Happy Halloween!

I suppose it is officially over. Better late than never!

(more pictures when it isn’t 4:30 in the morning)

Love love,

Keiko Lynn

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  1. What a wonderful costume of Mary Poppins! Pretty spot on! Holidays are so fun. I love visiting your blog!

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    I have new handmade hair goodies so far and accept custom orders made with new and vintage materials. Greeting cards are coming soon! Thank you so much, I appreciate the visits!

  2. this is totally AMAZING
    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!
    you fit the part, totally gorgeous
    thanks for sharing darling

    check out my blog @

  3. You two look great! My husband and I have wanted to be Mary Poppins and Bert for years now, but I'm not very crafty that way and I always seem to be ill on Halloween. Fantastic job!

  4. This is perfect, down to a T! That bright red lipstick is so Mary Poppins, I love it! and I know it's already been said, but you two are too cute. 🙂

    (and this is why I love Halloween)

  5. Oh gosh I just love your costumes!!! So amazingly adorable. You book utterly look the part.

    PS: I have only just stumbled across your blog this week, an I am so in love with your fashion sense, your photos and those amazing food shots you take!

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