Fashion is Not Serious Business

Despite the fact that I’m often lumped in that category, I’ve never considered myself to be a fashion blogger. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind it one bit! It’s just that I’ve never taken fashion too seriously. My life is not a fashion show. My regular audience consists of a boy, two kitties and a princess puppy. I just enjoy clothing very much.

In an effort to keep myself from staying in pajamas all day (this was my life for awhile), I started photographing my daily outfits. It doesn’t mean I have to get dressed to the nines. It just means I need to actually get dressed. It keeps me from getting into a rut and is highly motivating, since I work from home.

I don’t wake up every day and think, “What outfit will I wear for my blog?” It’s more like, “What is clean and not wrinkled or covered in kitty hair?” and then I go from there. Sometimes I get all dolled up and other days (like most of this busy work week) I just grab what’s comfy and get going. Sometimes I don’t even have a free moment to photograph what I’m wearing because I’m too busy working. I can’t let my blog take up too much of my time – I have to make sure I maintain a full-time work schedule. Postlapsaria is what pays my bills. This blog is just something I enjoy doing.

As I gain more sponsorships, I can afford to devote more time to the blog. But even then, this will always be second to my business. I absolutely adore making clothing and I’m so lucky to make a living doing so. Which brings me to the question that has been on my mind lately: What do you do for a living? Is it what you want to do long-term? If not, what is your dream job?

-Keiko Lynn

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  1. what a cutie outfit! the gingham and stripes are a perfect match…

    im a hairstylist and i love my job, it pays the bills and extra…. i see myself doing hair for about 5-7 years, only because it sucks standing on your feet for 8 hours a day.. =(

  2. Thank you for this post! This may sound crazy but it is just what I needed to read today. I am starting to get stuck in that rut. I just started working from home full time for my etsy store and also am going through a break-up. Lately I've just wanted to sit around in my pjs feeling bad about myself (really wanted to yesterday, but finally made myself get dressed). I might start taking a daily photograph of myself/my outfit to keep me motivated…and dressed. Thanks so much for your inspiration and your outfit is adorable as always!

  3. I think the best blogs are the ones that come from the heart. If you enjoy doing what you do, it really shows πŸ™‚ just like yours.
    I currently don't have a "job" and Im not even sure what i want to do πŸ™ I feel my time is running out!

  4. Currently, I'm a high school student, but my dream job is to become a Psychologist. Wish me luck!

    Btw, I absolutely love your blog, all your outfits and whenever I check your page and see you've posted a new blog, I get so excited! Sad, but true πŸ™‚

  5. I am a university student (European Studies, Ancient Greek (language)) and I work as a dresser on musicals when they come into town (it's really not as glamorous as people think it is…)

    I would like to be a tertiary lecturer, but in what I don't know yet! Since I was little, I also wanted to be an author, but for now I just scratch the writing itch with my website.

    I pretty much live in my pyjamas when I am home too, I really need to get out of that habit!

  6. I love that your "what is clean and not wrinkled or covered in kitty hair?" outfits are always so well put together and cute. So effortless it causes a little envy!

    And I work for a Half Price Books, and while it's pretty amazing (I get paid to play with books!), I don't think I'll be there my whole life, we shall see.

  7. I just came up to 1 year in investment banking – my first job. Am grateful that I'm one of the few who has a job out of business school in these times – but this won't be my life's work.

    I'd like to go either the art/marketing/media way or the social work/ United Nations way… πŸ™‚ I have yet to shop on Postlapsaria, but before this year is up… I definitely want my own Keiko Lynn piece!

  8. That the thing I like about your blog : your style is absolutly gorgeous but seems effortless. You're just a great example of "fashion fade, style is eternal". More than a fashion blog, I think you are a "style" blog, because you have your own way to see the world and we can feel it through your clothes. Your outfit is sometimes full of poetry :).

    For the moment, I teach French to children in difficulty, in parallel of being a student in history. I want to be an history/geography teacher, so it's not that far from what I want :).

  9. Currently, I'm studying in New Zealand. I'm finishing up my first year of Masters in Biotechnology. For me, it's a pretty tough position to be in, but I love it. Since I'm in the Chemical Genetics lab, I get to work with new drugs that the Chemistry Department isolate from marine organisms. Hopefully, something I work on will turn out to be a potential antitumour, antifungal, antiviral, or antibacterial drug. πŸ™‚

    However, I never really thought of myself as a bench researcher. I'm really fond of animals (I love it when you post photos of your goats, your cats, your dog!!). I nearly always stop every person walking their dog on the street just so I can pet their dog. Sir David Attenborough is pretty much my hero. πŸ™‚ I would love to do what he does, and hopefully I will be able to work towards that. If I don't, I can always settle for being crazy-cat lady. That way, I get to yell obscenities at people and hug cats at the same time. Hohoho, won't that be fabulous!

  10. Phew, I'm so glad I read this, it's such an honest post from you! I'm not a fashion blogger and yes, since I work from home while tending a 1 year old daughter, sometimes I tend to lounge around in my pajamas.

    I'm very relieved that "the fashion blog" is just something you enjoy, I read many many fashion blog and sometimes think, do these persons actually go to work, on a train like that? Or are they just posing for the blog's sake? Because, really some of them look as if they devote their every minutes dressing for the blog! Even if it makes money, (of course), but can you really devote yourself like that?

  11. I'm a student (BA English Literature) I currently work as a research assistant to a History professor and as a PA at a high tech company. I'm leaving the PA job at the end of the month.

    My dream job would be as a fashion buyer, fashion journalist etc. But I know that that's a long way into the future.

    I love blogging, it's my way of not making my Boyfriend wish he was deaf because I talk about the new collection from chloe or Marc Jacobs etc. And it's my way of talking to people who enjoy the same things as me.

    I dress up for work and just happen to take daily outfit pictures. Normally while I'm waiting for the manager to open the door. If however the door is open I usually don't bother taking a photo even if I think it would be good for the blog.

  12. am an avid reader for so long and i love your style. I say you're very talented. I work at home too. Just like you i love to play dress up and chronicle my outfits. For a simple reason that i don't want to just let go of myself and my husband learning photography. Shall i say am his Guinea pig?

    my audience? husband and a dog. ihihihi.

    have a great day.

  13. how adorable is that outfit! Although, I am a strong believer in wearing pj's all day πŸ™‚

    I feel extremely lucky because my current job is my true passion and I couldn't imagine doing anything else. I am an elementary teacher, currently teaching 4th grade. It's the most stressful yet most rewarding thing I could ever dream of doing.

  14. Currently I'm studying to become an architect, which is obviously my dreamjob. All though if I could be anything I want… I would want to be a photographer! But I think being an architect will provide me with more food haha.

    I really love your blog by the way, it shows that you do this because you enjoy it!

  15. Your outfit is so cute! I really love that cream-colored lacy top!

    Currently, I'm an art student in Florida, majoring in Illustration. I work at the campus bookstore and am trying to get a second job. I'm thinking about owning a charitable store when I get out πŸ™‚

  16. well i sort of already emailed with you a little about this subject… but right now i freelance graphic design 2 or 3 days a week and the rest of the week i design jewelry and sell vintage on etsy. i wish i would have went into fashion design, i think that is my love. but i hate sewing so i'm kinda screwed there! as far as what i REALLY want to do… i'm not sure exactly. but it involves being completely independent. doing MY designs, not designing for someone else. i find your story very inspiring. thank you for being here!

  17. you are absolutely beautiful…only enhanced by your unique vintage style. i'm sure you look stylish in a burlap sack πŸ™‚

    i've always been a medical/science girl & have a career as an acupuncturist. i use my outfit blog (http://givemeplatforms.tumblr.com) as a creative outlet because i've always loved clothing & shoes, but never considered working in fashion.

  18. You look adorable, Keiko. I agree with you, as much as I love your blog–your clothing line is definitely more important! I'm an MFA student in fiction, so obviously, I intend to be a (paid) writer at some point–but I'd also like to be a tenure-track instructor at a certain university in the Carolinas. πŸ™‚

  19. Hi! I am a newish reader *waves* (I have been enjoying your blog since the modcloth feature.)

    I am pretty lucky right now, I actually have three pretty amazing jobs. I am a bookstore clerk, a librarian and an assistant to an elderly woman-artist. None of these are really what I want to do with my life forever, but I also would not mind if it did turn out that way with any of them.

    What I really want to be is a historian, a writer and an artist jill-of-all-trades. I believe that what I am doing now is going to set me on that path, or at least aid me when I reach it.

  20. You go Keiko!

    Love your little gingham plaid shirt! It reminds me of a vintage one we have up:

    About doing what you want… I quit my day job (and it was nice one!) last year to do what I really wanted: work in fashion. So I started Market Publique with Jon and Anthony and now I am finally doing what I want!

    My thinking goes: life is short, if you don't do what you want now, when will you do it?

  21. I love your outfit! There's something very sexy yet beautifully laid back about it! Also, CLASHING PRINTS LOVE XD

    The start of your blog/meaning behind outfit pics is the same as mine! And the start of your outfits as well! Haha, I love this line "What is clean and not wrinkled or covered in kitty hair?". SO TRUE! XD

  22. I love the simple color and patter mix… looks so effortless!
    I work in marketing, I do not have a clue of what I want to do long term but I donΒ΄t think itΒ΄s my current job. Maybe I will go into teaching.
    My dream job… museum ! a vintage store….antiques….

  23. I love that gingham shirt; I've been looking for a 1/2 sleeve shirt like that forever!

    I'm am a full-time college student. I'm in a program that allows for internships (in exchange for no summer vacation), so I also work as a software project manager. In the long-term, I'm hoping to work as a product manager, possibly on the marketing/business-facing end… but I'm not entirely sure. I still have a bit of time to think about things before I graduate. πŸ™‚

    My dream job? No idea. I can't say I love what I study, but I am enticed by all the opportunities that my degree can help open doors to.

  24. I'm studying for a job in HR and although I'd love to be an eternal student, it's not financially viable hehehe. I think I'll be happy in HR for a while but not forever.

    My dream would be to own a witchy shop in my hometown, but realistically shops like that tend to struggle – I'd fare much better if it was an online thing. So my plan is to set that up this year and maintain it while I work in HR. Eventually, I want to buy some stables and set up a livery yard and the online shop could help support that too.

    Being a student is tough clothes-wise, it's very tempting to live in PJs and just chuck on jeans & a tshirt for lectures. I'm going to make a real effort not to do that this year though, I need to prepare for working in HR where I'll have to dress in a smart but not corporate style. And if/when I come to own stables, I'll end up wearing jods & hoodies all the time.

    I went off a blog recently because it had some trouble and when the woman fixed it, she started moaning about how her readership had gone down and asking how to get more followers. Not cool! I think one of the great things about your blog is that you always come across as someone who loves clothes. You always look pretty and it seems you're here to show us pretty clothes – like Sher said, it comes from the heart πŸ™‚

  25. i just hit my life reset button 7 wks ago and quit my accounting job to purse fashion school. Still feels kind of surreal that I'm actually doing it. Esp when I was in accounting field for a good 4 yrs.
    Fashion school is turning out to be far more work than I expected. Just pulled another allnighter. Starting to have doubts on whether its worth it to pursue what you like when it requires so much effort. How do you stay motivated?

  26. I work in the development office of a youth-serving nonprofit, so I write grants, reports, newsletters, and pretty much every other written word for the agency. I don't really have one dream job — I have tons! I love writing and like what I do, but I'm sure I won't do it forever.

  27. i ll (soon) be working at the french embassy in Stockholm dealing w/ students who wanna go to France to study and promoting the french language. it's what i've been dreaming of for 3 years now so im pretty excited.

    But i sometimes think if i could start it all over i would become a lawyer specialized in gays ' rights… don't ask why…i just feel like it lol

  28. ehh i wish i ddint wake up and think.. "oh god what do i wear for the blog "
    sometimes it gets stressful and who am i kidding … people dont even care that much what im wearing .. i dont know why i stress myself .

  29. Boring supervisor at a Market Research firm. Not my dream job, but I am lucky in that I get a nice office and enjoy a salary (something most people my age don't have without a degree, and even then).
    I'm currently upgrading my education in the mornings so that I can enter university. I haven't even figured out what I want to get out of university…English? History? Design? Art? Journalism? I have no idea, but that's okay. I'm on the path in order to get to any of those goals.
    Dream job: Architectural Salvager (salvaging the bits and pieces from old houses and buildings. Like molding, tiles, door knobs…all the good stuff.)

  30. I love how you wrote this! You know I envy you for even taking pictures of yourself and posting them for the world to see- I'm a photographer and while I love taking pictures of people from behind the lens, being in front terrifys me!

    I have a day job as a graphic designer too, but my dream is to have my own business/self run blog, be my own boss. I think it will happen someday!


  31. i'm a master student human rights law, but currently i am working as a journalist for television.
    love it, but i'm completely lost when anybody would ask me what my dreamjob would be. i just want to help people and then it's okay.
    love the outfit!

  32. I think that what you just explained is exactly what makes you one of the best fashion bloggers out there (and I don't give compliments lightly, only when I really mean them). If you dress for the blog, you become a slave to it and that sucks all the fun out of it. Fashion should be fun. It's not life or death. The fact that you don't intentionally dress for anyone but yourself, don't try too hard and still manage to look this amazing means you really have style.

    I'm still studying at the moment (university). I want to be a psychologist and work with children. I've wanted it ever since I was eleven or twelve or something (I turn 21 next week) πŸ™‚

  33. I'm with you on getting dressed as a means of getting motivated. I'd stay in my PJs all day if possible! Right now I'm about to move to London for my Master's in Medieval Studies. From there I'll go for my PhD in History. My dream job is to research, write and teach college for the rest of my life so I'm on the path I suppose!
    ps, I LOVE your blog!

  34. I have to dress up every day for school and work and the first thing I do when I get home is put on pajamas. I love looking put together, but after wearing business casual all day I just want to throw on soft lounge pants and a tank top!

    I'm currently working as a therapist with kids, adolescents, adults, couples, and families while attending graduate school in clinical-counseling psychology. I also work as a clinician providing applied behavior analysis for kids with autism. I love what I do, but I'm having a change of heart about what I want to do for the rest of my life. When I'm done with my current grad program, I'm going to go back to school to get my teaching certificate to teach elementary school.

  35. After two attempts at college (first one was an art school for animation and I just couldn't understand the computer programs necessary to succeed, the second was a community college and it came between eating or school), I currently work at a local bank as a personal banker (basically a glorified bank teller)…

    For now, it pays the bills and gets me out of debt as well as provide benefits for my husband and me (how often to do you run into a 24 yr old with health insurance, dental, AND a 401K), but eventually I'd like to do something creative, either with art or fashion…haven't quite decided yet…but in the meantime, going to work is fun in the sense I don't come home smelling of french fries AND I get to try out my version of business casual…

  36. That's so amazing that you are able to support yourself doing what you love. Hopefully we all get there one day!

    Actually, I thought you were studying to be an interpreter or something because I think I saw old videos of you on Youtube signing. Is that just a hobby?

    Anyway, that explains what I want to do :D! I'd be happy as a clam if I could interpret and sell vintage clothes online.

  37. love your blog!

    i'm a video editor for a production house..mainly editing dramas for tv. πŸ™‚ would it be my life-long dream to work as a video editor? hmm…it used to be but now i'm itching for something new. πŸ˜€

  38. I wish I had a good camera so I would have the means to motivate myself to be cute every day!

    For work I am the Visual Resources Curator in the Art History office of a university. I just manage and develop the slide and digital image collection. I'm looking into going back to school for my master's in Art History/ Museum studies because I want to be a Curator, but I can't decide on a program. So overall nothing too exciting here!

  39. I work for an insurance company… I adjust homeowners claims. So when someone's house catches on fire, gets hit by a tornado or floods, I go in and give them their insurance check. I don't want to do it long term, but it does pay the bills.

    I'd love to do something on the creative side… visual merchandising sounds like fun.

  40. i love your outfits, i just found your blog on modcloth life and will be following as soon as i finish writing this comment.
    a)what i do for living? writing news in english (i live in indonesia)

    b)Is it what i want to do long-term?
    perhaps but i can't wait to get aother job because i started to get bored doing the same thing in one year and four months, i still want to write but i think i am more into writing for magazine or some lifestyle bulletin which requires travelling a lot because i wouldn't mind to move my ass of this hectic city i live in and experience travelling to other areas of the world (i'm daydreaming now)

    c) If not, what is your dream job? i've explained above πŸ˜€

  41. I work as a team leader in the sales department of Sunferries (www.sunferries.com.au) … I'm studying marketing/public relations at the moment and my dream is to do tourism marketing, preferably in the backpacker/independent travel market.

  42. You look so cute!

    I am still attending university, studying tourism management. My absolute dream job would probably be working for UNESCO and maintaining all the cultural and natural monuments of the world for future generations (that sounds so cheesy, haha). Another thing I would love to do would be city marketing or working for a specialty tour operator that puts together really cool packages and then sells it to the travel agencies.

  43. Currently I'm a Librarian in my hometown. I used to be a Substitute Teacher and a Sbux Barista. I've also done a lot of extra work for movies that come through my state.

    My long term goal/dream job is owning my own film production company with my 3 sisters. I got a BFA in Theatre with an emphasis in Performance. I would LOVE to go back to school to get and MFA in Screenwriting as well.

  44. I am a bartender. Not seeing myself to be one for much longer. Would not mind it at all but the smoke is just too intense. I used to smoke, now I just inhale 2nd hand smoke. I've lived my dream job a couple of times and would love to go back, A horseback riding instructor. =0)

  45. I'm late on this post but I'm a writer, I've worked as a writer and have never seen myself as something else besides this.

    I do want to start working on my singing, just because I love musical theater but I can't see myself onstage, singing. But maybe one day…outside of the last times I sang in high school.

  46. ok, i found you on lookbook.nu and i adore all of your outfits! then, i found your blog and this particular post is so inspiring. when i was little, all i wanted to be was a fashion designer. now, i'm stuck with a boring normal life of online classes and sitting around in my pajamas. i seriously think i will start a blog of my outfits. lookbook never does much for me, as i am unknown and don't get any "hype". but maybe a blog will be more fun! you're super cute and i love your style πŸ™‚