I was a little premature with the new hair pictures, because I still have a bunch of old pictures to share! Silly me.

I’m super excited about my newest sponsor – Supayana! Yana is an adorable, kitty loving (yay!) girl who makes one of a kind and limited edition clothing from vintage and second hand textiles. I received a package from her right before I left for Florida. I couldn’t wait to wear this cute bunny top! It was too hot for muck boots so I put on some high shoes and socks to avoid the stinging nettle and other itchy ankle biters. It didn’t work (obviously).

While Tessa was taking some photos of my outfit, Thelma decided to come and visit. I really wish you could all meet our many critters; they are all so full of personality! Even people who aren’t fond of animals fall in love with our little ones.

I will be wearing this shirt over and over. I am in love with the bunnies! It’s made from vintage fabric and a vintage scarf, with little fabric buttons on the sleeves. Please check out Supayana’s Etsy to see all of her creations. She is amazing!

Outfit details:
Bunny top – courtesy of Supayana
Denim skirt – thrifted and hemmed
Pink socks – from my mom
80%20 navy platforms – gift from Kimbly!

Special guest appearance by Thelma the goat.

-Keiko Lynn

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  1. I've been a huuuuuge fan of Yana's since her Ebay days. Seeing her being featured on your blog is like a match made in independent business heaven! I adore both your blog and Yana's work, so seeing you blog about her work makes me really happy!

  2. the outfit is absolutely adorable, from the blouse down to the shoes (I miss my creepers!). also, your posts regarding animals make me so jealous! (i live on an island city and the only animals around are domestic pets, horses in really expensive clubs or the animals in the zoo).

  3. Dear Keiko, I know everyone's gushing over you, and you are adorable as always, but Thelma is just the CUTEST thing!! She even looks like she might be smiling in that one pic of you and her! 🙂 So sweet!