Park Slope

We officially have a new apartment! It’s a 2.5 bedroom (the half will be my sewing area) in Park Slope. Bobby and I are about to go shopping for paint and furniture. Expect a lot of DIY projects in the near future! We have a month and a week transition (we already have the keys), so it will be plenty of time for us to paint and move everything. I’m so excited! Exclamation point!

Outfit Details:
Vintage Dress – Melrose Fairfax Flea Market
Magenta belt – thrifted (or from my mom’s store; I can’t remember)
Tights – H&M
Shoes – Urban Outfitters

I have to admit, I will miss our apartment. Maybe not so much the neighborhood, but the apartment itself. I get attached to inanimate objects rather easily. It will be nice to live near all of the cute little vintage shops and restaurants, though…and to get away from some of the crazies in our area. I’ll miss our mechanic friends next door, though! We will have to come and visit them when we have car trouble.

Yayyyyy new apartment!

-Keiko Lynn

p.s. Why is it that I can always hear the UPS or Fedex guy when he comes, but never the USPS mailman? I currently have some returned packages waiting for me at the post office, because they never bother to ring my doorbell or knock on my door. Even more annoying than the fact that some of my Postlapsaria packages were returned!

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  1. Congrats! You're at the best part of the apartment-hunt: the end! I hope you'll share the transformation process if you end up doing lots of decorating in your new place.

  2. love that dress, it's very "you" :)! congrats on finding a place, i'm very curious to see your sewing space if you ever post photos here!