I think I’m one of the few people who genuinely enjoyed high school. I loved my academics, musical theatre, the art program, everything. I even loved my teachers, save for a few.

Despite my love for high school, I never showed very much school spirit. I skipped most of the pep rallies, never attended homecoming, and wasn’t exactly popular. Our class shirts were ridiculous – they said, “Tap it!” and I still don’t really get what that has to do with colts. I chose to forgo the class shirts, in favor of my mom’s old shirt. They had way better shirts back then!

This shirt dates back to 1976 – it has been passed down from my mom, to my older sister, to me, to my younger sister, and back to me. That is, until Tessa starts high school, in another year (so weird). We all went to Coral Springs High, and horse lovers that we are, it does seem appropriate that our mascot was the colt. As a matter of fact, my pony Shawn was the mascot for Ponytail Camp at CSHS!

I must admit, I’ll be sad to let this shirt go…partially because I love the shirt, but mostly because it means Tessa is growing up, and it freaks me out! I still remember crying when she went to kindergarten.

Outfit Details:
Vintage Fedora – from my mom
Vintage CSHS shirt – from my mom
Cutoff shorts – thrifted
Bow belt – thrifted

-Keiko Lynn

p.s. What was your mascot?

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  1. Omg! I actually have a pair of CSHS shorts from one of my friends. I actually live like five minutes away, but went to school in Boca. Our mascot was the eagle…Original, I know.

  2. i loves high school as well. We were the Bruins and i was actually one of the school mascots (which means i had to wear a bear costume, that was stinky and hot, to all the pep rallys games and special events) its was soooo fun!

  3. Hey, Keiko. I wish I could have written here before…
    I wanted to say that I'm really happy that your cat is fine now. My dog, 10 years old, died this week. I felt broken. This feeling is something I think nobody should ever feel, 'cause it's terrible.
    Take care.

  4. Hi! I'm new to your blog, and your outfits have been inspiring me! I keep wanting to run down the the thrift stores, but I never can make time… Ugh! Keep up the adorable outfits. :3

    As for high school, we're the Wolves. Now I'm finishing up with college and am a Cougar, and my friends like to joke me about that because my boyfriend is younger than me by three years. Oh well!

  5. A Piper Bengal, from Sunrise Fl. A former Floridian to another who are now both New Yorkers. We did it backwards and no one understands why…but we do ! I love your blog!

  6. I completely agree with the idea that high school shirts were a lot cooler in our parents' day. My parents graduated in 1979 and 1981 and when I graduated in 2001 the school let us go through all the old vintage stuff from years past. I got some pretty awesome shorts for $0.25.

    Our mascot was the Bulldog. I was a geek in high school, but I loved it, too.


  7. Ashe: Our rival high school was Taravella, the Trojans. They would often inflate condoms and throw them around at rallies.

    Jillian: That's where Bobby went! Also, our friend Billy was followed around for that True Life thing. He wouldn't sign the release, though.

  8. oh man. we were the barracudas (coral reef)! weird, i know :p it's better than the fighting pigeons- seriously. new world school of the arts were the fighting pigeons (they didn't have a sports team, though). these were both miami schools.

  9. I went to Yuba City High School (Yuba City, CA) and we were the Honkers. No lie, look it up! Our mascot, the Honker, is a Canadian goose. What's worse is that our school colors were BROWN and GOLD. How disgusting is that?

    They have since opened another high school in Yuba City (where my traitor brother is a senior now) and I'm sad to say that they get to be the Falcons with green and silver for their colors!

    Oh well, I was and will always be a Honker.

  10. I went to two highschools,
    the first one was the stonewall jackson raiders
    and the second were the battlefield bobcats.

    What lipstick are you wearing? It's the perfect shade!

  11. Geektastic:
    Miami needs to get their stuff together. Miami Heat? Miami Hurricanes? Come on! My grandpa was a Hurricane and is in the hall of fame for basketball there, so I hope he doesn't read that.

    Kristen: Honkers!? That's amazing.

    Paige: Thanks! It's Clinique, Think Bronze.

  12. My high school colors are purple and gold…and we were the Muskies! That's right, a fish…but during my time there, there was a HUGE legal uproar because our official mascot at the time was an Indian Warrior head because where I live in Iowa, there are huge ties to Native Americans here…even our town name comes from one of there words…

    I guess someone felt that it was degrading and complained, so last I knew, the Muskies were legally the fugly nothern fish (seriously, look up a muskie, it's fugly)…though it was weird because there was an underclassman who dressed up as a gorilla and danced around at all the games and homecoming during my senior year…I still have no clue why…

  13. It is so cool that your Mom went to the same high school.

    This post makes me want to call up my Mom to see if she still has her old stuff. I remember looking through a box of old New York high school (I can't remember which PS#) gym clothes of hers when I was younger.

    I went to Martin County High School in Stuart. We were the Tigers. I don't think I even have one school shirt left. They were pretty lame.

  14. We were the Dragons, which was pretty cool actually.

    But the colors were "chocolate" and "gold", which were not very cool, when you think about it.

  15. I was a Pine Crest panther! So that means we grew up pretty near each other in south florida if you went to the CSHS I think you went to. I always borrowed my older, graduated friends' class shirts. Hand-me downs can be pretty cool, no?

  16. High School was alright, I have lots of great memories but I think most of them happened either during the summer or with people that didn't go to school with me.

    I went to an all-girl's middle and high school. When I started in the 6th grade our mascot was the polar bear, but then the costume gave the girl hives. Then we didn't have a mascot for 3-4 years. Then one day our athletic director looked up at the spire on top of the chapel and saw a what he thought was a falcon (was actually a hawk). But I guess the name stuck and we have been the falcons ever since.

    School colors were a lot bigger than mascots at my school (silver and blue)!

  17. wow….blast from the past (ghost from the graveyard….heheh)…do you know what's super crazy? we have a 10 year reunion in 3 years….=/

  18. Tap it sounds like a slogan for tapdancers… so blogday came and went. I just wanted to let you know I rather than motivating why I linked to you, made a little collage with some of your fantastic photos. Hope you don't mind. I can't get enough of your beautiful visuals. Have a great day!

  19. We were the Bulldogs, but I had about the lowest amount of school spirit possible. I was the girl hanging out in the art room during lunch working always on some project. It seems like a million years ago!

  20. HAH! If I only I could've been a Honker. That is hands-down the best mascot I've ever heard of.

    My high school mascot was truly embarrassing. I went to Bakersfield High School in Bakersfield, CA. We're pretty much know for our oil industry, so we were the Drillers. Our mascot was a white dude with suspenders and a helmet and our logo was an oil-derek. Real nice. But not as cool as the Honkers.

  21. I had two high schools: one mascot was the Yellow Jackets, and our colors were, predictably, yellow and black. The other was the Thunderbirds, or T-Birds, and our colors were red and white.

    I have to admit, I loved high school, too–a geek on the frays of the popular crowd, I pushed myself very hard. Best of all, I just married my favorite high school souvenir a few days ago!

  22. Meh, i LOATHED high school. i was waaaaay uncool, and i was living in the shadow of my great football player cousin. :c well, farts on that. Our mascot was a Farty Mc, Farterston cowboy or a, "TEXAN". whateve, it was lame. I joined drill team because i liked dancing and twirling and doing girly things that my family, (whom have high expectations) didnt think i was into, and the girls didnt like me so they found ways to kick me out after i made the team. :c oh well….i still have my dignity and my secret fancy footwork. ;D

    p.s. College is waaaaaay more fun!

  23. So, talk about a small world. I have been following you since good ol' Livejournal and was mentioning you to a friend. Turns out she knew of you (I live in Orlando- I was a Boone Brave!) and went to Coral Springs. I guess her brother (or a friend of his) dated your friend, Kim. I was in awe at what a tiny world this really is! 🙂

  24. My mascot was the Trojan and I too looooved high school. I graduated in 97 but sophomore year I discovered the joys of vintage shopping when my mom brought home a huge bag of "old" clothes. Ah, I miss 50 percent off days at the salvation army. I never got into the whole sports and dances thing either but I was still nominated for most fashionable senior year even though I didn't win.

  25. that is a cute school shirt!! ours were not cute. the only one i wore was the required PE one…

    it had a big, fat angry-looking bulldog on it.

    umm…yeah. i didn't have much school spirit either. i never attended a football game and ditched the pep rallies (which were during extended lunch periods) in favor of the mexican restaurant 10 minutes away with my friends.

    tacos > pep rallies.


  26. I don't think I ever went to many pep rallies either…
    And one of the few shirts I still have from the good ole Coral Springs High days says "Colts, ride the pride".
    Is it just me or did they get dumber each year??
    That's awesome that your mom went there too- and I love the classic CSHS shirt! So much better than what we had!