Today is a very sad day. I have to sell my pink bike, Frenchy (I know, so original). It doesn’t fit in the new apartment…it barely even fits up the stairs. I’m really bumming out about it. Look at how princess this bike is:

Bye bye, Frenchy:(

p.s. My hair has grown so much, in the past year! This is a picture from last summer. And I’ve even had my hair cut a few times since then. Time flies!

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  1. Aw that bike is awesome and so OTM- such a shame, but maybe one day you can get another bicycle?

    Wonderlander x

    p.s I've written a little bit about you in something I want to post and wondered if you mind me including a picture of you. It's about people who I think are style sirens.

  2. Cute bike! I don't blame you for lamenting having to give it up. It's so cute and vintage! It's hard when you find things you love and you have to leave them by the wayside. I always feel that even when I sell something or donate something…that somehow, no one will love and appreciate the item as much as me. I've been known to buy things in used stores, even though they don't fit (shoes clothes) or I have no place for them, because I can't stand the idea of someone else having it and taking it for granted.
    I also had to let go of a bike I had that was very similar, only red, when I came back to Canada (and by let go, I mean suddenly broke up while on vacation in Canada and never got any of my stuff back…awesome!). I feel your pain lady.

  3. Aww! I'm so sad you have to part with your pink bike. I'm actually looking to buy a bike around the last couple weeks of August (I'm moving!!) and would've loved to have this beauty to ride around in the city with. 🙂

  4. I love your clothing, you are the epitome of how I would dress if I lived in a warmer state.

    Sorry that you had to sell your bike, getting rid of a bike sucks.

  5. Aww sorry to hear about parting ways with that cute bike!

    I only visit your blog every couple of months (and then spend like an hour reading back posts) and each time it's always such an inspiration 🙂 Would love to learn how to be as crafty as you reconstructing clothes. Will blog about you on my LJ in the near future!

  6. I ve just discovered your blog–well a week ago or something and i really like it!ive added you to my blog roll..you look really nice in that outfit btw

  7. hope your arm is feeling better and there is no recurrence!! sucks that you have to sell your bike, but at least you looked cute while you had it!! it is lovely.


    ps, if you were australian, this would be the perfect patriotic outfit!! green and gold! haha.

  8. I am totally commiserating with you about your bike. It's funny how we get attached to stuff that gets us around. My mom drove this rented golden Volvo from when I was about 7 to when I was 11 or so. When they went to turn it in b/c they were buying a new minivan, I was so sad. The car had been a part of my life for so long, my family had taken so many road trips in it, and I was always glad to see it rolling up to school when my mom came to pick us up. I left a note in the tape compartment — and got back a lovely letter from its new owners in return. That made me happy.

    On another note… you look so freakin' cute in those photos! I LOVE the stitched sunbeams on that skirt.

    :: http://www.therenegadebean.com ::

  9. Gaaaah, I would totally come buy it from you if I didn't already own two bikes. I love cruisers! And miss mine…someone stole it grrr. Hope Frenchy finds a good home!