Little Lamb

I love, love, love this boy.

-Keiko Lynn

More pictures later…we’re going out for the rest of the day:)

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  1. Very cute! The title of this post makes me think of the poem by William Blake, Little Lamb (a cute little religious poem). Did you set up a tripod to take couple photos or have someone take it? Dang, I want a cute couple photo of me and Dave now haha

  2. This is so beautiful. Really. I am so inspired by you. I am also inspired by the lovely relationship you have with him. I always feel so lonely, and sad, and sometimes I end up feeling worthless!! But by reading your blog, I now know, that one day I just might find a boy who will love me for me the way your boy loves you. You are so lucky.

    Love from me to you

  3. Too cute! Hey I was wondering if you were going to re-post your makeup tutorial on here. I finally picked up some MAC fluidline and I don’t know where to begin…

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