Red, Yellow, Green

Yesterday, I wore a dress that I made about four years ago. It’s a little ridiculous, but it makes me feel like a storybook character, which is not ridiculous.

Miku insists on being carried like this. Does anyone else’s dog prefer to be carried this way? I get such a kick out of it. She’ll stay that way for hours, if I let her.

Tonight consisted of dinner with Bobby, Tessa and Peter, apple cobbler, and lots of unpacking. Tessa is hooked on Lost. In our downtime, she has watched the entire series of Arrested Development and the first season of Lost. It’s easy to get addicted to those shows!

-Keiko Lynn

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  1. you're so beautiful, and the dress is amazing. miku is also adorable.

    just wondering, what's your ethnic background ?
    i'm curious ahaha.

  2. Keiko ~ I think you are one of the most adorable bloggers I have come across! I am one of your older fans (48) but absolutely love your style — you have a look that's all your own!! You take me back to my youth with some of the outfits you wear — keep rockin' girl! By the way, you and your boyfriend look so damn cute together!!

  3. You look beautiful as always- the background color always makes your outfits pop! I think I could spend all weekend watching lost and arrested development as well! So good!!

  4. I'm addicted to Mad Men so hard. I find that it makes a perfect background for cooking/cleaning/decorating.

    The dress is adorable (but then so is everything you've ever posted)!