ModCloth Weardrobe Dress

ModCloth sent all of the Weardrobe NYC girls a little black dress (aptly named the Weardrobe Dress) to see how each of us would style it. I’ve already seen a couple of the girls’ interpretations and I’m excited to see the rest! We all have unique personal styles, so I’m sure there will be no repeats. I decided to do two different looks: one more conventional and the other a little more fun. Here are my two looks:

First look:
Weardrobe DressModCloth
Vintage ruffled jacket – Beacon’s Closet in Park Slope
Reconstructed Rhinestone “Phillice” necklace – Corvus Noir
Tights – H&M
Mary Janes – Target

Second look:
Weardrobe Dress worn as a vest/top – ModCloth
Vintage yellow bow blouse – thrifted in Cape Cod
Vintage belt – from my mom’s store, Hourglass Consignment
Plaid skirt – thrifted and hemmed
Tights – H&M
Heels – Alice & Olivia for Payless
Sunglasses – courtesy of Lucky Mag
Yellow Satchel – courtesy of Cambridge Satchel Company

I had fun playing dress up! It gave me a chance to wear one of my favorite vintage pieces and my new Corvus Noir

necklace. I ended up wearing the second look throughout the day but expect to see more of the pieces from the first look in the coming weeks. It’s getting a little chilly and I’m looking for some new long gloves to pair with the vintage jacket!

-Keiko Lynn

p.s. I’m wearing Russian Red lipstick by MAC, in case anyone is wondering! I get a lot of lipstick questions and I’m trying to remember to list them from now on.

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  1. !! That belt in your second look? I have one that's almost identical that I yoinked from my mom's closet. Yay for moms!

    Both looks are so fun, it's always great to see how diverse articles of clothing can be.

  2. KEIKO YOU ARE BRILLIANT. I adore both looks. That Cambridge satchel is so cute! I've always wanted a vintage-y satchel to use for school. Too bad my buttload of books would never fit in one.

    Gawjuss, dahling.

  3. Those Alice & Olivia for Payless shoes are incredible! Please answer: how do you wear those shoes and not have your feet hurt?

  4. Anonymous: No lie, these shoes are really comfortable! I wore them all around Manhattan and Brooklyn all day and my feet didn't hurt. They have the platform in the front, which evens out the heel height. I actually just wrote a review about them because I was impressed by how comfy they ended up being, when they look like they would torture.

    BUT to be fair, I'm used to wearing heels.

  5. I love love love your shoes in the second look!

    My name is Ashley Kurtz, by the way! I follow Jillian Pye's blog, and you guys are some crafty, creative ladies! I hope I don't come off as weird, haha I just think your style is very awesome 🙂

    -Ashley Kurtz

  6. i want that satchel! i recently discovered them and i seriously want one in every color.

    and you did a really good job with the dress. you put me to shame, my outfit was so simple! haha! 😉

  7. I adore both outfits- & I own the same skirt! The picture of my outfit with the skirt is up on my blog, but quite honestly I think you wore it better (:

  8. I'm going crazy over this satchel! I remember you using one in this outfit, so I came back to ask: What size is yours? because that is the perfect accessory size. I want to buy one, but I can't decide which one would be best.

  9. I LOVE what you did with the dress! Especially pairing it with a skirt. That's so clever, I'd never have thought of that!

    Where can I find the other blogs of the rest of the ladies with the dress? I'd like to see how the others wear it.