Favorite Pastimes

Ever since I was little, my favorite pastime had been swimming on horseback. While I was home I took my pony Shawn in the pond for a little swim. He is an excellent swimmer and enjoys it just as much as me, jumping in the water and splashing about with his little hooves. Most of the pond is shallow enough for him to stand in but it quickly drops off in the middle and he has to break into a full swim. Tiny little fishies kissed our feet whenever we stood still and it tickled both of us silly. I’m always so happy when I’m with my horses. Shawn has been my best friend since I was five years old. It’s unreal how much we have both grown up and yet we still go along, swimming and frolicking about like we’re still youngsters. I really wish I could fit him in my apartment. Better yet, I wish we had a pond in my apartment for us to swim in on a daily basis. Ah, the sacrifices of city life!

We only swam for about twenty minutes; we had to leave before the water moccasins made an appearance. If you have never had the chance to swim with a horse, I highly recommend you do so. It is the most incredible feeling.

For the sake of my pride and your eyesight, I am really glad that Tessa’s pictures were so far away (believe it or not, I zoomed in and cropped these). Please keep in mind that these pictures were taken after a full day at the beach…and I am still that white. This is what my “tan” looks like. How am I a Floridian again?

Now that you know my favorite pastime, please share yours!

-Keiko Lynn

p.s. This same day, I swam with two manatees! One of them lifted me up when the current pulled me under. It swam beneath my feet and raised me to the surface. It was incredible. They are the friendliest creatures. I wasn’t drowning or anything, just struggling, but it sounds much cooler to say that a manatee saved my life. So we’ll go with that.

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  1. First time commenter, but I had to tell you this post gave me the super warm fuzzies, I love it. I went to ask my fiance if he had ever done this on his horses, and he said only while crossing a river. Next time we are at his dad's ranch I am SO asking if I can do this!

  2. Ooh swimming with a horse sounds amazing!! I hope some say I get to try that. My parents just bought a house on the grand canal in FL and when my sister and me went to visit we got to swim with a manatee. It was crazy awesome!! They are so friendly. They would just I'm right up to the dock!!

  3. Your day sounds absolutely incredible, lucky you. Getting to be so close to a large animal is amazing. I have always loved horses as well. I never had one of my own but spent a lot of time riding when I was younger, I really miss it.

  4. your horse is amazing! and i'm glad boobear is fine and dandy again. 🙂 and OH MY GOD YOU OWE YOUR LIFE TO A MANATEE!!!! 🙂 that is so cool! animals are the best things in the whole wide world.

  5. I miss living in Florida. I lived on a base and waited at docks to let a manatee kiss my hands. They are the ugliest but cutest creatures. I've never heard of horseback swimming, so that just need to go on my bucket list.

  6. I have been swimming with a horse before! it was awesome. I love horses so much, I've wanted one since I was little. I'm jealous of you and your pretty pony love!

    my favourite pastime isn't nearly so interesting; I like to watch Pusing Daisies on my laptop and eat oreos. :o)

    but when I'm home in Newfoundland, I like to go swinging at the park. I feel weird when moms show up with their little kids and I'm there alone, haha. but usually I have the place to myself.


  7. I am so jealous!
    When I went couchsurfing in Florida last year my friend and me got a tip where we could find manatees in their natural environment, but unfortunately there was a storm coming and we couldn't go. It would have been so great! My friend has totally fallen in love with these animals, so I've sewn one for her. At least something.
    We will have to save some money to get to America again!! (And even more money to see the rest of the world)

  8. Oh my gosh, this looks like a dream come true! I didn't even know it was possible! & swimming with manatees too!!! I'm so jealous, but reading this still made me very happy x

  9. These photographs make me feel so happy – because, really, what's happier than a swimming horse? – but also so homesick. Back in Zimbabwe I used to ride all the time, on the farm, and I miss it.

    You look just so happy here. I can tell you're really in your element!

    A xx

  10. I love horseback riding – my family had horses when I was growing up and riding through our back woodlot was always super fun. I never tried swimming with them but I think it would have been so fun!

    AND I am SO SO SO JEALOUS of you for swimming with manatees! I remember seeing them at a wildlife park in Florida in like, grade 3, and I have thought they are perhaps the sweetest ever.

  11. Riding has always been one of my favourite things, too, but I must admit that I've never been swimming while on horseback. Sounds amazing!

    P.s. Are those Hard Rock Cafe shorts you're wearing? I have the same ones from Paris!

  12. Awwww!!!!! How sweet! I envy you for having so many friends/pets. I tell my bf over and over again that I am willing to move far away from everything and away from the city as long as I will have a very big farm, a huge garden and lots of animals. He thinks I am crazy. LOL.

  13. Favourite pasttime… Probably reading, or drawing. I don't think I can pick between the two… But definitely something you can do by the fire on cold winter nights… I'm such a hermit. 😉

    I actually went horse riding for the first time in my life a couple of days ago, it was awesome!