Brooklyn Bridge

vintage top: thrifted
stretchy belt: thrifted
tiered ruffle skirt: handmade (postlapsaria.com)
vintage purse: a gift from my little sister, years ago
lavender heels: a gift from my mom

When living in a popular city, I tend to stay away from the tourist-laden attractions. In Orlando, we all stayed away from International Drive (although, I freaking love Disney World). In New York, we stray from Times Square, Canal Street, and anything else the City Sights buses frequent – unless company is in town. The problem with this is that I never experienced New York as a tourist. Even before I moved here, my visits were all about visiting friends, shopping and eating good food. I have never been to the top of the Empire State Building, ridden the Staten Island Ferry, explored the Statue of Liberty – and until the other day, I had never even walked the Brooklyn Bridge.

Bobby couldn’t believe I hadn’t walked the bridge, so we promptly made our way over there and snapped some pictures, like true tourists. Despite the windy chill (which made for some purple, blotchy legs to match my shoes), it was a nice, leisurely afternoon.

Maybe next time, I’ll leave the heels at home. I was definitely the only person in heels; I still have to practice this whole tourist thing. I won’t be joining a City Sights tour anytime soon, but I’ll definitely spend more of my summer exploring this amazing city.

-Keiko Lynn

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  1. Diane says:

    these photos are fabulous! i too have never walked the brooklyn bridge…but i have walked the williamsburg brige. not as fun, i know.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just wondering. Is that camera that Bobby’s holding the one you always use to take your photos?

  3. Keiko Lynn says:

    No, I shoot with a Nikon D50. The camera he is holding is his own:)

  4. Is says:

    enjoy the city! is awesome. hugs

  5. Cypriotchick says:

    i love the skirt it is fab! and on the subject of exploring in heels i think it depends on how sore your feet are at the end of the day as u shouldn’t give in to being like everyone else heeless if ur happier in heels.

    okay so that might have neen a bit confusing lets rephrase
    u shouldn’t give in to not wearing heels when ur being a tourist just to fit in, u should only give up wearing heels if and only if u a. can’t be bothered or b. can’t stand walking long periods of time in them.



  6. Manja says:

    I love your outfit and especially the skirt!

    Yea, I know what you mean, though…when you live in a place, you never tend to participate in all this touristy stuff. I guess that’s just normal. I’ll be in NYC for a couple of days this summer and I will definitely look at all the sites, but I am not a fan of crowded places with tons of tourists who take pictures, even though I am one of them.

  7. Jane says:

    I really love your combination of this lovely light colours. it’s great.

  8. Sal says:

    Gorgeous shots, as always!

  9. darcy; says:

    i always love your picture posts. 🙂 also! i just found you in my BUST magazine and gasped! i thought i remembered you mentioning a shoot for them, but totally forgot. you look lovely!

  10. Brigid says:

    Love the shirt and skirt together!

    I live in a totally uninteresting city, and I still love to explore it tourist style. I’ve lived here most of my life, but there’s always something new to discover.

  11. Thao says:

    Your outfit = iridescent cupcake. In the best way possible! I’ve been exploring my own city (Chicago) like a tourist, ever since I found out that we’ll be moving away. Can’t wait to see photos of your NYC explorations!

  12. Diana says:

    I wish that I had walked the bridge the last time I visited. You pictures make it look so fabulous. I especially love your skirt.

    By the way, congrats on being featured in Bust Magazine!

  13. Shen-Shen says:

    Love your skirt! And that first photo, for some reason. I think its those little screws.

  14. Suzanne says:

    wow, the combination with the shirt and the skirt is so nice! the skirt is genious anyway. and I also love your shoes. perfect outfit!

  15. MC says:

    Eh, I think it’s great when tourists go off the beaten path I mean, I’ve been to New York City a dozen times and I’ve never been to the Empire State building because, well, I have a bazillion other tourists to tell me the view is great. But have they been to the little butcher shop in midtown? Or the vintage shop near Soho? Or a million other little nooks and crannies? I think not! Muhah!

    Whenever I know of people coming to visit of Orlando I practically beg them to let me take them out for a day or night! Ugh, I-Drive. blah!

  16. Esz says:

    I found your blog via A Cat of Impossible Colour – Your style is wonderful! So colourful and joyous 🙂

  17. Lucile says:

    You’re so right ! I have some friends who live in Paris from their childhood : they never been on the top of Eiffel Tower for example. I live here just for a couple of years now, but I start to feel the same.

    And I love your outfit by the way, the skirt is very original.

  18. Elaine says:

    This outfit is so fun! I love the colors. The pictures are fantastic as well!


  19. katherinelou says:

    i just discovered you blog and i think it's absolutely adorable and lovely! your style is amazing!

  20. Lindsay Anne says:

    This is my absolute favorite of your posted outfits. Excellent bridge outing ensemble.