Lulu Guinness Tea Party

The lovely ladies of Lulu Guinness invited Kim and me to a cozy little tea party last week, which was a nice reprieve from our nonstop work schedule. The two of us actually looked like decent human beings, in full getups and actual makeup. Still in the mindset of a crazy person with a sewing machine attached to her hands, I completely forgot to bring my camera. Luckily, Kim brought hers. All of the photos are courtesy of Kimbly – you can see the rest at her blog.

Also in attendance were some familiar faces – Jessica and The Owls, mixed with some new ones. I’m telling you, it is such a small blogger world! It definitely calms the nerves to see someone you know when you sit down at the table, although we had no need to be nervous. All of the gals were incredibly engaging, the cookies were delicious (Kim and I ate a ton), and the whole idea of a tea party suited the mood and the collection perfectly. Everything was so whimsical, like something out of Alice and Wonderland. Perfect for a girl who likes a little bit of fantasy and doesn’t take herself too seriously. The top purse reminded me of Kiersten’s Cake Party painting!

A huge thank you to Hilary (whose baby is due this week!), Lauren and all of the gals at Lulu Guinness for hosting such a wonderful event!
Love love,
Keiko Lynn

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