Trick or Treat

Kim has been bugging me to put up the Halloween pictures and I’m finally getting around to it! Now that it’s November, they almost seem irrelevant. Isn’t it funny how just a few days pass and it feels like ages?

Halloween was so much fun this year, but it got off to a rocky start. Everything we planned ended up falling apart and we were beginning to think we might as well just stay in and carve our pumpkins. In the end, we decided that trick or treating with my aunt, cousin and her two kids would be the most fun, so we were all set. Then my Aunt Nikki’s flight booking got mixed up and she missed her flight! It didn’t look like she would be able to make it and we were bummed. At the last minute, she was able to find a cheap ticket and we also got invitations to Joonbug.com’s 8th Annual Halloween Masquerade Ball at Espace. I spent the day with the lil ones and family and the night with my friends. It was perfect! Though I’m not a party person (I don’t drink OR dance…I’m a fuddy dud), I had a lot of fun at the party. There were some amazing costumes and some very awkward/hilarious happenings going on. Plus, girls were hitting on Bobby left and right (in front of me!) and it’s really funny to see him blush. Now for the pictures!

My Aunt Nikki was the cutest Raggedy Ann I’ve ever seen. We met up with her, Shana, Pio and their boys Jack and Nate for trick or treating in the neighborhood. There were so many incredible costumes! Nate and Jack can be seen at the top of this post, next to their friend Little Red Riding Hood. They were both Batman!

This boy was in character all of the time. Someone dangled a ring in front of him and he went wild.

Three cute little girls with those funny little kid smiles.

The cutest little Max I have EVER seen!

Harry Potter!

We ran into another Bert and Mary! I was so jealous that she had the real umbrella. Why didn’t I think of that?!

Kim was one of my childhood idols, Jem. If you don’t remember Jem and the Holograms, stop making me feel old.

Last, but certainly not least, Miku was a squirrel. A mix of cute and creepy, it was a huge hit. She was really upset when I took it off of her. She tried to put it back on!

-Keiko Lynn

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  1. sooooooo, I'm in love with these pictures… everyone was more origional than I've seen all over (there were like 40,000 lady gaga's running all over the place)

    although i like her, I thought people could get a little more unique with their outfits… this post proved me it can happen!!! :]

  2. Haha, it is funny that it seems like it's been forever since…Saturday?! Better late than never though! These pictures are adorable and awesome.

    And you are a gorgeous Mary! You and Bobby look amazing as usual!

  3. I LOVE the jem costume! I tried to go as that last year but everyone was just so confused, so I ended up with… "some 80s pop star?" and went with Cyndi instead!

    And its always a jolly 'oliday with Mary.

  4. These photos are too cute (I think I nearly died when I saw little Max from Where the Wild Things Are)!

    PS: I can't believe they were hitting on him in FRONT of you?? There's only one Mary Poppins for the chimney sweep, though. 🙂

  5. Love the Mary Poppins outfit! I forgot about Jem and the Holograms! I looked them up and was like "OH YEAH! I used to watch that!"

  6. Aw, yes! I love Kim as Jem. I was going to be her as well. I even found a few episodes on YouTube to watch (it's funny to watch something you thought was awesome as a kind when you are an adult). Unfortunately I wasn't sure where/when I'd be able to do the makeup so I settled on Tinkerbell.

    Also, your Mary Poppins costume is amazing, I'm sure the kids were loving it.

  7. Seeing the photos of you and Bobby all dressed up made me wish I'd thought of a costume as neat as that! Max & the little girls dressed up as princesses melted my heart, too. But (please don't take this the wrong way) Kim's Jem costume left me completely breathless. My heart seriously just burst with happiness. You are not too old (Eep! Perhaps I am for remembering Jem so well, too!) & she looks like Jem came to life. Amazing costumes! Thanks for sharing these 🙂