Cotton Candy Summer

My last couple of days in Florida were a little less hectic. Tessa and I mastered the art of giving Kitty Boos his medicine, which cleared up a lot of my time. We spent most of the day watching over him, but were able to leave him to rest for an hour or two, here and there. I didn’t have much clothing on hand, since my visit was supposed to only be a week. I ended up altering this old dress, that had a matronly mock turtle neck and a dowdy, ankle length hem. I gave it elastic princess sleeves, lowered the neckline, added the button tab to the back and shortened the hem. Not perfect, but it worked well, in a pinch.

I’m hoping things start looking up. My best friend, Lauren, is in town right now. I’m so glad to have her here; she is always a life saver. I’m happy to be smiling again.
Love love,
Keiko Lynn

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  1. The dress is beyond fantastic, not as borderline acceptable as you seem to say! If I saw this exact one online I'd buy it instantly. It's incredibly flattering and unique, very very impressive. Love your reconstructions and alterations.

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