Dancing in Brooklyn

Today, I received this lovely little ModCloth dress (named Dancing in Manhattan) in the mail. It was great timing because I had just gotten out of the shower and didn’t have an outfit ready. I used the name as an excuse to dance on the rooftop, with Bobby in tow. We may not be in Manhattan nor are we good dancers – but we’re just over the bridge and we did our best!

It’s too warm for even this light weight blazer but I didn’t have much of a choice. I have this kind of gruesome, swollen lymph node and infection under my left arm and I figured I’d spare you the visual.

My dancing shoes. Which now that I think about it, probably aren’t the best shoes for rooftop dancing. I’m surprised I didn’t topple over the edge.

My makeup, which by chance kind of matched my dress. I already had one eye done when the mailman arrived.Β 

Outfit Details:
Dancing in Manhattan Dress: ModCloth
Double breasted blazer: vintage
Bow Heels: Nine West

Makeup Details:
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light
Benefit Benetint (cheeks)
MAC bare canvas paint on lids
MAC stars n rockets eyeshadow (purple)
MAC white pigment (middle of lids)
Urban Decay Oil Slick (outer/crease)
MAC freshwater (lower lash line)
MAC blacktrack fluidline
lipstick (I can’t read the label anymore; it’s worn off)
MAC dipdown fluidline (brows)

After a day of dancing, we’re off to dinner. Did we do that backwards?

-Keiko Lynn

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  1. I love the shade of blue of that dress! It's absolutely gorgeous!! Not to mention your makeup matches so well.

    So jealous of your ability to pull of so many different looks!

  2. So this is the most adorable thing ever! I fell in love with the first picture and his hat falling off. And the one of him bowing to you is adorable. I love the jacket and how it kind of has that I- stole-my-boy's-blazer vibe! And you look absolutely stunning. That last picture could totally be this fantastic ballerina headshot. Your eyes and make up are amazing. Okay, seriously, enough raving…but I really love this post. πŸ™‚

  3. i have to say that i am visiting your blog a lot,but i never had the cureg to comment her(and i have no idea way!)
    the dress fits you beautifuly,her shap realy flatering and her color is absolutly perfect!
    i realy love your blog and cant wait for the next post(:

  4. omg, I love your WHOLE outfit! seriously, the way she sun made the dress shine, the way you put everything together!
    you're gorgeous! you and bobby are perfect for each other! πŸ˜€
    your makeup is flawless as always!

    xxx nyh

  5. wow these photos are great! love that blue dress.

    we've been in the same apt. for just over 3 years now and i still never went up on our roof…maybe i should!

  6. Those pictures are really lovely. You look great and I love the dancing photos!
    And of course the dress, look at it! I can give you a load of clichΓ©s but you already know its so great (I really love those kind of dresses :3)

  7. Love the photos, and the color of the dress! I would wear something over it all the time just because that's exposing too much skin for me though, haha. I'm a wimp!

  8. Awwwww, could you two be any cuter? Jesus, you guys are almost cuteness overload πŸ™‚ Love the dress btw. Could you possibly do an eyeshadow tutorial?

  9. Keiko! You NEED to make "make-up" video's like makeupgeek.com!! I always LOVE how your makeup looks and I am curious about your application process! I love that dress too! So cute!!!

  10. I'm unsure of how else to contact you besides leaving a comment here, so.. I'm new to the north jersey/nyc area and I have zero closet space. That being said, I have bags of clothes fresh from my job – some even still have tags on it ( :(! ) that were impulse buys or worn once or twice that I no longer have room for / see myself wearing. In stead of automatically donating them/bringing them to beacon's closet, I was wondering if you'd be interested in taking them to see if you can work your creative magic on them for yourself?

  11. you and your boy look so cute! the pics made me miss my boy even more, thank god it's friday! haha!
    love the dress but i'm even more in love with your makeup! lovely colours and whatever is that you do to you browns, it's amazing! they look so perfect!

  12. You take the best pictures and have the cutest outfits… you need to join lookbook.nu, because compared to the sheep that are posting on there right now, you are actually unique AND fashionable! It has gotten really boring in the last few months, and I think the site needs someone as cute as you… you can also advertise your fashion line and your blog! Lemme know if you need an invite, you'd be my first one!


  13. Such a fabulous dress- worth dancing about! And your photos are so striking; what's your secret? πŸ™‚ I'd take dancing in Brooklyn over Manhattan any day!

  14. Wow really very nice and good information you share here. I read your entire post and really superb information you share here on funny stuff. thanks for your information.

  15. your eye makeup is the most magical thing. i mean, seriously, it's like a magical girl in a japanese fashion magazine who had her eyes done by a skinny little fanatical makeup artist wielding an airbrush tool. good job, you!

    oh, and you two look like you're having the best time ever; so sweet to see. awwwwww.

  16. You're such a beautiful woman. I just can't get weary of reading your posts, and looking at your amazing pictures. Your sense of style is too awesome, and I really wish I could be the same as you. Your way of thinking is also very interesting – by the way I'm also an animal lover, and reading your posts about the death of your horse, or the way you felt after your cat fell ill, moved me to tears… You seem to be so nice, so caring! You might not be perfect, but your flaws make you unique and really lovable… Even though I'm a girl! Bobby is really a lucky guy.

    Your face is just sublime, so original and yet spellbinding. I dont even get why you're complexed about your ears, I mean, they're perfect!
    And you have an ideal body – pretty curves, long and thin legs… Im really delighted to see that nowadays real women still exist. πŸ˜‰

    I am really thrilled every time I see you posted a new post, so go on! Well I guess I've finished speaking in praise of you, so to put it in a nutshell, I'm going to tell you to never change!