Top of the Rock

Tessa’s New York visit has come to an end, and I am bummed. I’m currently in Florida for about a week; I accompanied her on the flight home. I still have loads of pictures to put on here, but as usual, I’ll do it all backwards. These are from the last day in New York. We went to the top of Rockefeller, ate way too many sweets, shopped, and had dinner at the SoHo Grand. It was a pretty wonderful day. I really do wish I could convince Tessa to move here. Can you be emancipated from your parents at thirteen years old? Kidding, mom!

Before Bobby takes photos of my outfits, I usually test the exposure on him. I have so many photos of Bobby staring into space. He’s such a cute little space cadet.

The view from the top was really beautiful. I love this city.

Tessa is the most amazing girl in the world. This was the best three weeks, ever!

My outfit details:
Vintage wiggle dress – estate sale in Florida
Seychelle heels
Vintage bag – from my mom (Hourglass Consignment)

-Keiko Lynn

p.s. Prepare yourselves – we have a whopping four giveaways this coming week!

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  1. It's nice that you got to spend so much time with your sister. I've always wished I could have a sister. I have two brothers :p haha

    Great photos, as usual!

  2. Ahh i could really relate to your posts about your sister, my little sister is 13 too and was here in London for 2 weeks – in fact she just left yesterday and I am so so so bummed. Wish she could come live with me too!

  3. tessa is absolutely stunning. you better keep her secret… before long, the boys will be lining up at her door.

    try not be too heart-broken about her leaving.

  4. I love these photos! You look absolutely gorgeous. I have a lot of photos of my husband from when I'm testing the exposure and he usually has the same expression (though somewhat more disgruntled than Bobby, ha!). I wish I could put them on my blog, but I've been forbidden to!

  5. Yay, I can totally relate to this, I just went to the Top of the Rock last week. As a tourist of course, I am no New Yorker.

    Your outfit is so cute and I must say, I am usually not a fan of tattoos but they look great on Bobby!

  6. I finally found a blog that I can relate to (style wise!) Thank you!! haha!
    I like your style so much and I wish I had a sister so we could share clothes haha jk! But honestly, I like your blog a lot.