IFB Dress Up Soiree

Outfit details: vintage dress – Beacon’s Closet, belt – thrifted, stockings and heels – Target, vintage necklace – Hourglass Consignment

Last week, Samara and I headed to the IFB Dress Up Soiree. I love any excuse to get dressed up! I put on a vintage dress and my new 1930s necklace (a birthday present from my mom and stepdad) and headed to B.East. Kimberly flew in that same night, so we weren’t able to stay very long. We stayed for the panel, had a few drinks (diet cokes, because we’re that cool) and left just in time to meet up with Kim and Bobby for a very late dinner.

Jessica did a great recap of the night at Fatlace, so please check it out for more pictures. I didn’t bring my camera with me! Kind of a good thing, because there was a HUGE turnout and we had trouble moving around without spilling our drinks. A huge thank you to Jennine for putting together a great event!

-Keiko Lynn

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  1. ok seriously, i was going to go crazy about how amazing that dress is and how i want to steal it, but then i saw that necklace. that is probably the most beautiful necklace i have ever seen. damn.

  2. That necklace, oh my! So beautiful.

    I was there too but don't think I saw you, the crowd was so large.

    Oh and this may be random but I thought of you the other day when I had an emergency with my kitty, rushed her to the vet, panicked at how I'd pay for the insane vet bills, etc. Having pets is so hard sometimes. Hope your kitty is doing alright now.

  3. Love the vintage dress. I wish i could find some vintage dresses here :(. By the way, Hi, I'm one of your silent reader from Indonesia. Love your blog!!!