Florida Winter

Outfit details:
Keiko Lynn dress: courtesy of Modcloth
50s sweater: gift from my mom
tights: H&M
shoes: thrifted

The day after I left New York, it snowed (and snowed and snowed). Meanwhile in Florida, I arrived to 80 degree weather with heavy rainfall and flash floods. It has since cooled down a bit and the sun is out, so a lightweight sweater and a pair of tights is all I need to stay warm. It’s a nice change of pace from the coats and gloves of New York winter but I do wish Santa would bring some snow to Florida for Christmas. It would certainly make things a little brighter.

Love love,
Keiko Lynn

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  1. I'm loving your curls and that ModCloth dress! We don't get much snow in Oklahoma, but we do have some forecasted for tomorrow night. It's going to be over 60 degrees today. I really don't like snow.