I received a phone call at 7:30 this morning, saying Kitty Boos was doing really well. Around noon, I received another call: he has a fever, he wouldn’t eat, the catheter was pulling and urine was no longer flowing. They took the catheter out, hoping that it was the cause of the fever and it would cause the fever to go down. I got to the hospital at 1:00, brought him some food (he took a few tiny bites – baby steps), and visited with him for about an hour. The nurse told me they fear he has another blockage. This means he will have to stay longer, have another catheter put in, and possibly even needs to have his urethra shortened. What we’re hoping for is that it isn’t another blockage, he is just having a hard time urinating because it’s still sore. If that’s the issue, I will probably be able to bring him home in a couple of days and just keep a close eye on him, monitor his diet, etc.

If he does have another blockage, that means it will probably reoccur more than that, and the surgery is the only option, short of rushing him to the emergency vet every time he has a blockage. As far as the possibility of surgery goes, I’m slowly figuring everything out. If he needs it, I will get it done, even if I have to pay it off for the next several years. One of the nurses (who is absolutely in love with Boobear) has been very helpful and gave me some tips on how to go about everything. It’s crazy expensive, but you can’t put a price on a little kitty’s life.

For those of you with male cats: Boos had a urinary blockage. When not caught in time, it is fatal, and an excruciating way to die. If you see your cat straining in the litter box, if there is any blood present, or they start an unusual habit of urinating outside of the litter box, take them to the vet immediately. When I picked Boo up off of the floor, he was soaked in his own urine and completely limp. We were almost too late. We weren’t looking for the signs, so we didn’t see them. Often, cats will act completely normal (outside of what I mentioned), so you have to really pay attention.

Hopefully my blog will be back in normal, working order within a few days. I just can’t really function until I know he’s okay. Side note about the sponsors, since I don’t have time to email anyone right now: I will make up for this lost blogging time!

Side note: The emotional support I have been receiving is beyond amazing. I have incredible friends and readers!

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  1. I have a male cat, Norman, that had the same thing happen. The first time it happened I didn't know the signs, and it was also almost too late. He had another blockage about 6 months later, but because I knew what to look for I caught it right away, zipped him to the vet right away and it was far, far less complicated (and less expensive)than the first time.

    I considered the same surgery that you are considering, and decided to try a diet change and really closely monitor him.

    Thankfully its been 5 years and aside from gaining a few pounds on the new food, he's been perfectly healthy, no sign of any problems at all! I've tried many ways to encourage him to drink more water, and I think that helped a lot.

    I'm sending you and kitty boos good thoughts! I know how scary it can be to have your kitty in pain, and at the vet. 🙁 He's lucky to have a mom who cares so much about him! Hopefully he will be back at home soon! Norman sends his kitty love to kitty boos!

  2. I have a male cat and will definitely be looking for these signs. God, I can't imagine the panic that must've gone through you when you found him.
    I'm really hoping everything goes alright with his health and hopefully another surgery isn't required. I'm also glad that you're willing to pay for all of this as too often I've heard people tell me to give up my pets when things got expensive and I've always resented that mindset.

  3. Oh my goodness, what a scary thing for you both to go through. Get Well soon, Kittyboo!

    When I first moved out of home and left my beloved cat with my Mum he got a UT blockage. Luckily I spotted it early and took him to the vet, who told me it was probably stress related. I felt so so guilty 🙁
    Since then I've cut out dry kibble and add extra water to his food, and no more problems! Hope it's the same for you and your baby xxx

  4. I have a male and a female cat, and our male cat has had something similar too, twice. Fortunately, we noticed it on time (he has a very ingenious way of letting us now: he pees on the kitchen sink. Smart cat). He has to eat special food now (also pretty expensive, but it helps).

    I hope your cat gets better soon, I know how hard it is to see your pets in pain. I was so sorry I couldn't donate anything, but I live in Europe and don't own a credit card…

  5. Thank you so much for the advice in this post

    I have two male cats

    I hope yours gets better very soon, it must be so painful for both you and him.


  6. Wow! I totally went through this last year. My boobear had the blockage numerous times throughout a two month period. During that time I tried everything from herbs to wet food to phermons (they had nothing to do with urine issues..but I would try anything).
    But after about a half a week with Bobby (his real name) being at the vet…wearing baby diapers (catheter did not work with him either)…and the finacial support of my family… he had the surgry. I am sorry it has such a big price tag. I really really am.
    It sounds like you have a great nurse for support. It made me feel better knowing the staff cared so much about my little guy.

    take care

  7. i've been a reader of your blog for a while, but completely missed all of this! i'm so very sorry about your kitty 🙁 i have a little dog and would be just as upset if something happened to her, she's my baby. i am sending lots of positive little thoughts and prayers to you and kitty boos, i hope he gets better so very soon!

    thank you for such a beautiful little blog <3

  8. I hope Kitty Boos recovers well and your ordeal is soon over. Poor little kitty. You are doing so well and don't feel bad for not updating the blog right now. We all understand! 😀

  9. awww, i'm so sorry this is happening to you. that happened to my cat once and we had to rush him to the emergency. it was pretty scary and expensive, but thankfully not fatal. i'm keeping you and your kitty in my thoughts!

  10. so sad to hear that your kitty is illin, but happy to hear that it looks like he will be on the mend. My cat is my bb so I know how you feel! Sending good vibes Kitty Boos way!

  11. Oh man, so sorry to hear about your kitty! You've actually raised some awareness for me…I have a male kitty who occasionally pees in the sink or a dustpan. Thinking of getting him checked out now. I hope Kitty Boos is feeling better soon!

  12. Best of wishes to your little kitty.

    One of our cats has urinary problems too. Not as severe, but enough to have multiple vet visits about. She got significantly better when we started feeding her wet food diluted with water. It seemed that she just wasnt getting enough liquid into her, so we mixed her wet food with water and she hasn't been to the vet since!

  13. We have three male cats and have put them on special food to help prevent the urinary problems. I hope Kitty Boo feels better soon! He is lucky to have such a loving owner!

  14. I have a male cat. His name is Bunny! I swear if it were possible I would give him my kidney!!! That's how much I love him!! Thanx for the tips! I will definitely keep an eye on him and any strange behavior! Boo's is gonna be fine I just know it!! I'll keep him in my thoughts and prayers!

  15. i hope that kitty boos is doing alright…as a total side-note, to anyone freaking out about their cats after reading this…urinary tract infections are SUPER COMMON for cats, especially if you're feeding them crummy food. [i recommend anything by natura…i used to work in a pet store!] or if they're getting older. another warning sign is a sudden change in drinking habits [meaning, suddenly drinking a lot more than normal or a lot less.] poor kitties!

    be strong, keiko!

  16. Keiko, I've been reading your blog on and off for years and just saw your post. I'm so glad your kitty's doing well and that you're doing okay too.

    My beloved dog Inky passed away 3 years ago–we got her when I was 11 and she died of a flipped stomach when I was 22. It was like losing a sibling and a child all at once. Even now at 25, I still cry over her, and wasn't ready to visit her resting place until earlier this very week! I am so glad that you want to do everything possible and impossible for him: they're not 'just' animals. They're ours!

    I know your kitty's going to be okay. Thoughts are with you.

  17. i'm so sorry to hear about your kitty 🙁

    i'm a student veterinary nurse & have seen & nursed so many cats with urinary blockages…as Maddi says above urinary tract infections such as cystitis are really common but blockages are caused by the fomation of crystals (most commonly struvites)which form when the PH of the urine is wrong.

    I have two male cats myself & am conscious of this being a possible problem as they are indoor moggies & pretty lazy too…i have them on a special diet which helps dilute the urine & keep the PH constant…i also keep an eye on their toilet behaviour because straining & spotting urine are signs of urinary blockage (or infection such as cystitis).

    i really hope kitty boos improves & doesn't have another blockage. Sounds like he has a lovely bunch of nurses looking after him. Make sure when you take him home you get a special diet from the vets designed to dissolve crystals (depending on the type of cystal though as some cannot be dissolved), which will help prevent him from becoming blocked again.

    My thoughts are with you & kitty boos xx

  18. Dear Keiko,

    I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty. The same thing happened to my male cat Ringo, twice.

    Ringo had been getting a little fat (too many treats) and he was unable to clean himself properly. His litter box was a bit too high as well so he was dragging his business across the edge and they think this contributed to his urinary tract infection and subsequent blockages. Some cats are also more prone to getting crystals in their urine.

    Either way, it was incredibly costly and nerve wrecking. I cat it so quickly both times though, he ended up being fine and no surgery was needed.

    He was placed on a special diet to regulate the pH and crystals in his urine. It was a bit expensive, and I made the huge mistake of placing him on the "urinary health" cat food you can get at the grocery store. Apparently that was for a different type of crystal and he got the problem a second time!!!

    Needless to say, he will be on his pricey prescription cat food for the rest of his life.

    The Rx cat food causes significant weight gain in some cats so, you have to keep them active.

    Good lick to you and your kitty!


  19. This is a story that I hope will bring you a smile in this difficult time…
    A number of years ago we adopted a cat that my landlord was unable to care for. He knew we loved the little guy and would always take good care of him. After our landlord passed away and we were forced to move to a new place, our cat began showing signs of having a blockage and knowing how serious it could be I got an emergency appointment with his vet. We explained the situation when we got there and the vet after looking at the cat with a serious face told us to sit down. I was preparing for the worst when the vet said she had shocking news… our cat was female, not male. She had a kidney infection that could be treated with antibiotics. You could have knocked me over with a feather… all these years because our landlord referred to the cat as male I assumed that's what it was. She always kept her tail down and who was I to invade her privacy. So, that's how my cat went to the vet for a urinary tract blockage and came home a girl.

  20. I'm sending warm thoughts to you and Kitty Boos! Thank you so much for the information about urinary blockages. I'm sending it to my parents right away so they know to watch out for DeeDee, one of our cats.

  21. Keiko,

    My 3yr old boy cat *Just* recovered from having that procedure and it's like the horribleness never happened!

    I was so scared about him having it, but he blocked 3 times in one week so it was our only option…the surgery was quick, he was in a cone for 3 weeks (that was the worst part) and had to stay in a separate bedroom. Getting the medicine and painkillers in him was challenging, but by the second week he was already perkier.

    Now it's like it never happened. I give him (and his siblings) prescription dry food (Hill c/d) and no more fish can food, just meat flavors (bleh)

    The whole ordeal and cost was awful, but it insured that it wouldn't happen again! Kitty Boos will be OK!

  22. oh goodness. this is terrible. i'm obviously way behind on catching up with my favorite blogs…and when i read the last few posts on your site today my heart sunk. i hope all is well. my thoughts are with ya. i hope the little guy pulls through!

  23. oh nooos..this is sad..I have 2 doggies i absolutely love and it literally hurts me to see them in pain and the worst part about it is that they can't verbally tell you what's wrong…*sigh..I'm glad you caught it early and I hope the best for your kitty to get well! btw, smile, happy friday!

  24. I'm so sorry. I hope he pulls through and doesn't need surgery.
    I too have a male cat, Homer; and my sisters have 3 other male cats combined- Tony, Starbucks and Nasdaq. I will inform them of this.
    Poor Kitty Boo.

  25. I hope Kitty Boo gets well soon. Thank you so much for the information. I have a male cat as well and he went through a period of peeing everywhere. I will definitely keep a close eye on him now. You are both in our thoughts. Much Love to you both.

  26. This same thing happened to my kitty Zim. Unfortunately the animal hospital that I went to told me that in order to do anything I would have to give them 2000 dollars right then. Or they wouldn't do anything. I did not have any options. My family doesn't havea lot of money and neither did I. And my poor cat was in so much pain. I had to put him down, and I regret everyday. I miss him so much. I really hope that things work out and your kitty get healthy again.

  27. Oh no! I've only just checked your blog today, and I'm so sorry to hear about your wee kitty. My Mink had exactly the same thing, and it was just horrific. Poor little guy! I'm so glad he was able to get the treatment, and I hope he'll be all better soon. Mink was really ill and he recovered just fine – I'm sure your kitty will be the same.

    You poor thing, what a horrible experience. And what a tough year you've had. Thinking of you both.

    A xxx

  28. And you probably know all this stuff already, but here's what we did for Mink to prevent further problems (just in case something is helpful).

    1) Bought him a kitty water fountain – that way the water is always fresh and flowing, and he's more likely to drink
    2) put him on a special Urinary Tract diet … our brand is Purina. Made a huge difference!
    3) Put him on cat antidepressants to calm him down for a bit, as he was pretty stressed

    A xx

  29. I had the same issue with my cat.

    After anti-biotics, stays at the vets, over a thousand in vet bills, i went natural.
    I bought a 7.99 bottle of
    the homeopathic Cantharsis in strength 30 ch. Within two days the infection was 75% gone, within two weeks completely.
    and has never returned.

  30. cat is the second animal I have after dog.. i love animals too.. i really hope he will get well real soon. we didn't have hospital for animal in my hometown, not even veterinarian. when my pets get sick, we just tried to help them with medicine ourself..poor them

  31. A similar thing happened to my friend here…she ended up going through with the operation. In addition to regular vet check ups, she went to a holistic pet doctor, and he recommended daily cranberry supplements. You know how cranberry is good for human UTIs? It works for animals as well. I don't know the recommended dosage so I would definitely check with someone who knows first.

    Also, I was at an "all natural" pet food store, and the lady who worked there said it's really important for male cats to eat wet food, not only kibble, because that can cause UTIs…because they're not getting enough water in their diet. Interesting, right?

  32. My Zebra had this issue. Luckily his didn't become a blockage, it was just crystals in his bladder. It was a horrible experience, nothing this serious, but we had to keep an eye out. They said it partially had to do with his weight (22 lbs for a housecat is pretty bad.) He recovered well from his bladder issue and 2 weeks ago (2 years from the crystals) they said he had lost 15% of his weight, but now he has a slight murmur…

    Good luck with your cat. Zebra and I wish you both the best.