I colored my hair. I don’t particularly love it; I should have listened to everyone who told me that red wouldn’t suit me. Oh well, it’s just hair, and I can always change it again. I guess I just always had red-head envy!

Why is it that so many of us change our hair, when we’re feeling low?

Don’t worry, I’ve since been feeling better.

-Keiko Lynn

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  1. As a redhead myself I may be a little biased, but I LOVE IT. It's a beautiful, warm shade against your skin. Kudos for trying something new, too.

    Love the blog, as always <3

  2. I think it looks great, but if it's too much for you, you could always add some lowlights of a darker brown, that way you would have some depth and movement. It's nice for summer though. You can always feel free to ask me anything about hair (colors, cuts, anything), It's my job! 🙂

  3. I have red hair just a little lighter (dyed from a dark brown) and maybe I'm biased too but you look GORGEOUS. If there is anyone to make that hair look fantastic, it is you.

    Have fun with it.

  4. You look lovely with red hair! From the picture it looks like the red intensifies the color of your eyes. Very pretty!

  5. I did the same thing…I had the whole redhead envy thing and gave in…I just recently went back to having black hair after living on the "fire side". For the record you look great with it! Isn't it fun to experiment?

  6. so i'm just not understanding your lack of excitement for your new hair color because it looks AMAZING on you!!! personally i think it softens your complexion and it's great for the season ^_^. It's probably the drastic change from dark to light that's freaking you out a bit, no worries :3
    p.s. glad your feeling better! <3 your stuff!!!

  7. It's pretty but I think you look better as a brunette! And I think we change our hair colors because it's a way of getting a fresh start, you know? In any case, glad to hear you're feeling better :]

  8. I occasionally dye my hair, and i always go for a red. Being a natural blonde, then my hair went darker with the long winter it is now brown.

    You've inspired me. Maybe it is time for me to dye my hair again!

    It looks way tre cute.

  9. I like it but the darker hair brings your facial feature better forewards (do you say it like that? :O Ah, well you know what I mean :P).

    And I change my hair but not because I'm low, I mostly sit and sob since I don't have to money to just do something like that 😛 I do dye it bright colours because I really like that :]

  10. Pues me gusta que el color de tu pelo sea igual al de tus ojos…muy bien! No sabría con que color quedarme.

  11. I am totally diggin' the red hair, Keiko. When I am feeling low, that is the fisrt thing I do too… either dye/cut my hair or go shopping, lol. It always makes me feel better.

  12. i absolutely love the color on you. keep it like this for awhile, it may grow on you! fall/winter will come and you can possibly go darker again.. this is a nice change :]

  13. I think most of us look best with our natural color, but that doesn't mean this isn't striking! Your eyes are gorgeous with this red hair. I loved to be red a lot too, sadly it always washd out so fast.

  14. Actually, you look so so so so stunning. Keep it like this a little longer, maybe you'll start to agree! It suits you so well.

  15. Hey, I think it looks great! Maybe it would look a bit more natural on you if the eye makeup were less dramatic, perhaps something lighter? But at any rate it looks good with your skin, and is a nice natural color overall!

  16. you still look pretty..! the back ground of that photo is just a bit overwhelming, i am willing to bet that out in the sun it looks gorgeous. red is sometimes harder to dress though…

    the brown and black and such were pretty too though, i don't know… keep it red for summer and dye it back for fall..?

    hope you're feeling better with the infection..! antibiotics, especially strong ones, are not fun 🙁

  17. I actually think you look amazing! It sometimes takes time to get used to change. It really suits you well, and even if you change it back, at least you tried something different because you wanted to & weren't afraid! 🙂

  18. Your eyes pop so much in this photo! I think it's nice, although more importantly I love your attitude towards hair. I don't change my hair when I'm feeling low, but instead sometimes I'll put together fun outfits and take photos with my little sister. Hope the sweat gland issue clears up soon!

  19. I think it looks great!

    Can you show us how you get your bangs to look so awesome? Mine are always hit and miss. Some days they behave and some days they feather at the ends by the end of the work day.

  20. Hi! I like the red hair! This is a strange little fact but did u know that Max Factor (yes he was realy a person, i always thought it was the brand name…) had 4 diffrent rooms with the walls painted diffrent colours. when he was given a starlet to make over he would take them into the diffrent rooms and depending in which room the lookws best in he would chnge there hair colours. so he had a dusky pink room for brunettes, a pale blue for blones, a green for red heads and a peach room for brownettes. when he was given little norma jean he saw she looked best in the blue rooms and made her platinum blonde! this story is going somewer! U look great againts ur aqua wallls, hence red hair suits u! ok thats my lecture over, bascilay i think it looks great! xxxx

  21. I think the red hair looks good on you. I have light brown hair and I am constantly dying it black. I have also done it red in the past and I loved it! Enjoy it and experiment with your hair!

    I believe that many of us change our hair when we are feeling down becuz we seek some sort of excitement in our lives and just want to feel better.