Irrational Fears

Not my bank, but lovely nonetheless. 

New York traffic.

The Manhattan Bridge, on our way home. 

Yesterday, I faced two of my biggest, most irrational fears: the bank and styrofoam. The former isn’t so much of a fear as it is an annoyance. It gives me great anxiety, even walking into a bank. The atmosphere is like that of a doctor’s office. It’s rarely pleasant – I find the whole experience nerve wracking. I can’t really explain why, but I do avoid banks at all costs. Yesterday, however, I had to open a new bank account, because my bank is in Florida and it was getting to be a huge hassle. Can you believe it took me two years to finally open an account in a New York bank? That’s how much I hate banks. I’m a nut case.

Styrofoam, however. Styrofoam should be destroyed forever, along with chalk. If I had to list my two biggest enemies in life, they would be styrofoam and chalk. That’s right – they’re inanimate objects. Inanimate objects of pure evil. I just shivered, thinking about it. Anyway, my serger finally arrived, yesterday. Bobby fell asleep early and I had to open and unpack it myself. You can imagine how horrific this experience was, since it is packed in STYROFOAM.

Now, I have never packed or unpacked my serger before. I always, always have someone (Bobby, Tessa, Kimberly) do it for me, while I wait in the other room, with a pillow over my head or my hands over my ears, humming loudly. I completely understand if you are judging me right now, because it’s a little ridiculous. But seriously, styrofoam gives me the heebie jeebies. It feels and sounds like my personal hell. When I unpacked the serger, I screamed, threw the styrofoam and ran in the other room. Miku thought it was a game, so she jumped up and ran after me; Vester took off in the other direction (the cats were totally judging me). About ten minutes later, I was finally able to complete the job. I felt accomplished and really dumb, all at the same time. I did have goosebumps for quite awhile, though.

Thursday was all about banks and styrofoam. And that’s my story.
What are your irrational fears? 
-Keiko Lynn
p.s. Outfit Details:
vintage cotton shirt: from my mom
grey and white skirt: thrifted in Cape Cod
belt: thrifted (or from my mom’s store; I can’t remember)
shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

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  1. aww, that post is so sweet 🙂
    I totally understand your fear of Styrofoam. Actually I don’t really fear Styrofoam, but I don’t like it that much – makes weird sounds and sometimes I get goosebumps, too.
    Same thing when people are looking through a catalogue/magazine and they rub the pages between their fingers – terribly annoying, I always start to shiver and have to cover my ears. My mum always does it to annoy me *rolleyes*

  2. The thing about styrofoam is really kind of adorable 😉 And I love for your skirt.

    As for my irrational fears/annoyances… I don’t know, maybe doctors and needles… though that’s not so terribly irrational I don’t think. I’m sure there are plenty I can’t think of 😉

  3. girl, i totally get it. i fear chalk as well, but for me, instead of the styrofoam, it’s cardboard, and when it rubs against itself. you know, like when you’re doing the folding-one-flap-under thing to close it, and it scratches… ooer, i cringe just thinking about it… and this mega-stinks because i move every 2 to 3 years.

    so, in short, i do not think it’s silly. we all have our quirks.

  4. Sunshine Sarah: I think I’m going to refrain from following that link. I have a feeling I will cry.

    I went to the Whitney museum once, and there was a whole floor dedicated to styrofoam art. I ran out of there.

  5. Styrofoam
    The sound of other people brushing their teeth.

    In that order! It’s more a list of Things That Creep Me Out To The Highest Degree though? Still I completely understand you getting goosebumps. The noise is… uggh I thought about it and now I’m shivering! 🙁

  6. I loathe the sound of an eraser on a chalkboard. It is pretty much the worst noise ever, next to styrofoam. I also hate it. The sounds it makes and how it feels.

  7. Wow, I hate banks, too. It took me years to open my own checking account. My now-husband still teases me about it.

    Other fears:


    -Laser pointers

    -The way cells and microbes look through a microscope (it gives me the willies)

  8. my biggest fears for a long time were balloons, rodents(bunnies included) and being touched anywhere other than hands(i think an extreme case of being ticklish). i’m getting better with rodents after dissecting a rat with my bare hands the other week and being subjected to images of them on a weekly basis due to my biology lectures. still hate being touched on shoulders, waist and legs but getting better, and balloons will probably be a lifelong fear.

  9. The sound of Styrofoam makes me want to scream. I’m thinking about it and I have the goosebumps.

    Don’t worry, all my friends think I’m weird for hating that sound.

    HAHA, I’m happy to know that someone out there hates Styrofoam as much as me.

  10. Whales! It sounds crazy, and I do think they’re lovely, but at the same time…anything that could swallow me and not notice freaks me out.

    I also used to be really terrified of dogs. Then in highschool I sort of fell into a job at an SPCA pound and turned into a dog person.

  11. My irrational fear is metal utensils scraping against pots. I don’t know why, but just the thought of it makes me squirm. It’s not only the sound that bothers me, but the contact of metal to teflon is just… ugh. I can’t explain it!

  12. i hate worms. that’s why i hate days after it just rained because of all the squirming, dying, pestilent little worms around. ugh. i have tonio carry me around because i’m really scared of them.

  13. petiterouge says:

    I have an irrational fear or styrofoam too. And velvet.
    Just thinking about them sends shivers down my spine.

  14. the things that gives me the ‘heebie jeebies’ are:

    tiny tiny things that are in lots!!when they gather up together..ughh..like tiny holes,tiny repetitive patterns,tiny crumbs an d list goes on!hehe..

    btw,great post in givin out ur irrational fears!all of us has..so i think it’s kinda fun when u get to hear bout it 🙂

  15. you look beautiful…i’m always so lazy about putting on makeup, but you always look so put-together.
    my irrational fears are:
    – the sound of styrofoam rubbing against itself (i don’t mind styrofoam itself, but that sound…!)
    – the thought of brushing my teeth (not of actually brushing my teeth (which i do do, twice a day)). it gives me the willies
    – the idea of one of those chalkboard erasers getting stuck in my braces (and i don’t even have braces anymore!)

    they’re preeetty irrational.

  16. My irrational fear is definitely nail files.. I can’t stand getting my nails filed.. it gives me goosebumps, I start shaking violently and the sound is terrible, the feeling is worse. It is like the nails on a chalkboard feeling for me.

    I’m loving your outfit, and I completely understand about the styrofoam, however, I love banks! Aha!

    Your blog is so sweet. (:

  17. LENTICULAR PRINTING!! i didn’t even know it was called that until recently, but i’ve hated it as long as i can remember. (for those who don’t know, it’s that kind of scratchy zippy hologram-ish material that is used on things like cracker jack prizes and notebooks and that kind of thing.) the thought of running my fingernails along gives me the shivers and makes me feel panicky and sick. ridiculous! i can’t listen to/watch anyone else do it either, and if someone does it in front of me knowing how much i hate it, it makes me like them a little bit less. so yeah, i get the styrofoam thing!

  18. OH MY GOD! I hate styrofoam SO MUCH! I cannot understand how people can stand it….just the thought of two pieces rubbing together makes my brain hurt! I’m glad I’m not alone in this! Every time I tell someone that, they say I’m crazy…

    Anyways, you look beautiful as always. Love the shoes. You’re adorable.

  19. My sister is completely terrified of CREAM CHEESE. She can’t stand the look of it, the thought of it, nothing. When we were little I used to chase her around our house with the tub of it and when my mom found out my sister made her ban it from our house. I lived without cream cheese for 12 years of my life and it has just now reentered my life and I’m loving every second of it.

  20. it’s a first for me, fear of styrofoam! but it does make awful squeaky sounds. that’s brave you did it all by yourself :}

    love love love the photos you snapped on the way out to the bank and back. beautiful blues greens and yellows. you should snap more! i love your city.

  21. YES! You have no idea how happy I am to read this because I have a fear of going into banks too! 🙁
    It’s very nerve-wrecking. It seems like such an adult thing to do, and despite being 25, I don’t feel like one.

  22. I think my biggest irrational fear is making phone calls to strangers – like setting up a salon appointment, or refilling a prescription. When I lived with my parents, I used to always make my mom do it. It isn’t that hard, but for some reason I hate it.

  23. Keiks, have you thought about maybe packing your serger in something other than styrofoam? I mean, there are a lot of packing materials out there and you could save yourself a ton of grief. I am, however, happy and proud that you were able to face your fear.

    I don’t have an irrational fear of anything, but I really, really hate leaf blowers – completely pointless little machines and yet they’re everywhere. And the sound of people scraping their silverware on their plate/bowl/dish, etc. drives me crazy. Loud eaters in general, actually.

  24. I really really freak out when someone eats raw noodles…..the cracking noise drives me crazy, it’s just so GROSS!

    I am also terribly afraid of June Bugs….once they come out, I hide. Literally.

    And I really don’t like it when (male) strangers touch me – at all. It gives me the creeps.

  25. I have a very irrational fear of the Statue of Liberty. I’ve never even been to New York, but anytime I see it in movies or in pictures, I get chills. It’s very odd. Also, squid freak me out a lot. I actually fear most things that live in the ocean, and the ocean itself.

  26. Butterflies. They are basically spiders with wings and evil stabby tongues. I can’t stand them- my parents used to force me to go into butterfly houses (my grandma loves butterflies and would always take me to this huge butterfly in Massachusetts) and they didn’t want me to hurt her feelings by refusing to go to the butterfly house. Talk about traumatizing!

  27. I think I have developed a few new fears just from reading through the comments.

    Mine would have to be joints, especially knees and when people talk about things like cartilidge. Ugh.

  28. Oh my, you are absolutely adorable! So glad to see it’s not just me being horrified by styrofoam. And also: Large amounts of fabric, like circus tents or sails – got trapped under the sheath of a hot air balloon as a child… The horror!! Anyway: Lots of love from Germany! Taffy

  29. i bent my left index fingernail right backwards while packing a suitcase last year, and now i can’t even think about packing it, or LOOK at that suitcase without my fingernail twinging in fear of being mistreated again.

  30. Diana: I can relate. I get very anxious when I have to order food, make an appointment, etc. Sometimes I’ll avoid going to the doctor just because I don’t want to make an appointment. I’ve kind of forced myself to get over it, over the years. I think it’s mainly because most people are so unpleasant, on the phone. Customer service representatives are the worst.

    Jeremy: It’s the manufacturer’s packaging! It’s molded to the serger and it’s really thick, so it helps protect it. I’ve shipped that thing back and forth and have taken it on at least ten flights, and it’s still kicking. I packaged my first serger differently (I even bought a fancy case) and it broke, after my first trip to California. I don’t want to rock the boat.

    I call it art: “creatures with no legs or more than 4 legs” made me giggle:) It makes sense, but it just sounds funny!

  31. I hate, hate, hate touching or hearing the sound of styrofoam. It’s funny because I got a serger last year and the whole thing was styrofoamed too– what isn’t? And it was freakishly disgusting opening it up. I totally get what you mean!

  32. I was in Colorado for almost 2 years before I opened a bank account. I get all hot and nervous in banks, though I’m getting better and better.

    Styrofoam doesn’t scare me, but I hate touching it. Same with chalk and I don’t like the feeling of printer paper either. It all gives me chills. And those big cheap markers teachers use, on paper, is the worst thing ever.

    My irrational fear is “big living things in water”…like animals…specifically whales, mythical sea creatures (idea of the lochness monster scares me) and even submarines under water.

  33. I strongly dislike/avoid escalators. I don’t trust them. I take the stairs even with luggage.

    One of my friends has an intense phobia of unfinished wood (chopsticks, etc.)

  34. OMG your styrofoam thing is like this thing I have with people filing their nails. I can totally hear the screech of the nails as it slides across the emery board. It’s even worse when people do it with the metal one. Just thinking about it makes me contract my insides.

  35. Toadstools! I hate them. I can’t even be near them without getting chills. Cartoon ones are fine, but real ones growing anywhere is more than I can handle.

  36. My irrational fear is of balloons popping! I can handle them if they’re just bouncing and floating along their merry way, but I can’t stand when people are touching them or playing with them. This is because when I was 3 my mom popped balloons in my face by accident while she was blowing up balloons with her rings on. I get anxious anticipating them popping!