How can they see with sequins in their eyes?

This was one of those days when I got so excited about new/free stuff, I decided to pile it all on in one outfit. It reminds me of my first days of school, when I would wear all of my new favorite things and was then left with nothing exciting for the rest of the week. I can’t help it. We Love Colors sent me this great pair of red tights, which matched the sequin beret from my mom’s store, which went really well with the new lipstick Fresh Minerals sent to me, which really stood out against the little black dress I picked up from Beacon’s Closet. The only things that weren’t new were my vintage bracelet, belt, my ModCloth shoes and Bobby’s glasses. I used to make fun of Bobby for tricking himself into thinking he needed glasses, and yet this is the third time I’ve grabbed his fake glasses and pretended I had a use for them. I’m such a phony!

I know this little dress is a) wrinkled (from sewing all day) and b) silly with those little bloomers underneath but helloooo, it has bloomers and that was too ridiculous to pass up! They would have been a little more subtle with black tights but there’s nothing subtle about this outfit anyway. I’m wearing sequins on my head. And fake glasses. Plus, I was really excited to finally have true red tights. It’s really odd but ever since my one pair got a run in them, I’ve been completely unable to find another pair. If you’re looking for a pair of great, true red tights, make sure you check out the scarlet red (not red – those are darker) tights at We Love Colors. They actually have every color imaginable – hence the name, so it can be a one stop shop for all of your solid tights. I have had the site bookmarked forever but never ordered anything, since I didn’t know what the quality was like. They’re really great, very dense and highly opaque. No more cheap-o thin tights for me…I’ve spent a ton of money on tights that I was only able to wear once or twice. My top recommendations: H&M (the regular ones, not Divided – the higher denier count the better), Hue (they last forever) and We Love Colors. Any others I should check out?

In addition to my hunt for true red tights, I’ve also been searching for the perfect red lipstick and Fresh Minerals offered to send some options for me to try out. One is more of a rusty, orange tinted red (pretty, but not red enough) and the other is the one I’m wearing here, “Love Bites.” It has blue undertones, which works well with my cool complexion but I wouldn’t recommend it for people with warmer tones. I think my favorite red lipstick so far is MAC’s Russian Red (it’s more of a true red), but I’m still on the hunt. This one has a satiny finish and is more of an every day-ish option; it goes on smoothly and makes a statement, so I can wear it whenever I’m feeling lazy and need a quick makeup routine. That’s the beauty of bold lips – you can wear minimal makeup elsewhere! I just paired the red lips with simple liner and some new mineral foundation I’ve been trying out (I like this so far but I’m still in trial mode…no review on that yet).

Outfit Details:sequin beret – from Hourglass Consignment, my mom’s shopfake glasses – Bobby’s90s bloomers dress – Beacon’s ClosetScarlet Red Tights – We Love Colorspeep toe lace ups – ModClothbelt – thriftedvintage rose bracelet (they’re sewn onto antique buttons) – also from my mom:)
Makeup Details:
Mineral Foundation – Christopher Drummond
Brow liner – random pencil that I hate…I need to pick up my MAC dipdown fluidline
Petticoat Skinfinish (cheeks) – MAC
BadGal Lash – Benefit
Blacktrack Fluidline – MAC
“Love Bites” mineral lipstick – Fresh Minerals
-Keiko Lynn

p.s. My two questions are: What other red lipsticks should I try? Who makes your favorite tights?

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  1. i'm in love with your sequin beret… i think it goes perfectly with your lipstick.

    hmm, i don't wear lipstick because i have yet to find the "right" one myself. but, i usually lust after the tights on modcloth

  2. WOW! This outfit is Amazing! Especially all your fabulous accessory!

    I have been looking so hard to find some opaque bright red thigh! They are so hard to find here in Vancouver! Now I know where to get them! 😉 Thank you Keiko!



  3. I got really good quality tights last winter from forever21 in red and gold. They were 10.50 or somewhere around that online. Not sure if they are the same as ones they're selling right now because it seems forever21 isn't consistent with quality, so, I really lucked out.

    Love the outfit! Almost got a black sequined beret once.

  4. Since you live in the city, I've got to push you towards Century 21. I live in NJ (within walking distance to one of their stores) and I'm seriously there all the time. All my tights come from there, and the ones that last the longest are the DKNY tights. At about $6 a pair, I'm pretty addicted. If you go to the Cortlandt St. shop, try to get in there early in the AM, when the tourists are (probably/hopefully) not swarming yet. The NJ store also stocks HUE tights as well 🙂

  5. Haha I love the title of this post (love that song!). Well if you're ever in Hong Kong, you can get some really nice tights that are actually thick from some of the street vendors for extremely cheap (I think they were about $4 in US money). But usually I go to Target, H&M, and Macy's (for their Hue tights when they're on sale…otherwise you can get them 2 for $20). Love your red tights, I have a pair that exact same color from HK.

  6. You should DEFINITELY check out the website temptalia.com – a really great makeup Blog! Christine is currently posting this series called 'The scarlet season' where she shows the readers all her red lipsticks/glosses. She also wears them on her lips and describes them really well

    Here's the link:

    And this is imho one of the most perfect shades of red I have EVER seen:

    I really like H&M tights but I also own some Pamela Mann tights. She does have solid colors but also really pretty and some crazy patterns. You might know the pretty flowery tights that the Cherry Blossom girl wears. They're from Pamela Mann.

  7. Just wanted to say that you look fabulous here!!!!!!amazing red shades! red suits you perfectly! I advice you to wear it more often!:) My fave tights are from Calzedonia(don't know if you have it there) -the quality is great!very soft fabric, very firm, and the colors and patterns are very cute! and Calzedonia tights(that are thiсk) look very
    good even after several washings.
    Among red lipsticks I like a lot of shades from YSL, and the textures are also great! very softening.

  8. I also buy Hue tights. If I want colors, I go for the normal tights, which I find at TJ Maxx or other similar stores for about $6 each.

    In the winter though, they make these great tights that are made out of sweater material. Mine were $18 at Macy's, but so, so, worth it!!

  9. Love these tights! I have a lot of coloured tights from American Apparel but I find they're not as opaque as I'd like.

    My favourite lipstick isn't really "red", but I love Clinique Almost Lipstick.

  10. Love this look and the pop of red.

    Answers to your questions:
    I'm a huge fan of HUE tights, I buy them at Macy's and they're 2 for $20. But I recently discovered that Uniqlo has a great assortment of tights for $5!! Plus they're really comfty.

    Since we have the same coloring, fair-ish skin and dark hair, I recommend the Benefit lipstick in "No Competition" @ Sephora. I can't leave the house without it. Its the perfect berry shade.

    Hope that helps!


  11. My favourite red lipstick is a gloss that goes on very matte. It's Nars Lip Stain Gloss in Indian Red. It lasts for ages and fades nicely when it does.

    I also like Hue for tights, and while H&M's divided pills a bit quickly at the top they are the cheapest 100 denier tights I've found. I can get Hue at Filene's Basement, Marshall's, or TJ Maxx and they are my favourite places for tights. I also really like DKNY's tights, and Merona from Target is pretty decent as well.

    Sarah Louise

  12. hello! i love your blog, but i'm usually too lazy to comment. red is one of my favorite colors to wear! i love this outfit! forever21 actually has some red sequin berets similar to this…

    anyway, as far as tights go, i'm completely obsessed and have a billion different pairs in crazy colors and patterns. all the places you mentioned you were really good, but i have a few more to add.

    -urban outfitters – i love all the styles they have! and they have some great knit tights!
    -american apparel – they have a ton of colors and the quality is really great!
    -lookfromlondon.com – this site is AMAZING. they have such crazy patterns. even though some of their tights are a little pricey compared to the other 2 places i mentioned (in the $30 range for one pair) it's worth having a pair or 2 from here because they're so amazing! they fairly recently made them available to buy online instead of faxing in your order. some of their tights are available on modcloth, urban outfitters, free people, etc, but there are better selections directly from their site!

    anyway, long post, but i hope this helps you. =)

  13. whoa! you look gorgeous! bright red paired with your dark features and pale complexion is just stunning! i have wanted to try RED lipstick like that but i dont think it will look right on me. i look like a kid that got messed up in mom's makeup! haha

  14. that outfit is gorgeous! as for tights, i bought pretty much every color i could of betsey johnson when i found them on sale for 2.95 a pop! it was at off saks, i don't know if you have outlets near where you live (i know NY isn't as full of them as FL is). so far those are the best ones i've got, but i don't remember how much the retail for those are. i have them in yellow, pink, red, green, and i think blue. i also will buy tights at UO on sale, too. i'm not a fan of paying retail 😉

    as for reds, i recently found a pretty sweet red. it's Revlon ColorStay in Red Velvet, and it's pretty perfect! I like it to pop more, so I'll mix it with an orange lipstick that'll subtly do that. The color on its own is perfect, though. it's almost like the red you're wearing, but a little more saturated. lime crime makeup has a red i've been eyeing, but i haven't bought it yet. her makeup is super pigmented, though, so i bet it's awesome! (http://www.limecrimemakeup.com/retrofuturist-opaque-lipstick-p-234.html for the red)

    i have a question- when you apply your lipstick, what color liner do you use? do you prime your lips with something? i tend to bleed out with bright colors regardless of the brand and regardless if i put on lipliner, so i was wondering what your routine is for these colors.

  15. I love MAC's Fresh Moroccan or Viva Glam I. I love that Fresh Moroccan is more of an everyday red that's not as IN YOUR FACE BLAW as some other reds I've encountered.

    I recently bought a pair of textured tights from Le Target that feel more like leggings. I was on the hunt for opaque tights for my Halloween costume and was really quite pleased when I found that I could wear these "tights" with nothing over them (as my costume required). Hue really does make ones that last forever and forever.

    Lastly, that beret is magnificent!

  16. You need to check out HUE brand tights (I find mine on sale at Macy's- I just got an awesome pair of rusty orange tights) and MAC's Lady Bug lipstick- it's a little cooler than Russian Red, and it's the lustre formula, so it has some shine. I also LOVE Lipstick Queen Lipsticks, which you can find at Bendels (Try Sinner Red or Sinner Rouge)

  17. Amazingly delicious! I absolutely LOVE red+black and the tights and sequined beret really make it. 😀

    I'm also a huge fan of WeLoveColors– I got three pairs from there (black, purple, red) and they're great, no doubt.

  18. this is so adorable
    like SO adorable
    love it darling, thanks for sharing
    from head to toe, perfection

    check out my blog @

  19. i love the contrast of the red and the black. very daring, yet very pretty.

    also, your pictures come out quite beautiful. what kind of camera do you use?

  20. CUTE CUTE!

    I am on the forever quest for the perfect red lipstick, so I'm not sure. Mary Kay's Kiss Kiss Crimson is lovely, though. It's the closest to perfect I have found.

  21. I am a makeup artist who is a massive product junkie and believe me maybelline's new color sensational reds are AMAZING…red revival and are you red-y are really beautiful true reds. they also smell good (which most drugstore lipsticks smell like crap and taste like worse).

  22. I heard recently that Bobbi Brown makes the perfect red lipstick called "red", I have wanted to try that one as well because I am also on the hunt for a true red! (Russian red is still my current favorite).


    I have been a tights wearing lady for years now, We Love Colors was the first place I was ever able to find pink and red tights. My favorite opaques are by American Apparel because they are both comfortable and last many washes. I buy nude fishnets from foot traffic, they also have sheer polka dotted tights, and other patterns. Target right now has some great tights and I found some Betsey Johnsons the other night at TJMaxx, a two pack for $9.99!


  23. i love the dress! i saw a similar one at H&M but it's a bodycon dress (which can make me look very hootchy!) but your dress is fabulous! it's sexy and flirty in a subtle way 🙂

    i dont wear red lippies too often, but my favorite one is the cheap NYC lippie in retro red (it lasts pretty long too!). i also love Revlon Rum Raisin, but that's more on the plum side.
    all my favorite tights came from ASOS. super soft and very dense! perfect for east coast weather 🙂


  24. Oddly enough, Old Navy makes the best tights I've ever found. They never snag, and are less than $10. And they also don't fall down all the time!

  25. oh lord have mercy. my heart pretty much dropped when i saw that first picture of you. from the red sequined hat and lips, to the sexy glasses and that look youre giving us. you are one sexy woman, keiko. its official.

  26. I like this outfit. The red in it is very playful, yet sophisticated. The glasses add that quirky touch which is again very playful. If I saw you on the streets I would be green with envy. Also love the Chicago title it goes great with the sparkle in the outfit and the shine that you project when your in it.

  27. i love this makeup look!!

    how do you keep your red lipstick from "feathering?" i love wearing it, but hate when it starts to seep into the lines around my lips. any good tips??

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