m in Singapore and it’s been rainy+wet, dreary weather.

  2. oh keiko is also horrible… i live in toronto (canada) and the winds are so strong… can’t wait for spring!

    loved the coat,boots,necklace…
    well, everything! ๐Ÿ™‚

    you do a good job with your eyebrows, they look amazing!

  3. HAHAHA. Wow, I got a mention in your blog. I am honored. Lol.

    I’m sorry for jinxing the weather! Lol. I kind of wish that it snowed here (N. Colorado) just a bit. It’s barely snowed here at all! It was 72 degrees today w/ a bit of wind. It seems like the rest of the US has been pounded with snow and we’ve had spring-like weather all winter. I’m from Hawaii, but I LOVE snow.

    If I could, I’d take all your New York snow for this Colorado sunshine!

  4. awwww what a sweet guy :)!! I’d love to make my swap packages look pretty but I leave it til the lastminute and then I have no time to make it look nice :
    The weather here is, im assuming the same as over there! Weve got 4 seasons and we’re still stuck in winter.. brrr!

  5. ohhh the weather here (in New Zealand) is driving me insane! one day its pouring down so hard i can hardly hear the radio, and the next (like today) its soooo hot i was literally melting at the sewing machine! makes it very hard to decide what to wear in the morning…

  6. We’ve (Vancouver, Canada) had a mix of everything lately, we had a streak of beautiful sun and blue skies for a few days to be followed by a dumping of snow, and eventually followed by a rain storm.

    It was grey skies when I left for class this morning, but by the time I had to commute home, it was gorgeous out!

  7. I love Bobby’s colourful tattoo ๐Ÿ™‚ It is still wintery cold here where I live it looked like spring was finally coming on but… no! Still cold and gray. But oh, don’t mind me I live in Spain and I probably don’t know what winter is. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I’m so digging the plum coat with the ruffles at the edges… AND THAT FISHIE NECKLACE. o____o


    There’s this “event” some people I know invented specifically for this week, called “Good Weather Promotion Week,” where they basically go around wearing summmer-y clothes and hoping that the goodwill of warmer weather will come sooner through their optimism (with help from Hawaiian t-shirts). ๐Ÿ™‚ It might be working, ’cause the weather here is gradually getting warmer… (“warm” being 50s)

    PS: Your makeup looks a lot more natural here, it’s super cute!

  9. here in Oslo the snow is slowly melting away. it was nice to have it around, though, and i think the days to come will be horrid as everything will be muddy and wet. and it doesn’t really have to mean that spring is on it’s way, as spring usually comes very very late here…

    i love those boots, they have such pretty details!

  10. i love your stuff so much, you have such a fresh eye. that sounds so cliche, do you ever get tired of the complements.

    i live in the mountains of south lake tahoe, ca. and right now there is so much snow in the trees, and the wind is knocking it out like little/sometimes big snow bombs. there is so much snow in the air just from the wind when you breathe in you are likely to get a brain freeze.

  11. We had a mini heat-wave in California on Sunday (highs close to 80) & it's since cooled a bit. I'd say to upper 60's. Sorry to hear you're so cold! I couldn't live anywhere but Southern California for an extended period of time. I'm so temperature sensitive.

    Oh & I hope my floral dress was one of those packages. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. It’s getting chilly in Melbourne, Australia… a welcomed autumn chill. I think we’ve had enough of the hot summer.

    I love how well you wear a colour-coordinated outfit!

  13. i love reading your blog. wish i had chance to wear beautiful coats and colorful tights. where i live, bangkok – thailand, is blazingly hot one day, and soakingly rainy the next. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Where I live (in the south of Brazil) it’s been reaaaly warm. Don’t get me wrong, because I love the summer and warm weather, but I haven’t been able to sleep wall the last couple of days because it’s so hot.

  15. I’m in Florida and it’s so cold! well, obviously not as cold as new york, but still… it’s been in the 50’s which is a huge jump since it was in the high 70’s last week! My mom texted me a picture of the 12 inches that fell on them (in the Philadelphia area)two days ago, so I’m thankful I’m here :]

  16. I love the jacket you altered!

    The weather right now is freeeeeeezing cold. It’s about -17 degrees Celcius. On my way out, I Have to layer in 2 sweaters, a scarf AND a neckwarmer all under my jacket and mitts.

    It’s March for crying out loud!! Where is the warm Spring weather?!

  17. Actually it is getting warmer here in Germany. And I hate it. Well… I don’t like the cold weather either, but at least it’s pretty outside, when everything is white. Now there is only dirty brown snow slush…

    But I love reading your blog. You look so special and pretty in these outfits – it’s amazing!

  18. OK, so several random things:
    Love you in plum
    Bobby’s sleeve is AMAZING
    Those ankle boots are so fun

    It’s ridiculously cold here in MN still, and if it doesn’t warm up soon I might have to move to … the surface of the sun.

  19. Your necklace is fantastic!
    The weath the london is bright but ice cold. So I’m wearing heavy outter coats and scarfs with sunglasses. I always feel strange doing that.

  20. Weather…a Canadian’s fav. topic!! haha. Well, here in good ol’ Ottawa, ON, it is -18ยฐC (with windchill) and was a chilly -28ยฐC yesterday. So, if you think you are having it bad, just think of us here and know that there are others much worse off!! Yes, when does this thing called Spring arrive?

  21. I can imagine it will quite a lot of work to keep updating your webshop indeed; but I hope it will become very very famous in the famous, so it will pay off all the work you’ve done ;).
    I live in the Netherlands, and there it is still winter, but it’s not that cold anymore. It’s a kind of neutral; no sun, no rain.

  22. I love your outfit! The necklace is sooo cute..

    Where I live? Holland. The weather is.. worse than in NY, trust me. It’s 5 degrees Celsius today and that’s 41 degrees Fahrenheit. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Spring is slowly coming ๐Ÿ™‚ Though there’s still a fair (albeit thin) layer of ice on lakes and such, the past two days have been dry and reasonably sunny.
    I’m not much of a summer fan, but I love spring ๐Ÿ˜€

    On another note: I’ve been following your blog for quite some time, but I’m awfully lazy with comments. I just wanted to say that you seem such a great person :). Your style is so cute and individual and oh god, I love your make up.
    Is your skin really that incredibly awsome (which would make me so jealous) or do you have any super secrets of special skincare?

  24. Love the fishies! Bobby’s sleeve is awesome!

    I live in S.Texas near the gulf. The weather is completely crazy! Boots and sweaters on Monday then flip flops and tanks on Wednesday!

  25. Yep I live in Toronto too. The winds are killing me. NYC and Toronto usually mirror eachother in whether, so we know what you’re feeling over here. Spring CAN’T come soon enough. I maintain that the best time of year is autumn. It’s not cold, but it’s not too hot either. Another winning outfit.

  26. I live near Vancouver, BC and it’s been cloudy but mild. So much nicer than the snow about a week and a half ago. Sorry that it is chilly over there, it’ll eventually pass!

  27. Reading your posts everyday and looking at your beautiful pictures is so much fun! Just wanted to let you know… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And – to answer your question – I am more than disliking the weather weยดve got here these days. Neither real winter nor spring. Whereยดs the sunshine??? (Btw, Iยดm living in the south of Germany…)

  28. love the jacket and those boots are amazing!!..

    hate the weather here, i live in Southamerica, and we are in summer, it’s really really hot… and i Hate it!!! =/

  29. amaaaaazing necklace!

    over in england it’s gone pretty cold too, just when we thought spring was here! not too cold though, today was still nice and sunny ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Ah, you look great! That jacket is soooo amazing, I love it! Btw. I really like it when you write down what Makeup you are wearing ๐Ÿ™‚

    I live in the Netherlands and the sky here is grey and it has been raining for days…the weather pretty much sucks and it is cold and windy ๐Ÿ™

  31. It was chilly up here in Canada (Edmonton, Alberta, to be exact) for a while. Over the weekend and such it was in the -5 F to -10 F. But it’s warmed up since yesterday, and is currently a beautiful 42 F. Tomorrow it’s suppose to get back down to cold. I’m mixed which I want…the warm weather is nice since I enjoy wearing skirts all year round, but the cold weather means I get to wear my recent thrift store find of a vintage bright fuschia wool/cashmere pea coat.

  32. That shirt is trippy! It only looks likes it has stripes in the close up pictures, and in the far away pictures it just looks like a purple color. I am from Florida too and it is so chilly here! It has been about 50 for the past few days. So much for Spring Break.

  33. Haha, what a quaint question! It was a nice 80-something degrees today in Arizona. :] Too hot for March!! I absolutely hate hot weather. I’ve been deprived or dreadful, gloomy weather so I look forward to overcast days here. :]

  34. ACK! your photos are so beautiful. What camera do you use??? ๐Ÿ˜€ And that fishies necklace is WIN. So cute and fun! That outfit you wore in your Florals for Craft Day post is my favourite outfit. Ever. The little crochet gloves and the reconstructed house dress is to die for!!!!

  35. Your shoes are fantastic, that coat is superb. That being said, I already own too many coats for someone who lives in Orlando.

    I doubt you want to know what the weather is like here!

  36. I love that fishie necklace !
    Needless to say I also love the coat and your outfit.

    The weather in Paris is gloomy today, we just look forward to spring !

  37. I’ve been following your blog for a while now and I love it — you inspire me to go thrifting!

    Right now, I live in Cannes, France…and the weather is normally sunny sunny sunny. Today, though – it’s rainy and gray. Part of me misses the snow, being from CT.

    Love the fishies.

  38. haha I had to laugh at M-ily’s comment. I’m from Cleveland too.

    Also good for a laugh– Your packaging with the twine is very similar to my own packaging for my etsy shop! ๐Ÿ™‚ I think it’s a nice, yet simple way to go.


  39. huahauha
    i know this is an old post, but as I only found out about this blog yesterday, I had to answer this

    I’m from Brasil, so the weather here is hot. really hot. the entire year, the only thing is that rains during summer (and this summer was specially rainy), and doesn’t rain during winter.

    this purple coat (should i say coat?) is sooo beautiful!!!!!!