The Keiko Lynn Dress

ModClothmade me their blogger of the moment, and named this dress after me! They were very kind and sent me one of my own. I couldn’t wait to wear it!

For some reason, grunge has been on my mind, lately. It comes up in so many conversations. Maybe it’s because my best friend is moving to Seattle and we joked about how she should embrace the 90s stereotype and wear a lot of flannel. Maybe it’s because I have been listening to a lot of the grunge era music I used to love. Maybe it’s because I need an excuse to curb my showering (this is a lie). Either way, when I got dressed in the morning, all I wanted to do was wear a babydoll dress or a vintage slip and frizz my hair up. Crazy as she may, Courtney Love had a bit of a train wreck, offbeat, gutter beauty about her, back in the day.
Obviously, I am way too girly and clean to properly execute the look, so I traded in flats for heels, and put my lipstick on inside of my lips, instead of smearing it around my face. I haven’t broken in the shoes yet, so I paired them with knee high socks, to keep the blisters away. The end result was nothing like I originally planned, but it was definitely more “me,” you know? A little bit girly, a little bit over the top. Definitely a little 90s, but not the grunge part. Oh well, I guess I am a failure at being fussy-free and cooly unkempt. Maybe next time. Or maybe I’ll just stick to being myself, eh? After all, when wearing your namesake, you should dress the part.

Outfit Details:
Bow barrette – Postlapsaria
Keiko Lynn DressModCloth
Sparkle and Fade socks – Urban Outfitters
Navy Heels – Calvin Klein

You can read my interview with ModCloth over here. I also included some of my favorite items, so please check it out!

-Keiko Lynn

p.s. You can buy your own Keiko Lynn Dress! Click the link to see the listing. If you buy it, please send me pictures of how you styled it!

p.p.s. Click the Blogger of the Moment banner to see all of my favorite ModCloth items.

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  1. You know what that outfit needs?
    A flannel shirt.

    The perfect accessory to any ensemble. In fact, I plan on wearing one with my cocktail dress when I go to my cousin's wedding next week. 😀

    <3, Lauren

  2. how cool! very appropriate that they named this dress after you (it's so cute & girlie!). also, love the knee-socks. been buying a bunch of them lately but have yet to wear them. <3

  3. …And with that, I say greetings from the girl who lives outside of Seattle and is currently wearing plaid. Dammit. Blame it on Twilight. We're actually *pretty* normal here, but plaid has come back with a vengeance, so of course I have to throw some on. And, we do love our grunge here, but we're still basically like everybody else. 🙂