Robert Geller

My good friend Peter, a design assistant at Robert Geller, invited Bobby and me to the show. Despite my navy/black ensemble, I do believe I was wearing more color than 99% of the attendees. It isn’t my fault; I have furry little animals who shed like crazy. Black is a difficult color to wear because of this. My darker outfit suited the dreary New York weather and my elevated ModCloth heels kept my feet dry. Bobby and I sat in the car until show time, keeping our rain exposure to a minimum. I saved my puddle jumping for a less hectic day!

I’m always a fan of Robert Geller’s collections; it’s effortlessly cool and makes me think of sexy vampires (maybe it’s the models he uses). Like sexy vampires who were turned in the early 20th century and still mix in some of their old, classic garments with their modern wardrobe. Peter will probably throw up at that reference. This collection was different: he stayed true to his aesthetic but infused some gorgeous shocks of color, and everything was so lightweight and airy, less militaristic and more spring-time leisure. I wanted to touch everything…because I’m a creep. If you’d like to see full coverage of the show, click here.

My Outfit Details:
Coach sunglasses – gift from Coach
Nine West purse – gift from my mom
Ruffled cardigan – Beacon’s Closet
DB blazer – thrifted (I’ve had this for years and it’s still a favorite)Bow belt – thriftedLace slip – from my mom
Scalloped edge beaded/sequin skirt – thrifted and altered. It was a long, dowdy dress and I painstakingly transformed it into a two tiered skirt.
Sheer stockings – Target
Shoes – ModCloth
Umbrella – gift from Bobby
-Keiko Lynn

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  1. LOVE this outfit you put together, the layering, the textures and mixing blacks and blues :] I'm so impressed with how you 'saved' that skirt, i would never have the eye to see the potential!

  2. Your skirt is AMAZING!! I always see those crazy beaded/sequined dresses at thrift store and am kind of drawn to them. I might have to steal your idea and make a skirt of my own! Also, really love your blog!

  3. the skirt is amazing! also i love the combination of black and blue. It's magic.

    By the way – I need your help:
    Me and a friend are going to visit New York again next week. Needless to say, we're really looking foward to go vintage/thrift shopping.
    But we need your pleasent help and advice where to go to find bargains…. We do know Beacon's Closet near Bedford Ave in Brooklyn (and I looooove it) but there have to be more than 100s of amazing vintage/thrift/charity shops in NY. Also,I remember a nice fleamarket in Greenpoint at the weekends (near Bedford Station). Do you know it?! Is it still there?! Are there any other fleamarkets between the 29th of September and the 4th of October?! Maybe – you like to help us by writing down your favourite vintage shopping places in NY… at

    thanx : )

  4. wardrobe experience:
    Check out the Brooklyn Flea! Go to Brownstoner.com/brooklynflea

    It's every Saturday in Fort Greene and Sundays under the Brooklyn Bridge (both in Brooklyn). Really great flea market!

  5. Hi Keiko, I loved your umbrella so much that I bought one for myself when I was in London last month. Now if only it would rain already 🙂

    Regards from Israel,