Anirtak Giveaway!

Anirtak, one of my wonderful sponsors, is giving away this adorable heart lock & key lariat, to one of my readers! This is the last available necklace of this particular design, so don’t miss your chance to win.

To enter, visit Anirtak’s Etsy Shop and then leave a comment on this post. The winner will be selected at random on Tuesday, 8pm EST. Good luck!

p.s. Mention my blog at Destroyed by Design’s Etsy and receive free shipping on your purchase!

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  1. I was so confused when I first saw this post because just a few days ago I favorited this necklace in my Etsy. So when I saw this my brain was trying to figure out how my Etsy had gotten mixed up with my Google Reader. LOL. Can I blame it on the fact that it’s Sunday and my brain is still in the OFF position?

    Needless to say, I love this designer’s jewlery and covet this necklace in particular.

  2. Ivy Romero says:

    love the jewelry. every single one of them is amazing! its been a long time since i have worn a new necklace and these go perfect with my style. I will love to enter!

  3. I just bought this necklace. Lols. I'm not entering, so don't count this comment, but I just want to vouch for this necklace's beauty and the thought that Anirtak puts into her product & packaging!

  4. anirtak is a most neat etsy-shop! the pieces are cute and pretty, and i kind of fell in love with all of the pieces, especially the diamond-necklace and also the cops and robbers one.. and of course, the heartlock and key – oh, i’d love to win!

  5. Everything in that shop is so beautifull! And the necklace you are offering is so cute, i’d really love to win it!

    Thank you for the giveaway,


  6. What a great giveaway, everything in the shop is lovely specially the diamond neckleaces.

    Love the blog! good luck to all!

  7. Oooo, if i win, I would so pair this necklace with with Fleur de Lis Brass Earrings. I have been lusting over both items since I came across this shop not too long ago. Welcome back to NY – I missed your posts. πŸ™‚

    – tessa the blog-less

  8. it’s so beautiful!
    i’ve only started being interested in vintage-y stuff, and the daintiness of this necklace is just perfect because i recently turned 21, and i haven’t gotten my key to freedom!
    haha πŸ™‚

  9. That necklace is gorgeous! (I’m a bit sad it is the last one, i was hoping to order it if I didn’t win, haha!)

    jhotaschultz atttt gmail dotttt com


  10. Oh my gosh, her etsy is adorable! As is this necklace, I would like to enter! I’m feeling so girly lately, my sweet sixteen is coming up and I’m all a flutter, lol xD

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