The Party’s Crashing Us Now

I’m not a party kind of girl but throw in some good people and a great band and I’m there! Throw in an open bar and everyone is happy! Free diet cokes and Shirley Temples for Keiko! Plus, the party was co-hosted by Gilt Fuse and I love them!

I’m a faux intellectual. These glasses are fake! Outfit Details: Bobby’s fake glasses (he usually uses them for cycling; I use them for awesome), vintage db blazer, lace slip, Postlapsaria skirt (this style not yet available…working on them for the site), sheer stockings, ModCloth shoes, vintage purse (from my mom’s store), vintage cummerbund.

Kimberly wore a disco dress I found ages ago. I only wore it once and then handed it down to her; she looks better in it!

An out of focus picture of Samara; Kim coached her pose;) She’s wearing one of her mom’s old skirts. She just let me borrow another of her mom’s old skirts; she had amazing style! I can’t wait to wear it.

Kim has been teasing me about my inability to be serious/sexy in pictures, so I have been practicing. I always end up smiling! If I don’t, my lip starts to twitch. I can only take serious photos when I’m doing self portraits (or sometimes when Bobby takes them).

Poor Samara never saw this coming. Kim, you are freaking disgusting!

Of Montreal put on a great show but most of the pictures Kim took are not appropriate for this blog (think girls in diapers and bras dancing provocatively, pigs making out on a Camp Rock bed, other weird stuff). My little sister and her friend Claire read this! It was such a fun show. I love Of Montreal! Fun facts: Of Montreal was the soundtrack to my collaborative fashion show with MAC…and I do believe his outfit was designed by Rebecca Turbow.

Fun signs in the hallway.

I love these girls! It’s nice to have people to drag me out of the apartment:)

-Keiko Lynn
p.s. If you want an invitation to Gilt, use my personal invitation.

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  1. You look awesome in those glasses! I've been looking for a pair of those, but I'm trying not to get them because two of my friends have similar ones and I don't want to look super co-orinated or anything when we go out together. haha

    Looks like you had a fun night out!

  2. Hey Keiko, you live in NYC, right? You should def go to a Matt & Kim show- they are super fun and love to hang out afterward. Sorry, Of Montreal's crazy shows always make me think of Matt & Kim as toned down, which is not typical!

  3. i need to get back on the keiko lynn bandwagon! it's been too long since i've last 'seen' you, commenting on your livejournal waaaaay back in the day!! you are too adorable with your faux glasses and love that hair color too!