Hourglass Consignment Giveaway!

On my recent trip home, my mom was kind enough to donate a couple of vintage items from her shop, Hourglass Consignment, for a giveaway. Today’s giveaway is for a lovely, vintage evening bag. It has intricate beading, scalloped edges and a snap closure. Leave a comment below, for a chance to win! The winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday, at 9 pm EST. Make sure you leave your email address or contact info, if you are not a registered user…I need a way to contact you, if you win.

Thank you to my mom, for the amazing giveaways. If you are in or around South Florida, please check out her store: Hourglass Consignment, in Margate, on 441 and Atlantic Blvd.

I have several wonderful giveaways lined up, so keep checking back!

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  1. Christina =) says:

    ahh what a cute bag! i just love your blog! i wish i could make a fashion blog, but i don’t think anyone would read mine..haha. i added you on facebook not too long ago, so i hope you don’t think that’s too creepy. ^^;;


  2. Gorgeous bag! How lucky you are to have a mother who has a shop that sells vintage things! I love your style, so amazing! i started a tumblr with vintage images that i love – leisalovesvintage.tumblr.com

  3. Beautiful handbag. It would make a most excellent “something old” for when me and the Darling Husbish (he’s not my husband, he’s husb”ish”) elope in the next month (or so)!

    Also, thanks for the info about your mom’s thrift store. I shall have to go on an adventure to Margate one of these fine Florida days ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Wow, thanks for such generosity especially in such troubled financial times. Your blog and work really inspires many of us to be more self-sufficient! Thank you once again. (yes, I’m buttering up to you)

    may (technobore[at]gmail.com)

  5. I collect bags like this! God, the next time I go to Florida I don’t care if I’m in the car for another four hours I need to go to your mom’s shop!

  6. Gorgeous evening bag! Your mom is so sweet for doing that. I collect vintage evening bags so this beauty would get loving home here =) wish me luck!

  7. It’s absolutely gorgeous ! You’re very generous (and so is your Mom ^^)
    My email is : isilrae[@]gmail.com

    (I just hope your giveaway is not limited to the States =D)

  8. Ooh! That is bag is absolutely devine, would make me ladylike for once;) You would make fashion obsessed lady in Glasgow, Scotland very very happy if you chose me.

    Whoever wins is very lucky.

    Carol McWhirter

  9. how generous of your mom! this is gorgeous, and can be used for prom and or wedding like many readers have said. since it is vintage, I would love to save it for my daughter’s first prom, or even her wedding-it is just so pretty!

  10. What a beautiful purse! Thank you Keiko and thank you Mom for the opportunity to win. I love all of your vintage re-creations and ideas. Keep those beautiful little numbers coming!

  11. Keiko~

    You have a lovely blog! I also adore all things childish, girly & vintage. I've never posted anything on your blog before; mainly cos' I'm lazy >_< It's so nice of you to do a giveaway!! That clutch is gorgeous…would be sweet if it were mine! Keep up the awsome work ๐Ÿ™‚



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