Happy Fourth of July!

…and Happy Birthday to my dear friends, John and Peter! 
I like to be obnoxious on holidays, which means bunny ears on Easter, and red, white and blue on the fourth. Last year, we spent the week in Cape Cod, with little Miku in tow. I wore a patriotic prairie dress and ate homemade pumpkin ice cream. Let’s just be honest, it’s difficult to top Cape Cod. We planned on making the same trip this year, but the move has slightly delayed it. So, we went to Coney Island and the New York Aquarium!

I did mention that I like to be obnoxious, right? Can we add campy in there?

Coney Island was packed – and we arrived a few hours after the hot dog eating competition!

We celebrated with fried, greasy foods (fried clams and an arepa)- something we almost never eat. It was a delicious treat, but we both felt pretty gross afterward. Worth it!

I wore a vintage sailor romper. 

I liked how straight forward this sign was.

After a couple of hours on the boardwalk/at the amusement park, we headed to the aquarium.

We saw a lot of beautiful sea life, at the aquarium. Among others, we saw:

the happiest frog I have ever seen in my life!

a terrifying fish gang

star fish

magical sea horses

sea lions

But nothing captured my heart as much as the otters. Oh my gosh! 

We also shared an ice cream cone. It was already a high calorie day, so I just went all out!

It was a lovely day. Too bad Miku wasn’t there, because she would have loved the excitement of it all. Unfortunately for her, she had to babysit the kitties, and pups are not allowed at the aquarium. 

I do miss fireworks, though. We didn’t bother trying to get to the Hudson festivities, so this day was fireworks free. Oh well – Coney Island will be doing fireworks every Friday, so I’ll have to head down there next week!
-Keiko Lynn

How did you spend your Saturday?

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  1. Your outfit is so adorable! I had to work for the 4th…but I did get away with wearing a vintage western shirt that looks like it's made from an American flag. One lady told me I looked like a little firecracker 🙂

  2. That romper is divine! Where and how did you find it! I must own something similar!

    And gorgeous pics as always! I love the sea creatures! ^o^

  3. I went to the South Side of Glasgow to look for the Magic the Gathering cards in some obscure little shop. How geeky am I? :/

    Anyway, I adore the scarf on your head, it must be on of my favourite accessories ever, though I rarely wear it. :*

  4. I dodn't even know fried clams existed! that sounds so weird.
    you look gorgeous here, i like this nautical-pin up style lots.

    my saturday was quite boring as here in Spain we have nothing to celebrate. plus i'm studying like crazy. sucks.

  5. Sounds absolutely lovely! It was sunny in London, so my boyfriend and I went to an outdoor swimming pool, which I had never done in eight years of living in London. It was brilliant!

  6. oh you seem to have had a very nice day! I mean, how can it go wrong when wearing a romper like that? You are always so beutiful and inspirational.


  7. Amazing photos. Love the frog, otters, outfit, the sighn, the boyfriend-infront-of-the-blue glass photos and ofcourse the outfit.
    And I love adding a theme to my outfit on certain days. Shamely, there are always ppl asking me why I wear the stuff I wear. xD Or Halloween isn't that known here 😛

  8. you look amazing! that romper is so cute! The photos of bobby looking at the fishies are also quite cool as you compare the two worlds; land and water.


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  9. Where the heck did you find a vintage romper in such good shape?!!

    I spent my Fourth of July working…but I got to see Disney's awesome Independence Day fireworks!

    I just finished a denim skirt! I hope to post it by Thursday!

  10. That's just about the sweetest vintage romper I've ever seen! I would totally wear a sailor outfit like that, if I had one. 🙂 I live near Cape Cod, and I suppose I take it for granted because I just think of our 4th of July festivities as crazy and crowded! But you're right, it's tough to top it… unless you spend your 4th on Coney Island! So fun! 🙂

  11. Keiko, first time to drop a msg here

    I found there are two very extreme you.
    you look super cool when you don;t smile. but once u smile, u look so cute just as a kid!!!

    btw, your makeup is flawless!!!

  12. Omgosh I love your romper! It's so cute! I wish we had somewhere like Coney Island to go to in SF! I love theme parks at the boardwalk!

  13. I had a question that has been chewing away at me for a while..

    I love wearing high waist skirts like you, but whenever there's a slight breeze, I run the chance of showing my undergarments to passersby.. It's so irritating, how do you deal with it, assuming that there is wind in New York..?


  14. Love your 4th themed outfit! Coney Island sounds like great fun – would have loved to see the hot dog contest.
    I mostly hung out and worked on pics for my shop 🙂 Fireworks were rained out.